Monday, February 27, 2012

March is almost here

Where the EFF did February go? We have two more days left but Lord have mercy!!!  The 3rd month of the year is two days away.  So that means my trip to China is like 13 days away.  This means that Spring time is near.  This means that I'm already 32 because my birthday has passed.  This means that Sofia's birthday party is 8 months away.  This means the Easter bunny will be visiting soon.

Think about that today people. :)

I'm crazy sometimes.

So the other day I was watching a movie on TV and there was a part in the movie where a guy high-jacks this persons car.  And have you ever noticed that in movies, no car-jacker EVER runs out of gas? It's like they get lucky and the person's car that they steal, always has gas.

Well as I was driving the other day and the fuel light came on in my car, I thought "A car jacker would be PISSED if they took my car, I NEVER HAVE GAS!!"

And I chuckled a little and continued to put gas. :) The End.

Oscar Night 2012

Last night was the first time I ever attended an Oscar Watch Party.  And I'm so glad I did.  Well mostly I was excited to eat all the goodies and of course hang out with my dear friends. :)

And even though it's called a watch party, what we really were there to do was critique all the outfits!! DUH!!!  There were definitely some high and lows for me.  I'm going to start with the lows because those are funner to talk about.

George Clooney and that girl he's with....Ok so please know that I would never have anything bad to say about George because he's already perfect. But we all know that his choice is women could be better. But I digress.  Now let's talk about Stacey's gold-hideous-horrific dress.  Please ladies - do not wear gold lame (pronounced LA-MAY) to the Oscars.  The only person who should be in gold is Oscar himself!!!  And who the heck forgot to brush this girl's hair? Ay Dios mio...I hated this dress.  The bow, the strappy thing that fell off her arm....NO BUENO!

Ohhhh J-Lo...why did you wear this horrible dress??  AND why did you comb your hair like every Latina at every prom on earth wears their hair... LIKE SELENA!!  And this dress...while it's not as offensive as the gold lame from above, but those holes in her sleeves are making my eyes hurt. And as a Latina, I know we like to show off our curves but I don't think this dress did it in the right way.  And those stripes didn't do it for me either.  I'm a sorta fan of J-Lo but I've seen her look WAY better.  I give this a D-.

Ok, so as a big girl myself, I have to say that this dress is probably not this girl's fault...BUT I HATE when they make big girls look horrible on the red carpet!!!!!!!!!!  I love the bling accents on the neckline and the waist but those "sleeves" look like they were an afterthought.  It looks like it was supposed to be sleeveless but since her arms are bigger than the rest of the skinny bitches there, they wanted to cover them up! Well I promise it would have looked better without them.  I think her face and were very pretty but that dress...another D-.

Ok, let's go to the good ones!

Penelope looked DIVINE in this Tom Ford dress.  She looked like an Old Hollywood starlet and I loved everything about it.  The color is gorgeous and the fit of this dress is amazing. If I were Penelope, I would wear this at home, in the garden, at the grocery store. It's PERFECT!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

You couldn't tell by the way I dress :) but I am so very picky about what celebrities wear.  Yes, the girl who shops at Thrift stores and Target...whatever. It is my job to judge! ANYWAY, my point is, I only have two favorites from last night. So this last one is my ultimate grand supreme winner!

Emma Stone was a Vision last night.  Everyone knows that my favorite color is slut red and this was it.  By no means am I saying Emma is a slut, it just describes the COLOR! :)  I adore this dress and if I was skinny, I would totally buy a knock-off and wear it to my next GHP event.  The cut fits her perfectly. The big ass bow at her neck is heavenly.  Her red hair looked so good with it. And I LOVE her chunky bracelet.  There's NOTHING about this dress I don't love.  And when she presented, I fell even deeper in love with this dress. It flowed gloriously.  I freaking adored this dress.  I think this may be my favorite all-time dress. EVER.

 I posted it twice...because it's so nice! :)

I hope you enjoyed the awards as much I did!!!