Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Being sick SUCKS!

My Sofia was sick last week and it was NO fun!  I took her to the doctor and turns out she had 2 ear infections. MY POOR BABY!! She was coughing pretty bad too so that's why I decided to take her in. Boogie said he was in tears because she was coughing. IS HE SERIOUS?????  *sigh*   Everyone says it's cute, I say it's annoying. :)

Anyway, now I AM SICK!!!!!  But unlike Sofia, I have no one to take care of me because I AM THE CARE TAKER!  UGH!  I still have to clean, take care of Sofia, wash clothes, make dinner, etc.  No one told me about this part.  But when Boogie was sick he needed me home to take care of him. WHATEV!

I missed work yesterday and hacked myself close to death all day. Thank GOD for Leti...she watched Sofia while I got some much needed sleep.  Last night I couldn't sleep and guess who wanted to play at 4am??  Yes, that's right, Miss Sofia Ramirez.  She has been soooo goood at sleeping through the night...but the night I am going to go back to work, she wakes up. OF COURSE!  So we watched Toy Story 1 & 1/2 times and she finally went to sleep....and so did I. Well at least I tried. I swear I didn't cough once when Sofia was up, but once she fell asleep, I couldn't STOP coughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Geez..

Anyway, I'm on meds now and I hope I get better soon. Definitely before this weekend...HELLO LABOR DAY!

I will keep you posted in between hackings.... :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

All in a day's work...

As an event planner for GHP we get to do a variety of events with a variety of speakers.  Some are oh-so-boring and some are freaking AWESOME! Like today's!

Today we hosted The Business of Sports at the Hyatt Regency Downtown.  It was a panel discussion with Drayton McClane of the Astros, Bob McNair of the Texans, Clyde Drexler sat in for whats-his-name from the NBA and some other guy from the Dynamo. SORRY I DON'T FOLLOW SOCCER!!!

Oh and as a moderator, Marc Vandemeer from 610 AM Sports Radio. I was super excited about this one because I listen to him every morning! I got to shake his hand and I told him that I listen to every morning as I come to work. He was a nice guy and he humored me!

Here are some pics from the event...SO FUN!!!

From left to right...Patrick Oxford, GHP Board Chairman, Drayton McClane, the Dynamo dude, Marc Vandemeer, Clyde Drexler, Bob McNair and Jeff Moseley, CEO, GHP.

Me and Abby grabbed a picture with Clyde Drexler. He was sooooo sweet. EVERYONE was asking to take pictures with him and he was so gracious and agreed with a smile. I love a celebrity who can be humble and NICE!

Claur was mesmerized with his ring! LOL!!

My precious Sofia

In case you didn't know, I have the cutest baby EVER!! No offense to all the other gazillion babies, but she really is precious. :)

One of the perks of them being babies, is that you can take pictures of them at inappropriate times and everyone thinks it's funny!! I LOVE IT!  So these pictures are naturally of her taking a bath. :)  She has the craziest hair and it's so much fun to play with it. :)

Here she looks like a scary monster! Ok, maybe not scary, but a cute one!

Here she looks like a smurf! LOL!!!

And last but not least, here she looks like either Coolio or Snoop Dogg...I can't decide! :)

It's Dinner Time!

I'm only blogging about this because Michelle Arnold TOLD me too...and I listen to my doctors. :)

I made dinner last night and I must admit, it was YUMMO!!  I made pork chops, mashed potatoes, corn and macaroni. 

I've always always always had problems cooking pork chops.  Pork is such a hard meat to cook. If you over cook it, it's way too dry and if you under cook it and eat it, you will probably die!  So if anyone knows how to properly cook pork without overdoing it and keeping some moisture, let me know! :)  But of course, we ate them anyway.

Here's a picture of the meal...looks good huh???

Happy Birthday Abby!!

