Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I know...a random subject BUT I have a question for you. 

How the heck do you pronounce the above mentioned city?

I say CHI (like CHARGE) CAGO.

Everyone says it's CHI (like SHY) CAGO!

WTH??? I'm so confused.  Is it because I'm Mexican I say it wrong? OR are all these other fools wrong? I think it's the latter...


My dear friend Abby introduced me to this horribly addicting wonderful site called Pinterest.  At first I didn't know what the heck it was but once I got the hang of it, my life completely changed for the better! :)

I have a hard time explaining things so I stole this from their website:

Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.

Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.

And can I tell you that I LOVE IT???  There are tons of things that I adore that would never do because I'm too lazy, I mean busy.  And most of the home ideas I could never do unless I leave Boogie for a rich man win the lottery. BUT dreams are what keep us going so I continue to do it.
BUT all this time wasted has not been in vain. I actually got a really cute idea to make mummy cupcake's for Cassie's job and they were a hit! 
These are NOT the ones I made, but they looked a lot like them!
I know there are a million and two website out there to love but I promise you, this one is worth it!

Sofia's Christmas Pictures

I took Sofia to take her Christmas pictures last Friday and it was a half success.  I swear Sofia is more like her dad everyday!

She had this gorgeous dress on and looked so pretty!!  Her hair was curled, the shoes were perfect -- she was READY to be photographed.  Well the lady started and she did well at first -- then 10 minutes in, Sofia started yelling "SCARED...SCARED!" OMG Sofia...scared of what?!?!!?!?!  There was a Christmas tree...lights...nothing scary AT.ALL. 

So I tried to bribe her with everything...candy, ponies, cars, jewelry...NOTHING WORKED!!  She was like a spider monkey holding on for dear life.  That's not an exxageration AT.ALL.

Anyway, we got like THREE good shots. Yes. Only Three.  But luckily she's REALLY cute so you can't tell she was being a pain.

I will try and post some so you can judge for yourself.

Those moments...

I've been having a lot of "those moments" lately...and they are pretty funny!  Here are some of my recent ones...
  • That moment when you go get a pedicure and you realize the poor little Asian lady is rubbing on legs that look like men's! I always forget to shave!
  • That moment when you realize your zipper has been down and you were just talking to a group of 5 people and NO ONE said anything.
  • That moment when you go to a public restroom and "go" (not pee) and you think you're alone and then you hear a flush from the next stall over. OMG! Embarrassing.
  • That moment when you get out of the shower, look in the mirror and see you didn't rinse off the conditioner. Lord have mercy.
  • That moment when you think no one is looking, you take out your wedgie and realize someone WAS looking.
  • That moment in your car when you pick your nose, look over and that dude was looking the whole time.
I really really hope some of these things happen to you. If not, lie to me please.


I need to do a better job at my poor little blog. I haven't blogged since October!! WTH? I'm slippin'!

Well now it's almost Thanksgiving which means it's almost Christmas which means that the year is almost over WHICH also means that my birthday is getting closer! :)  Fun times!!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year. For 1. I love to eat! and 2. I get to see my lovely family. I think #2 should be #1, but we won't tell them! 

Every year we go to my aunt's house and eats lots of food, watch football and eat some more.  Then after we are done there, we go to Boogie's sister's house and eat AGAIN, watch some more football and eat some more.  So basically we gain about 10 lbs that day. BUT if you're smart like me, you go shopping on Black Friday, elbow some ladies for that toy your kid needs, and burn off the calories. DUH! :)

Although I do love Black Friday, I am not going to be crazy and wake up at 2am and stand in lines.  I am getting too old for that and plus, there's nothing really I need to elbow someone for.  SO...I'm being rational and going at 10am and seeing what the vultures left me.

But to be a little bit serious, this holiday is supposed to remind us to be thankful, and I am VERY thankful and extremely blessed.  I have a crazy wonderful family who I adore and drives me nuts.  If it weren't for them I would never know how normal I really am! :) I have a job that allows me to have food on the table, buy lots of shoes for Sofia that she only wears once, the flexibility to be late everyday every once in a while. I am thankful for my friends who are more like sisters and I would not know what I would do without them!! 
I could be here all day but you get the picture.  My life is not perfect but it's perfect for me and I thank God everyday that I am alive and well and that I am surrounded by amazing people that put a smile on my face everyday.

So enjoy your holiday people and enjoy all of your blessings and be thankful...because remember, it could always be worse!