Thursday, March 31, 2011

Parties, parties and MORE parties!

I am in FULL party planning mode at the moment. And I have pregnant girls and my Sofia to thank for that. I really am having the best time doing it though.  Vanessa's shower is May 13, Michele (my vieja) is having her shower on June 11 and Sofia's party is October 8.  HOW FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Invites have already gone out for Vanessa's and they were SUPER CUTE!!!  I thought I had a picture but I guess not. :)  Michele has finally decided on her theme but it's a secret what the invite will look like so you will have to come back and see. AND last but not least Sofia's theme is Toy Story!!!  I usually am not a fan of "real" themes but since this is her all-time favorite movie, it fit. And yes, an 18 month old CAN already have a favorite movie. Just ask Sofia. AND I can recite every word to those damn movies because we watch it 100 times a week!

But I digress...this is going to be a great summer and it will lead into an amazing fall.  Can you believe Sofia is going to be TWO years old?!?!?!?  My goodness...time flies.

Check back to check on my progress!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another FB annoyance!

People who like their own status. REALLY!?!?!?!?  You obviously like it if you freaking wrote it!  I see this all the time and it bugs the hell out of me.  BUT these people need to realize if they are the only one that "liked" it, then the status probably sucked! :)

That is all.

Night Court - BLAH!!!

I have court tonight! Why you ask? Because I was speeding police officers are mean!  I wasn't even going THAT fast.  So I was going 77mph in a 60 mph zone....I was in a hurry! I mean I do love my job! He didn't believe me and gave me a ticket anyway. RUDE.  BUT I was in Boogie's truck at the time and the speedometer IS broken and I told him that and he still gave me a ticket.  BOO TO YOU POLICE MAN!

Court is at 7pm and I'm not looking forward to it AT ALL!  I inevitably sit next to a guy who is sick and hacking up their lungs and spreading their nasty ass germs all over me. OR I sit next to the guy that is covered in oil and smells like a car engine.  And is it me or is the scum of the earth always in court. I don't know what that says about me but WHATEVER.

AND the judges are usually mean!!!!  I won't say any names but there is a judge that hates me and I think if she's my judge, she's going to automatically put me in jail or try to deport me.  I should have picked up my birth certificate before I left the house!

Wish me luck!!! I hope I sit next to a Brad Pitt look alike or at least a clean person! 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Michele!

I don't usually call my BFF Michele but I figured I would be proper and type her name in the title.  I haven't called her Michele in a LONG ass time.  Our pet name for each other is "Vieja". It means old lady in Spanish.  One day we started calling each other that and it stuck. I'm sure people look at us like we are crazy but OH WELL! We are cool and they aren't!

Yesterday my Vieja turned 31! I was so excited because she finally caught up to me! I'm older than her by like 45 days so it's always nice when she is old like me! :)  We went to Pappa's Seafood House for dinner and it was by far, the best meal I've ever had there.  I am a creature of habit and ALWAYS ALWAYS order the same thing but last night I decided to be a rebel!!  I ordered a pasta dish -- of course!  It was linguine with marinara sauce with grilled shrimp, crab claws, scallops, jumbo lump crab beat AND lobster tail.  It was heavenly.  Seriously.  I don't even remember the dish name but it was TO-DIE-FOR!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't wait to go back so I can order it again.

This was her with her cake.  Oh and her sister Melissa and daughter Melina. They look like triplets!!!!

The cake looked and smelled divine.  Do you know how hard it was for me NOT to accidentally fall face first into that cake? THEN I had to feed some to Sofia which made it even harder.  It had fresh strawberries in the middle of it...MY FAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But I stuck to my lenten promise and did NOT have sweets.  But dang -- it was HARD not to give in.  I am proud of myself though. :)  I think God was even a little impressed/

Happy Birthday Vieja!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

What a GREAT weekend!

I love weekends.  Mainly because I don't have to go to work! OH, and I get to spend time with Sofia and Boogie!

This weekend was an eventful, exhausting and all together GREAT!! Saturday Sofia and I trekked it ALL the way to Katy, Texas for Marik Wilkins' 1st birthday party.  Look at this cutie!! He is TOOO PRECIOUS!

Sofia and I had a great time.  I also got to catch up with old co-workers and some current ones. It's always nice to see people in their "real people" clothes apposed to the boring work ones. LOL!  Marcus's house was just gorgeous and I loved touring it. I promise he gave me permission! :) He had a game room, an theatre room and he even had a drum set!  It was like being on MTV Cribs! 