My precious Abby turned the BIG 2-5 on Saturday!! Abby, congrats! You are a whole QUARTER old!! :)

She celebrated at Pete's Dueling Piano Bar and it was lots o' fun!! I was a little hesitant because I've never been but I was very much pleased with the place.  The bar is what the name says....there is a stage, two pianos and two guys playing them.  It's a smaller place so it's very intimate.  They play a lot of different songs but more importantly, ones that you can sing along to.  They played a variety of selections from Miley Cyrus (YES I SANG ALONG!) to Hang Williams Jr!  It was a great time and I will definitely be going back!  I think I see a girl's night in my future!!! 

Here are a few pictures from the night!  And Abby, I have a video that I am tempted to post, but since you and I are such good friends, I won't.  But don't make me mad this week!!! :)

Cassie was still celebrating her birthday!!!!



Thursday, August 19, 2010

21? Are you sure???

Today my baby sister turns 21.  That can't be right!!  I remember bringing her home from the hospital and sitting in the back seat with her.  I will admit that I was a bit annoyed when she was born because my mom SWORE she was having a boy.  Then when a GIRL was born,  I remember thinking "MY MOM LIED TO ME!!!!"

I liked Cassie for a while, until she of course became the ANNOYING little sister!! She was always trying to hang out in my room and I hated it!!  I will admit for a few years we didn't even like each other. LOL!! And I am being so serious.  But as I got older and she did too, I started to kinda like her... :)

But now that is all grown up, I actually like the kid.  I honestly don't know what I would do without my Cassie.  Yes, she STILL gets on my nerves but what little sister doesn't?  And yes, we still fight. I don't think that will ever end.  BUT, I am so glad I was blessed with my Cassie.  We've gone through a lot these past 6 years but I am glad we went through it together. 

Now, please stop getting older because that means I'm getting older too!!!!  I love you tons Cass.  May God bless you with many, many, many more!!!

Did Carrie call you this morning to wish you a Happy Birthday?? :)

She's going to kill me for this, but I HAD TO!!!  Look how precious she was!!!!!

And she's still precious! I LOVE YOU CASS!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lunch with a Doctor!

I had a doctor's visit today...but not the kind you are thinking of. :)  I finally had the chance to have lunch with my dear friend Michelle.  Isn't she beautiful???

 Oh wait, that's not her but they sure as hell do look alike!  What do you think?

Anyway, I think I've embarrassed her enough. :)  Michelle took me to Gravitas and it was DELISH!! I didn't take a picture of the food but I promise you, it was GOOD!  I had the grilled chicken sandwich and Angelina Michelle had the fettuccine.  She didn't even let me taste it but WHATEV.  LOL!! Just kidding Michelle...kinda. 

Of course we indulged in dessert! I had the brownie.  I will be honest and say that I've had better but I still ate it...duh!  It was good, just not GREAT.

Michelle had the lemon tart.  It looked yummy!!

It was nice to catch up with my dear friend and talk about the crazy in-laws.  Mine of course, not hers! :)  And of course as all people who leave GHP and go on to bigger and better things, she looked younger, refreshed and just plain happy!  She had this KEY-UTE dress on. I for sure thought it was from Nordstrom's or some boutique and come to find out, it was from Target and it was $8!!!!  LOVE IT!!  I should have taken a picture.  Michelle, if you are reading this, please take a picture of yourself in that dress and send it so I can show the world!!! :)

I love having lunch with great people who can have a great conversation.  Dr. Cruz Arnold, you ROCK! :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

The title of my blog really hits home today.  Yes, I am a mother and I love being one but since my mom is in heaven, today the word "mom" means even more. 

My mom was the BEST!!!!!!!!  She was the rock that held my family together and that was even more apparent after she left.  She was the life of every party.  She loved to dance and sing (even though she wasn't any good!).  You knew she was in any room because of her "larger than life" personality and not to mention her loud laugh!!  Hmmm...I knew I got it from somewhere!  I am who I am today because of her teachings, her love and her outlook on life.  She was old school and she let you know it.  She didn't take shit from anyone and everyone was scared of her.  I still am actually.  She was a mother to everyone even if you didn't want her to be.  If she thought you were raising your kid the wrong way, she would tell you and she didn't care if you got mad or had your feelings hurt.  And I think that was one of the main reasons people loved her so much.  She was hard core on the outside but was soooo caring and loving in the inside.  She spoke her opinions because she did love everyone around her.  She would do whatever she could to help you.  Whether it was driving 6 hours to pick up her niece (ahem...BELINDA!) when she could no longer be contained by her mother or rubbing off your kid's makeup because she said she was "too young for that crap" (JESSICA!) And not to mention, she did it in front of everyone to prove a point!

