Friday, April 30, 2010

Inside the work!!

Today I had lunch with the ever popular Marcus Wilkins.  He used to be a pro football player and gave me the inside scoop on the NFL!

Here is his resume that I got from wikipedia. :)
Green Bay Packers (2002-2003)
Arizona Cardinals (2004)
Cincinnati Bengals (2004-2006)
Atlanta Falcons (2007)

This was a delightful lunch because I LOOOOOOVE football.  He gave me a lot of insight to the game. For instance, did you know that pro football players have to turn in tax returns for every state they play in??!?!? That is CRAZINESS!  And I was happy to know that #4 is as funny and down-to-earth has he seems.  Marcus said that he shows up to practice on time,is never late to anything and knows EVERYONE'S name.  That makes me feel a lot better because if he wanted to, #4 could be a jerk.  Oh and late breaking news, Chad Ochocinco is really that crazy happy. :)   Oh and get this....all that craziness happines is au naturale.  He doesn't drink, smoke or do drugs.  YOU GO 8-5!
Thank you Marcus for such wonderful conversation! I cannot wait to hear more.  STAY TUNED PEOPLE!
Oh, here is Marcus as a Packer!

Oh how I love you Friday!!!

Thank GOD it's Friday!!!! 

Is it me or did it take FOREVER to get here this week?  And I had a short work week and it still long.  Anyway, everyone's favorite day of the week has arrived!  What plans do you got going on this weekend? 

Today I am hoping to cut some of my mop off! It's gotten so long and dead.  I know, very attractive.  Let's see how long it takes for Boogie to notice that I cut it. The last time I cut 6 inches off and he had the nerve to say "I thought you were getting a hair cut??"  MEN!!!! Anyway, after the hair cut, no plans. Tomorrow I have Jake Cesta's birthday party to attend. I can't wait to see my Tina!  Then tomorrow night is the BIG fight!!! OMG I CANNOT WAIT!! I love love love boxing and this is going to be a good one. TEAM MOSELY ALL THE WAY!  I cannot stand Mayweather.  I hope Mosley beats the shit out of him. :)  Sunday is relax day at our house.  I don't even get out of my jammies on Sunday!!  I hope it's raining and gloomy so I can sleep in....that's if Miss Sofia lets me. Which I know she won't!

Oh and today is pay day too!!!! AMEN THANK YOU JESUS!  Even though I need it to pay bills, it's still feels good to have money in my account for a little while. :)

Enjoy your weekend people! I can't wait to hear what you did on Monday!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Heated Eyelash Curler?

Today Lori was asking some of the girls in the office if they had ever used a heated eyelash curler. FIRST OF ALL...I didn't even know they existed. SECOND OF ALL, why would I purposely put a heated curling iron near my EYE BALL!??  Well those were my first thoughts until I googled said product.

Turns out it's not a 3rd degree burning utensil.  And it also turns out that lots of people use them.  Have you ever heard of this thing? Do you have one? If so, please enlighten me!!

Here are some pictures that I found online:

Ummmm why would I want to look like I have 4 eyelashes??? 

I think my consensus is that these things look SCARY!

Lunch with a Doctor!

The fabulous Dr. Michelle Cruz Arnold and boring ME went to lunch at Epicure.  This has become "our" place.  At least that's what I tell myself. :)  Michelle introduced me to this eatery and I ADORE it.  Most of you know that I am a creature of habit so I have only had ONE dish.  I always eat the chicken parmesan. OMG I don't even really like chicken parmesan but it is TO-DIE-FOR at this place.   Look at it..doesn't it look DELISH?!?!

Of course Michelle had something healthy!!! A BLT!  She said "well it has bacon". SO!! Mine is fried, covered with cheese AND has pasta.  AND she didn't even eat all of it.  OF COURSE!  Here's hers...she said it was good. But I bet not as good as mine!

The conversation is always the best with Michelle. I will miss her when she leaves!! Boo-hoo. I will leave that for another discussion. Anyway,  since I almost died in a fire this morning and almost died again when the DR almost ran over a stupid innocent pedestrian in the garage, I thought dessert was in order. Hello, chocolate makes everything better!   I had the Vienna Chocolate Cake and Michelle redeemed herself with a coconut cake. 