After the party, we came home and relaxed for a while.  Sofia ended up spending the night with her aunt Nancy so we had the night off!  You know what we did? SLEEP! LOL!  We took advantage and went to bed early.  That's when you know you're old and we ARE!  We also had to get up early the next day and get ready for Boogie's mom's birthday BBQ.  I woke up at 8 am and got to cookin'.   I made two cakes, frijoles a la charra (charro beans for my white homeys), rice and potato salad.  I don't think I've ever cooked that much in one day...even in one WEEK!  The guests started arriving around 2:30pm and the mariachi's arrived at 3:30 p.m.  The guest of honor was sooo very surprised and overwhelmed.  It was a lot of work putting it together but it was well worth it!!!  Here are a few pics of the day.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lenten Sacrifices

I know we are well into the Lenten season but I forgot to blog about this! :)

If you know me, you know that every year I dread   look forward to Lent. I give up my MOST favorite things in the whole world...Dr. Pepper and SWEETS!  I'm not the nicest person the first week but I get nicer as the time goes on..promise!  Ask Jill. :)

Anyway, well this year I wanted to up the Ante.  A cousin of mine gave up fast food and I thought to myself "hmmm...that would be hard, I could never do it!"  But then I talked to myself into giving that up too!!!!!!!  I know, I'm crazy.  But as I thought about it, I can't drink DP anyway and let's be honest, a Whataburger and fries doesn't taste right unless you are drinking a SODA!  So it made sense to me.  So the rules are if there is a drive-thru window, I can't eat there.  This is also helped me start cooking more...well at least think about it. LOL!  It's so easy to be lazy and just pick something up.  Believe me, I do it ALL the time.  Well now I can't, so we eat at home more.  I think I will continue to give up fast food in the years to come. AND...I lost 3 lbs. SERIOUSLY!! And I wasn't even trying.  Which is a wake up call because all that good ass greasy food must not be good for me.  Who knew?

I have 31 days left to go and it hasn't been TOO bad yet. I constantly crave my Dr. Pepper though.  Food just doesn't taste right without it.  I drink tea or water and they just don't cut it.  BUT it's all about sacrificing and that's what I'm doing.  It does make me feel good afterward.  My mommy raised a good catholic! :)

What did you give up?

Cirque de Soleil OVO!

Last night I experienced Cirque de Soleil for the very first time.  And I give it two thumbs up!!  I sort of knew what to expect but not really. I knew it was sort of a circus for big kids but other than that, I didn't have much info to go on.  Well I LOOOOOVED IT!!!!!!  If you haven't gone, GO! If you have gone, then you know what I mean!

Me and the girls made it a GNO!  It was myself, Theresa, Vanessa, Esmeralda and Jill.  Esmeralda and Vanessa only fought 4 times...maybe 5.  I didn't fight with Vanessa AT ALL! I think that's a miracle.  But she IS pregnant so maybe I like her more right now. :)  It was a good time had by all.  It's always nice to hang out with friends on a school night. It makes you feel like a rebel!  But then in the morning when you can't get up for work, you are quickly reminded that your ass is OLD!  That happened to me today.  BUT it was worth it.

Here are a few pictures I found of the show.  The pictures don't do the show justice but hopefully you can sort of get a feel what we experienced.  The show is here until April 10. Check it out before it leaves!!!

The Big Top!  There are really no BAD seats.  We sat on the last row and we could see everything perfectly.

Me, Cassie and Boogie do this on the weekends. Piece of cake!

These young girls were UH-MAZING!!!!!!!!  They would turn stuff with thier feet while laying on other people's feet and then they would switch feet by being tossed to the other. It was GOOD stuff! I can't even bounce a basketball.

These acrobats were all HOT ASS MEN! They had on tight body suits and you could see EVERYTHING. I fell in love about 10 times. :)

These dudes were amazing too! They were jumping on trampolines and walking up that wall and doing all sorts of neat stuff!!

I could talk all day long about this but it won't do it justice.  You must see this in person to appreciate the art and the great entertainment this is.  I promise, you will not be dissapointed.  GO BUY YOUR TICKETS!!!

This is a great preview of the show! Take a look!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

FINALLY!! I got a new car!

Well let me rephrase's not new but it's new to me!! And it's definitely new to my checkbook. LOL!  I haven't had a car note in two years and let me tell you, it was NICE!  You would think I would have all this money saved up but YEAH RIGHT!  The more money you have, the more you spend right!? 