*sigh* Oh how I miss you mother.  I miss your laugh, your smile, your humor and your words of wisdom. I was blessed with the best mother in the world.  I hate that you aren't here to help me raise my Sofia but I am blessed to be left with your wisdom. I will raise her as you raised me and I promise not to let her wear make up until she's 16!!  I am lucky to have had you for 24 years and in those 24 years you were able to instill morals, values and respect and for that I am eternally grateful.

I know that you look down on me everyday and that is what comforts me. You are missed every single day but I know that you are in a better place now.  Sending you love wherever you are. I love you mom.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I love Urban Decay

Thanks to the ever-fabulous Martin Ramirez, I have become obsessed with Urban Decay Cosmetics!! And I don't even wear make-up every day. LOL!!   They are 100% animal free testing company so it's nice to know that animals weren't hurt in the process. :)  And let's not forget, they have AWESOME make-up!!! Check out thier website and decide for yourself.

They have some awesome eyeshadow pallets and I own two of them. I am going to buy another one on Friday and the JUST revealed thier new fall pallet. I CAN NOT WAIT!!!

This is the one I'm getting this weekend. Isn't it divine???

I also own the Summer of Love Pallete:

The Sustainable Book of Shadows:

And now I NEED this one!!!

Do you see why I love them so much????  :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My new found love affair...

...with Twitter.

 I KNOW I KNOW.  I am officially one of THOSE people. I always swore I would never be...alas, never say never.  Anyway, I joined twitter last year and never understood it. Well I of course fell deeply in love with Facebook and never looked back. 

Until about a few weeks ago....I told myself I would try it again and I did and started liking it.  The part I like most is that you can actually follow celebs!!!!!  You know how I love celebrities and their business so this was PERFECT for me. I was a lurker at first. I mean if you respond to these people, THEY ACTUALLY READ IT!  None of them respond to you of course, but you like to think they at least read your carefully thought out tweet. :)

Anyway, after talking to one of my dear friends last night (who shall remain nameless), I found out that she looooooves Terrell Owens.  Yes, THAT Terrell Owens.  And she of course follows him on Twitter. I asked if she ever responded to any of her celebs that she follows. I mainly asked because she is WAY cooler and WAY more classy than I am...so I knew if she did it, I was A-OK!  And thank GOD she said yes.  That's when she said she had only responded to Terrell and Ocho-Cinco. Apparently, she loves the Bengels...but that's a different story.

Back to Mr. Owens.....I didn't think ANYONE liked him, much less LOVED him...but I was proven wrong.  So I told my friend that I would rally for her and TRY to get TO to say hello to her on Twitter.  She said if he did, she would totally buy me dinner.  And yes, I do work for food. I have no shame.  We are still waiting on his response.  She is waiting for his shout-out so that her life can be complete. I am waiting because ya'll know my fat ass is ALWAYS hungry. :)  I will let you know WHEN he says hello to her...because I know he will!!

Well THEN I made a bet with Cassie.  We shook hands and said that whomever could get  a celebrity to respond to one of us first WINS!!!!!!!!!!  I love me a good challenge. So you know I was working furiously to get a response today. Poor celebs...I was totally over doing it but whatev.  So I was sitting here at work, minding my own business when I see that I have a message on twitter.  AND GUESS WHAT???  A CELEBRITY SENT ME A TWEET!!!!!!!!!!  Well it wasn't Kim Kardashian or anything like that, but he is on TV! :)  His name is Michael Muhney and he plays Adam Newman on Young & the Restless!! 

