Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bruno Mars Needs a Therapist

I posted a while ago about that stupid "Grenade" song and how ridiculously over the top it was.  You remember.. 
"I'd catch a grenade for ya....put my hand on a blade for ya..."
SO DUMB!! I don't like anyone that much. Sorry!

So have you heard this new song?  Or maybe it's not new but it's always on the damn radio.  Here is how it starts...

If you ever leave me, baby, Leave some morphine at my door 'Cause it would take a whole lot of medication To realize what we used to have, We don't have it anymore.

Morphine?? Really?? An Advil won't work? Or how about a 6-pack of Budlight? Hell...if you're on a budget, buy some Busch!!  But do you really need MORPHINE!?!?!  Give me a damn break!

Here are some more fun lyrics to this damn song...

Cause there'll be no sunlight 
If I lose you, baby 
There'll be no clear skies 
If I lose you, baby 
Just like the clouds 
My eyes will do the same if you walk away 
Everyday, it'll rain, rain, rain 
So I get that these are all metaphors and the sun WILL shine again but Geez...do we have to get all mushy?? And your "eyes will RAIN, RAIN, RAIN"?  EVERY DAY? EVERY DAY OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE? I seriously doubt it.  And if all you're doing is taking morphine, your ass is going to be passed out and you won't have time to cry...I mean "rain". 

Am I the only one that sees that this dude is ultra dramatic with his songs? At least that "Lazy Song" is kind of fun and he learns how to "Dougie". I can deal with that kind...the kinds of songs that I don't have to dig deep in my soul to understand....those give me a headache!

Some give this dude the number to his company's Employee Assistance Program STAT! :)

I think he's on morphine in this picture...

Memorial Day Weekend

I was only going to enjoy a 3-day weekend but I took Friday off at the last minute and it was the best decision!! I woke up at noon, went and got a mani/pedi, did some shopping and even took a nap!  And yes, even when I sleep until noon, I need a nap! Don't judge me. :)

Saturday we woke up bright and early to get ready for our trip to Magnolia Gardens on the San Jacinto River.  We were out of the house by 7:30 a.m.  I don't even get up that early to go to work!! But ssshh..don't tell anyone.  We were only supposed to be there a few hours but ended up staying for 10!!!  The kids (plus Boogie and David) had a blast in the river and Michele and I stayed dry and soaked up some natural vitamin D.    It was a great day to be outside and I'm glad we took advantage.

How cute are they??? Sofia and David need to learn how to smile! 

Sunday went to Grand Lux for Boogie's sister's birthday. I had never been before but it was pretty tasty.  We were going to Kristin and Josh's crawfish boil afterwards so I didn't fill up like I wanted to. I will have to go back and try some more.  But I will say that their Caesar Salad was DELISH!!  We finally arrived to the crawfish boil and enjoyed some mudbugs and the kids had fun on the water slide Kristin had.  I secretly wished the adults would have had one too...but no such luck.  Maybe I should have one for Boogie's birthday in July? :)  Now that's a thought!

Monday I did absolutely nothing.  Well I did make a chocolate cake!!  I had to put it away because I could have eaten every single last bite of it.   It was SO good!!!!

I hope your weekend was as good, or better, as mine.  Long weekends are good for the soul. And most importantly, I hope you took a few minutes out of your day to thank the men and women who protect this country for our freedoms. Thank you past, present and future veterans!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21

I really have no idea how it can possibly be May 21.  That means Memorial Day is NEXT week...that means June 1 is around the corner. That means stupid hurricane season is almost here.  That means that Houston's deadly heat wave is on its way. That means I have exactly 4 months to plan the rest of Sofia's 3rd birthday party.  Wait. Did I just say 3rd birthday party? Jesus.  That means in 7 months, the year will be over.  That means I'm getting old.  And remember...Sofia is going to be 3!!!!!!!

Father time needs to take a chill pill.

Too many graduations!

And I don't mean high school or college...I'm talking about ALL the kids "graduating" to 2nd or 3rd grade...or to kindergarten!!!

I know that parents are always so proud of their children when they accomplish a task...but "graduating" to the 2nd grade is NOT that big of an achievement!!!!  All they teach you in first grade is how to spell correctly...maybe write your name in the lines.. Jesus. If your dumb kid hasn't figured that out yet, you have bigger problems!

Am I being a bitch? An insensitive one at that?  I am a parent now so I think I have a right to voice my opinion. :)

Don't get me wrong...I will be so proud of my baby when she passes all her grades but I don't think making it a celebration EVERY time she passes to another grade is a good idea.  By the time the "REAL" graduations come she's going to be SO OVER IT.  And I don't think that's the point.

Ok...I'm done venting. :)