And if you don't like those desserts, no fear. They have lots of selection!

If you live in Houston, you must visit!   Check out the website!

And the "after" pictures!! :)  As you can see, Michelle leaves food. BOO TO HER! :)


Please don't judge me. Yes, I watch too much TV...oh well. :)

So last night was the first day in New Zealand.  OMG this place is gorgeous!! I WANNA GO!!!  Keep dreaming Blanca. Anyway, so their first challenge was to go to their GO-SEES right when they got off the plane. HOW RUDE! These girls were on a 20 hr flight, looked a HOT MESS and they had to go book jobs.  Well at least it made for good TV!  Anyway, I love the GO-SEES episode because someone always gets lost, half of them are late and the girls that aren't late LOVE to tell them that they are.  Well Angelea won the go-see challenge and of course she's already hated so she's hated even more now. LOVE IT!  She won all this fabulous stuff and it was waiting for her in their ultra-lush apartment.  They are stayin in the tallest building in New Zealand and OMG, you have to see it to believe. It's absolutely amazing!!!!! I am so jealous. 

Anyway, their first photo shoot is outside and the photographer is none other than "noted fashion photographer" (you have to say it Tyra's voice) Nigel Barker.  OMG Nigel is freaking H-O-T!!!!!!!  I get goose gumps when I see him.  OMG I would let him take pictures of me anytime.  Not that he would want to but in my dreams he does. :)  Anyway, the girls all wear the same dress so the girls have to BRING it! Oh and their prop for the day, a SHEEP!!! LOL!! Where do they come up with this crap? 

So Angelea does horrible, Alexandra the "plus-sized" model does WELL. And I use that term plus-size loosely because I swear this girl is a size 6! I wish I was that "fat".  Stupid model industry...but gosh I love this show!

Does this look fat to you??!?!?!  I would look like Shamu in this pose.  And not even as shiny.

 Anyway, I digress...Raina does amazing and so does Krista. Ummm...I don't remember anyone else so they must not be important. HA! Oh yeah, I forgot about stupid Alaisia, Alaysia or whatever her name is.  She went home and I am soooooo glad.  She was annoying and immature.  Go on back to Georgia girlfriend....

Next week "momma" Tyra is thier photographer.  Of course this is an important one because if you screw up in front of her, ADIOS AMIGA!!  Oh and has anyone noticed that Tyra has lost A LOT of weight??? I guess that picture of her fat bootie on that magazine cover worked.  Hell it would work for me too!! :)


Siobanananaan is gone!!!!  Thank goodness. She was getting on my damn nerves with her dorky glasses and that yell.  My ears thank you America for not voting for her. :)

Last night's show was good!  HELLO RASCAL FLATTS WAS ON!!!!!!  I love love love them.  And I'm the only one in my household. Whatever, they rock and Boogie and Cassie are just jealous that they can't wear shirts with BLING on them. :)  So they sang a song and it was awesome.  Then Sons of Sylvia were announced by guess who??!?!  Ugh....Carrie Underwood!  I can't believe that Cassie didn't know she was coming on but of course the world stopped at that moment.  I'm surprised she didn't rewind it 3432435 times.  Anyway, those dudes SUCK!! I can't believe Carrie takes them on the road with her. I would go to her concert LATE just so I wouldn't have to sit through their music. Cassie of course likes them but only because Carrie does. LOSER! 

Anyway, Shakira was on there too...though I was confused why because it was a Country music theme.  They tied it together by having Rascal Flatts sing with her and it was just weird. Although Shakira's shirt had bling so she matched Gary! LOVE IT! 

Then of course the DRAMATIC ass "dim the lights" moments....OMG JUST TELL US WHO IS LEAVING ALREADY!!!!!  But I get it, drama is fun.  Believe me, I know, DRAMA is my friend. :)

Anyway, the play the montage of Shiobanana and they want to make you feel sad for her.  This montage just reminds me WHY I don't like her.  ADIOS GIRLFRIEND!  She shouldn't feel too bad...she's still going on tour and making some MULA!

I can't wait for next week!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cassie's Girls

Ok so Cassie has this group of girls she hangs out with ALL the time. And I do mean ALL the time. :) Anyway, the reason I bring them up is because I've never met them!! Can you believe it? I think Cass has been working there 2 years, and NOTHING! I think it's because Cassie knows they will like me more than her!!!