He's pretty freaking cute too!

Cassie makes me watch this ALL the time so I actually have paid attention. And yes, there was a time where I too would run home to catch it on the DVR...but geez, it gets exhausting after a while. And when I go back to watching it, everyone is already broken up and the couples have all exchanged partners...I can't keep up.  ANYWAY...so he sent me a tweet that said "the pigtails are too cute". Well I don't have a picture of myself on there, I have one of my Sofia. So he looked at my profile pic and sent a nice note.  So he didn't ask me to come down to L.A. and hang out with him for a week...(I think he will though) but I won the bet!!!

SO...I tell Cassie that I WON and she had the nerve to say "He doesn't count...He's a loser" WHAT?!??!?!?  Because stalking people on Twitter makes us NOT losers???  Anyway, I just think she's being a sore LOSER herself.  She says we are "officially" starting the bet tonight.  I know I will win AGAIN!  I'm off to twitter land....

FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @sofiaesmami :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sofia's 1st Birthday!

I still have two months but we know that October will be here before we know it!  I told you before that I am making centerpieces for the party. I stole the idea from a picture I saw months ago...

Cute right?

I ordered the bottom pieces last week and I went and picked them up today!  They are soooo cute!
Check them out!

I am going to make a proto-type this weekend and I hope they come out pretty!!  I'm not planning on using the flowers that are in the picture, but I do plan on using Gerber Daisies.  I am sooooo excited to see how they come out. WISH ME LUCK!! I will post pics next week....but only if they look good. :)

Ouisie's Table

Theresa took me here and I'm glad she did!  Ouisie's Table is GOOD!!!!!!  
From the website in case you were wondering:
Before going any further let's pronounce the name Ouisie’s correctly. It is We' - zee. Oui (as in yes) - sie (zee as in ZZ Top). Ouisie's. Not "ooozy's" or "owlsy's" or "queezy's" but Ouisie's.

Anyway, this place is TOO cute.  And the food was even better.  Michelle Arnold always raves about this place and raves about the Chicken Fried Steak so of course I had to try it and I am glad I did!!!  The crust wasn't too heavy and the meat was super thin and tender.  The mashed potatoes were my favorite part.  They were heavenly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They were so good, they didn't even need the gravy. THAT GOOD!  And sorry the mash is under the steak and by the time I thought about taking a pic of them, I had eaten them ALL! 

Lori if you are reading this, Theresa ordered a salad...PROMISE! ;-)

No lunch is complete without dessert of course.  Theresa twisted my arm and MADE me order it...I SWEAR! I of course ordered the chocolate cake.  It was delish!

And Theresa this lady next to us ordered the peach cobbler.  That lady sitting next to us even let me taste it! How nice of her. And it was DELISH!! Not too sweet and not too heavy. 

I will definitely visit again. I want to try so many other things on the menu.  They have a bison burger that is catching my eye but I'm a little scared. Anyone ever have one of those????  Do tell if you have! 

10 months!

10 months ago my precious and beautiful Sofia was brought into my life.  Can you believe in two months she will be ONE YEAR OLD!!!!!!!!!!  I sure can't.  Oh that reminds me, I need to book the moonwalk for the party! :)

I honestly don't know what I did without her.  She makes my day so much better and watching her grow up is pretty freaking awesome.  Except, it just means that I'm getting older! BOO TO GETTING OLD! 

Look how little she used to be! I used to think she was cross-eyed. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad she grew out of that! :)

And now look at my big monster!

I hope that all of my kids are as beautiful as she is. And even I have some ugly ones, I will still love them...PROMISE! :) And yes, I do plan on having more...just not right now! Maybe next year... :)

My little Angel...

This past Saturday, my precious Sofia was baptized.   I know I am late but I'm glad I did it before she was ONE! I didn't feel so bad because there were kids that got baptized that day that were at least 7 or 8. SO YAY ME!!

