Monday, August 2, 2010

Washington Street

Growing up in Houston, Washington Street was a street we took to get to Downtown..nothing special.  Well, boy has that changed!!  Now that's the new hangout and the new Richmond.  All you Houstonian's know what I mean.  My first experience with the bars on Washington was this Saturday.  We went out to celebrate David's 30th birthday and boy, did we celebrate! :)

We went to Brixx.  When we got there, it was packed but nothing to write home about.  Well 10 minutes later, there was an ACTUAL line to get in.  Really?  Well we got there in time and didn't have to wait, but of course The Birthday Boy didn't and was in THAT LINE!!   So they tell them that they are at capacity but yet hoochie ass girls kept coming in. WTF!!  I though this only happened in the movies. Apparently, I need to get out more.  Anyway, so Boogie had to actually pay the guy at the door to let them in. REALLY????  That shit actually works?  Man, I think I've been living under a rock.  ANYWAY once they got in, all was right in the world.  Look how much fun we were having! :)  And look at my new red bag. LOVE IT!!!

All the men were drunk and all the ladies were NOT!  Imagine that???  Oh and these are the last pictures my camera took because DRUNK ASS Boogie BROKE MY DAMN CAMERA!!! UGH!!!!!  Well all that means is that I get a new one!! :) SILVER LINING MOMENT! :)

Here are a few more shots from the night....GOOD TIMES!


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