I am friends with them on Facebook though!! HAHAHAHA! And they have even met my Sofia. Crazy right? I wonder how long it will take to meet them? I wonder if we will even like each other when we meet? I guess the better question, will I like THEM! EVERYONE LOVES ME!!! DUH!! :)

Here are the infamous "girls"... Andrea, Amanda, and Debra!


Ok so I obviously watch too much TV but whatever!!! Anyway, Jake the idiot FINALLY got kicked off. THANK YOU JESUS! I can't believe I used to like this douche bag. Who in their right mind would date and marry Vienna? UGH!

Anyway, adios Mr. Idiot. I hope you and Vienna have a horrible life together. LOL!! Can you tell I am bitter?

The Bachelorette starts in June!!!!!

American Idol!

Ok, so this season has been boring, to say the least. The auditions weren't that funny and the talent, has been OK! Even though every year they say "this is the best talent we've seen" WHATEVER! Get a new line please.

Anyway, I was really hoping Andrew Garcia was going to make it far. First of all, his glases are too cute and he can actually sing! AND HELLO!!! He's MEXICAN!! I have to root for my peeps! I was sad to see him go but unfortunately, "Straight Up" ultimately was the reason for his demise.

ANYWAY...last night's episode was OK too. They had to sing Shania Twain songs. I thought this was a weird choice but I guess since she was a guest judge, they had to do it. Hey Victoria Beckham was a guest judge too...I wonder if they will have a SPICE GIRLS night!!!!?!??! OMG how awesome and tacky would that be? I'm so writing the show tonight.

Ok, sorry, had an ADD moment. Anyway, so they sang some Shania Twain songs. BIG MIKE sang a song I never heard. The little gay boy sang something too...boring. Siobanananan sang that one song where you stomp you feet..."every heart of mine". OMG I thought it was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But the judges seemed to like it. I think they were on Paula's left-over drugs. Ok, who else is left? Oh yeah Bowersox of course rocked it. They need to stop the show and just give her the title, a recording contract and get it over with. We all know she's going to win. Well at least she better win!!!! Oooooh I forgot about the cute boys. Lee and Casey. They are sooooooooooooo cute!! I hope they stay so I can have some eye candy to look at. I wonder who goes home tonight. I home Siobaananana goes home. She screams too damn much.

Janie and Jack

No this isn't a title to a new movie...this is the CUTEST boutique for baby clothes. You must check out the website! You will fall in love!

Anyway, Theresa gifted Sofia with 4 dresses from this place and they are ADORABLE!!!! Check them out for yourself! What do you think?

Do you see the flamingos on that blue one? Cassie LOVES flamingos so Theresa got that one in honor of her. AND the seersucker material is in honor of Pat Oxford. You will only get this joke if you know who Pat Oxford is! :)

I LOVE the blue one. It's her "transportation" dress. If you know Theresa, this makes sense too!

Thanks Tia Theresa for Sofia's dresses. I cannot wait to put them on her!!!!

An obsession is an UNDERSTATEMENT!

So Cassie is going to be really upset with me, but I will risk it. This is toooo good NOT to post. So everyone on this earth who knows Cassie, knows that she is obsessed withe Carrie Underwood. And I really do mean it. I know that one day I am going to walk in her room and there is going to be candles lit, a rug and pillows surrounding her picture!

The other day Cassie told me she had recorded an episode of Sesame Street for Sofia. I thought "well how sweet is that!?" So we were watching and I hear "and now welcome, Miss Carrie Underworm" At first I thought "oh how cute...they are playing on Carrie's name". THEN the dumb worm started singing and of course, it was CARRIE!!!! I was like WTF????!!!!! First of all, how the heck did she know she was going to be on there? I am guessing that the rest of the stalkers have a website where they research this stuff. She's going to Austin to see her in May and of course going to the concert here in October. Ummm...I'm guessing it's going to be the same concert. But does she care? OF COURSE NOT!

Anyway, since Cassie wasn't home last night, I took advantage and took some pictures of the evidence!!! Sorry Cass, this is too good not to blog about! Maybe Carrie will see it and want to meet you...or get a restraining order. :)

This is the entrance to her room. I promise!