We baptized her at the Cathedral of St. Matthew.  It is a gorgeous church!  Our dear friends Mike and Silvia baptized her and we are so happy they did.  They are wonderful people and they will make GREAT god-parents.  Here are some pictures...more to come later!  Remember Boogie broke my camera so I am waiting to get pictures from everyone else that was there! :)  ENJOY!

 Some people are missing but this is most of them!

She was TIRED after all of the festivities!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Am I the only one?

That HATES Summer???!??!?? OMG it is sooooooooooooooooooooo freaking hot this year. I swear when I get into my car, I feel like my skin is going to melt off.  I don't like short hair, but sometimes I get soooo tempted to chop it all off.  And you know I have the thickest hair on EARTH!!!!!!!!

I can't wait for the "winter" to get here. Even though we don't really have a REAL winter, I could go for 70 degree weather right about now. And yes, 70 degrees is considered winter in Houston, Texas.

HURRY UP COOLER WEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How lazy have we become???

As I was driving home yesterday, I started to think about how lazy society REALLY is these days...me included.  Let's think about this people....

  • The remote control.  Do you remember the days when you actually had to GET UP from your couch and change the channel? Growing up, I WAS the remote. I distinctly remember staying AT the tv, changing channels until my mom saw one that she liked!  Not anymore...now, Boogie won't even change the channel unless he finds the damn remote. GOD forbid he stand at the tv like I used to.  I am not joking, we have watched Nick Jr for 2 or plus hours because no one wanted to look for the remote.  At least we were educated. I now know how to count to 10!
This would SO be Boogie....

  • Power windows and locks.  This doesn't include me, because my car is OLD school. I still have to LITERALLY roll down my windows when I go to the drive-thru.  And I must say, sometimes I roll it down before I get there so they won't see me working to roll my window down! :)   Remember when people would lock their keys in their cars, they would get the hanger, make a little circle and lasso the lock and pull it up to unlock it?? NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I honestly don't know how they do it now...

  • Movable sidewalks in airports.  REALLY!?!?!??!?!?!  People don't even want to walk anymore at the airport?? I get it, sometimes the walk is FAR but hello...that's why God gave you legs..TO WALK!! And when you get off them your legs feel funny and you almost fall to the ground.  And they are always in random places too....geez.

  • Speaker phone.  This one has been around a LONG time but seriously, you can't reach and pick up the receiver to your ear to talk to someone?  I know that the speaker phone is helpful in some occasions, like when you are cooking at home.  But if you are at work, PICK UP THE PHONE!!!!  Your co-workers don't want to hear your husband/wife telling you that you are out of toilet paper or to "get ready because Mom is coming over tonight".  And if I sit right next you in one office over, don't use the speaker phone. I already can't do two things at once, but now I have to listen to myself TWICE and it's just weird and WRONG!  And if you must do this at work, CLOSE YOUR DOOR!
If this guy worked with us, he would so fit in!!
  • The Roomba Vacuum.  This things scares me!!! Ok, unless you have a million rooms at your house, you don't need a robot vacuum!!!  And you can set this thing to vacuum while you aren't home and somehow it KNOWS where to clean.  WEIRD!!

These are all the ones I can think of...please share your own. :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oh #4....

How long has this gone on for??  Must we do this EVERY year??  The first couple of times it was funny now it's just plain annoying.  Are you staying or are you going?  I guess since you ARE Brett Favre you think you have the right, and to a certain extent, I agree with you.  But GOOD LORD....can you make a decision before training camp starts? It's not like you haven't been doing this for 100 years.  You know when THAT starts!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The dates don't change. 

MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALREADY!!!!!  You are worse than a woman!!!

I found this online and this pretty much sums it up!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Bachelorette - THE FINAL ROSE!!!

You have probably noticed that I stopped blogging about this show.  I usually watch every episode but something about this season was getting on my damn nerves! I love drama but this year was a bit over the top.  And not to mention, there weren't even really hot dudes!!! :)  Except for Roberrrrto of course.

I of course, watched last night because I wanted to see who she picked.  These final episodes KILL me. They are two hours long and all I really want to see is the last 3 minutes.  They fill it up with such CRAP!!!!!!!  But I watched anyway.  Let's see what I remember....