ANYWAY...if you've been keeping up you know that my car died a few weeks back.  Since then, I've been looking.  Looking for a cars is always stressful because they cost so damn much and people are always trying to screw you over.  Good friends of ours have been telling us to try out Texas Direct Auto.  They are a wholesaler...kinda like Car Max but different. :)  So last Friday, Boogie and I went down to Stafford, Texas and checked out this palce.  They sell cars on EBAY but also have a dealership.  We looked on EBAY and saw some cars that we like.  So we arrive and looked at a few but then I saw MY car.  It was a little more than what we wanted to spend but we got the keys to look at it anyway.  As SOON as I sat down, I fell in love and I KNEW that was my car.  Seriously.  I didn't tell Boogie that but it was love at first sit down.

We turned the music on and one of my mommy's favorite songs came on and I told Boogie "it's a wants me to get it'.  If  you know me, I am ALL about my "signs".  Anyway, we went inside and start talking about prices, etc.  We were there until 9:30 pm!!!  Why isn't car buying easier.  We left that night not knowing if we were going to get it. The deal they gave us wasn't ideal so we left.  BUT they called Saturday morning and they had a few other deals that we agreed on.  They told us to come on Monday to pick it up.

That was the LONGEST weekend EVER!!!! I was like a little kid. I wanted to the days to go fast! I even woke up early on Monday morning, did my hair and even put make-up on. LOL!!!! I was super excited.  We went Monday afternoon, took one last test drive and signed paper work.  It was amazing!!!!!!!  I'm going to be broke for the next 5 years but it's ok.  We needed more room for Sofia and her future siblings!  The car holds 7 passengers!!  It's perfect for my Mexican ass!! :)

So if you see a pearl-white GMC Acadia on the may be me.  WAVE!!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

More FB pet peeves!

There are lots of things that piss me off about Facebook and if you read my blog,I usually complain about it here.  So keep checking in and you will see more because I know that people on FB will continue to annoy me!  Here we go....

The people on my nerves this week are the braggers!! Ok, I get it, you got something new and you want people to know, but really, you have to tell us EVERY TIME you buy something?  I don't care that you bought yourself some new COACH shoes, or a new Michael Kors purse or about your shopping spree at Saks! I really really don't.  I am going to start posting my buys from the dollar store!  That stuff is impressive! :)

And all you name droppers...give me a break!!  No one cares...I promise!!  When you start having breakfast with the Queen, lunch with Oprah, and dinner with Al Pacino, then come to talk me. Until then, you are still a LOSER! You are impressing no one.

Hey maybe I should ask these people for the $5 million dollars!??!?!  They must have it right? :)  This will make sense when you read the post below. :)

I need to borrow 5 million!

I know someone out there has this money that I NEED!  Well once you read why I need it, you will really want to let me have it...I mean borrow it. :)

At our house, cars are getting to be scarce.  This isnt' a good thing because we all work and need cars!  Cassie AKA Evil Knieval wrecked and totaled her car about a month or so ago.  Since then she's had a rental and now her new "rental" is my car.  Which she hated before but now all of a sudden "loves". But I digress...

Since she was driving my car, I have been using Boogie's truck. This thing is a gas guzzler and it's starting to get on my damn nerves. Especially since gas is $10 a gallon!!  But beggars can't be choosers so that's what I've been driving.  Oh and in between this, Boogie's dad also got in a wreck and has been without a car too! So there are days when Cassie has to drop me off so that Boogie's dad can get around.  Don't go driving near 59 and Little York....just sayin'. this morning, I get a text from Cassie saying that she was broken down (in my car) and didn't know what to do.  WELL HELLO...CALL SOMEONE THAT CAN MOVE THE CAR! I swear, kids are helpless sometimes. My aunt came to her rescue and she towed the car to my uncle's house.  My uncle is a mechanic and he calls me and says "I think you need a new motor".  Uhh...what...scuze me?!  I swore I thought he said I needed a new motor but I must have still been asleep.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN I NEED A NEW MOTOR!!?!?!? It's not like new motors are cheap! It's not like getting a new battery or new spark plugs.  Motors are a BIG DEAL!!!  *sigh*  So you see why I need that money? :) 

I accept cash, checks that clear and all major credit cards.  GRACIAS!!!!

What can your kid do?!?

Everyday it is clear to me that Sofia is smarter than I am. Which is a good thing because I would hate for her to be DUMBER than me! Anyway, the other day, I sneezed and she said "ess uu", which of course translates to BLESS YOU!

I almost cried! Of course I started "sneezing" a million more times to see if she would do it for Boogie and of course, she didn't. So he thinks I'm lying. But why would I lie about that?!?!? 

I am trying to get it on camera but it's not like you can predict sneezes! LOL! 

I just wanted to share that my kid is freaking awesome.