The poster she got when she stalked her in Tennessee!

She made me ask for this poster at the concert she took me too a few years ago.

The bottles of Vitamin water that we got at the same concert. Ok, so these are almost two years old and she still has them. I got in trouble because I opened mine. Geez. MY BAD!

She has EVERY SINGLE magazine that Carrie has graced the cover of. FORREAL!!! WHO DOES THAT???!! This is one of them...the stack of them are under this one. I'm surprised they aren't in a glass case!

Said stack:

The first of many t-shirts!

So as you can see, Cassie likes Carrie a little bit. :) If there is a commercial on with her face, we have to stop and watch. If we are watching something that is recorded and she sees her face, she will stop, rewind, and watch it. I will come home and she will be watching an OLD show with Carrie in it. I mean, it is RIDICULOUS!!! But, I do think it's cute. I don't think she likes ME this much. But I also can't sing and I don't have gazillion dollars! One time she even asked me to move with her to she could be closer to her!!! Cassie, I love you, but this is funny stuff. And it's not like everyone doesn't know this already!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In the shower or outside the shower?

Boogie always gets mad if he takes a shower after I do. He always asks "did you take a shower in the tub or outside?"

He says that NORMAL people dry themselves INSIDE the tub. Well I always get the towel, get out and THEN dry myself. I guess it makes sense to do it inside so that the floor doesn't get all wet, but that's what bath mats are for right???

What is your opinion? You better agree with me!!!! :)

Kristi is getting married!

My dear friend Kristi is FINALLY getting married in January!! I am so excited for her and for me, of course. :) She has asked me to be her maid-of-honor and I accepted, OF COURSE!

She is getting married at Northgate Country Club and the place is spectacular! Here is a picture. This isn't her but it's from their site. :)

It's on a golf course and oh so pretty!! Her ceremony is going to be outside and in the evening. The pictures are going to be PERFECT!

You will definitely hear lots more about this wedding. She is making us go try on dresses in two weeks. BLAH!!! I need to lose a million pounds by then!!


My Sofia FINALLY has a tooth!!!! I knew it would be coming soon because I swear this girl drools like no one's business!

I mistakenly put my finger in her mouth last night, and well let's just say she will be eating steaks in no time! IT HURT!! But the pain went away when I looked at her and she was cracking up. I swear she knows what's going on sometimes!

I can't wait for the tooth to come out completely. I think babies with little teeth look soooo cute! Stay tuned for pictures to come later!


So the website says this:
For baby's first months, our Newborn Lounger is uniquely designed with a recessed interior perfect for baby's bottom. Baby has an ideal place to lounge safely while mom's hands are free to take more photos!

Oh and believe me, photos of her I did take!! Sofia was given a boppy and I LOVED it (thanks Tia Vieja!)!! It looks like a bigger version of that pillow you put behind your neck. I think they give them to you on an airplane.

Anyway, you are supposed to use it to nurse the baby. You lay the baby on top so that you don't have to carry the baby. Believe me, even when they weigh 8 lbs, it gets to be a lot! And they feel like they weigh 100 lbs after you've been awake for 20 hours straight, haven't eaten, haven't taken a shower, etc!! But I promise you motherhood is GREAT! :) But I digress....

Man you can find any picture on the internet! No one asked me to pose for this one..RUDE! :)

Now that she's bigger, she doesn't need it. So guess who has it? Aunt Cassie!!! I found on accident as I was looking for the remote on her bed. I was like "WTF" Cassie acted like she was shocked it was there. Yeah right. She says it makes for a great pillow. And I must say, she's right! I'm glad Sofia isn't old enough to take her things back!

So you see..not only can babies use it, adults can too!
So go out and get your very own Boppy! Target has the cutest covers for them!!

I'm copying Michelle Arnold! :)

After reading Michelle Arnold's blog every day, I decided that I was going to copy her one day and create my own blog! I doubt I will have as many readers as she does, but I will tell myself that I do. :)

I often go through my day and think "OMG, I should totally blog about this". Then I realize I don't have a blog...duh! Well today, that is over. I have my own! I will write about important things to not-so-important things. Be prepared to read a lot about my Sofia and probably even more about the Golden Girls!! :)

I hope you become a fan and read often!

In honor of my friend Michelle Arnold. :)