Oh yeah, these two dudes meet her family. BORING.  I don't even remember how that went. Ok, then she has a date with Roberrrrto and it's PERFECT (of course!)   They are in Bora Bora...hell I would have a perfect time there with my enemy! It is sooooooooooooooo beautiful. So they ride jet skis, have a picnic on the beach, fall in love in the rain...I mean it's almost TOO much.  I would fall in love with someone here too!  Anyway, Roberto tells Ali he loves her and she says her heart is about to beat out of her chest.  OK ALI! 

So the next day was the other dude's time for a date. I think his name is Chris.  Anyway, she shows up to his room and she starts rambling on about something. For a moment I thought she was on speed because she was talking so fast and not making any sense!!!!  But you could tell, this wasn't going to be good news for Chris.  She tells him she's in love with someone else. YAY HOTTIE ROBERRRRTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The dude is crushed, he thanks her for being honest and she leaves.

But I do have respect for Ali for telling him before he got all dressed up in his suit, picked out a ring and dropped to one knee. That's always the most pathetic thing to watch...especially when they get DENIED!!! 

So Roberto comes in on a boat of course and Ali is wearing this beautiful gold flowy dress.  But before she changes, they make her lay the dress out on the bed. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!! It's not a wedding dress. I think I saw someone in there helping her get dressed.  Oh and could they not have fixed Ali's hair?!?!?!?!  Geez...an up-do would have been nice. Geez.  ANYWAY...Roberto comes, tells her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her, gets down on one knee and proposes and Ali of course says yes.

I really LOVE Roberto...I mean have you seen this guy? He's freaking hot and he plays baseball. Nuff said.  I didn't watch "After the Final Rose"...but who cares, they are together and that's all that matters. 

And thank God Ali gets a new last name. Hers is horrible....so bring on the wedding!!!  You know they are going to show that shit on ABC!!!!!!!!!!!  Ala Trista and Ryan.  YOU KNOW IT!

Oh and I read this morning that these fools are going to be on Dancing with the Stars.  REALLY??????  *sigh*

Until next season.... 

Monday, August 2, 2010

Washington Street

Growing up in Houston, Washington Street was a street we took to get to Downtown..nothing special.  Well, boy has that changed!!  Now that's the new hangout and the new Richmond.  All you Houstonian's know what I mean.  My first experience with the bars on Washington was this Saturday.  We went out to celebrate David's 30th birthday and boy, did we celebrate! :)

We went to Brixx.  When we got there, it was packed but nothing to write home about.  Well 10 minutes later, there was an ACTUAL line to get in.  Really?  Well we got there in time and didn't have to wait, but of course The Birthday Boy didn't and was in THAT LINE!!   So they tell them that they are at capacity but yet hoochie ass girls kept coming in. WTF!!  I though this only happened in the movies. Apparently, I need to get out more.  Anyway, so Boogie had to actually pay the guy at the door to let them in. REALLY????  That shit actually works?  Man, I think I've been living under a rock.  ANYWAY once they got in, all was right in the world.  Look how much fun we were having! :)  And look at my new red bag. LOVE IT!!!

All the men were drunk and all the ladies were NOT!  Imagine that???  Oh and these are the last pictures my camera took because DRUNK ASS Boogie BROKE MY DAMN CAMERA!!! UGH!!!!!  Well all that means is that I get a new one!! :) SILVER LINING MOMENT! :)

Here are a few more shots from the night....GOOD TIMES!


Happy 2nd Day of August!

Can you believe that month 8 is here??? I CAN'T!! That means only 4 more until the year is over. That can't be right. WE JUST STARTED like a few weeks ago...right?  AND that means only 2 more months until Sofia is a YEAR OLD!!!  Good lord...time needs to slow down.

Today is also Monday...BOO!! I hate Mondays...but they mean we are getting closer to Friday. I always try to see the silver lining. :)

I hope your month of August is off to a a good start!!!!