Friday, July 30, 2010


Or as most people like to call it, the BIG RED COCK!!! Yes, that's the real name.  And let me tell you it's good.  Not the cock, but the food. :)

I have been here before and I decided to try something different. And if you know me, that doesn't happen very often.  So today I had the burger and I must say, it was GOOD!!  But the fries are even better. Take a look!

How cute is that basket??? 

Anyway, if you haven't been, you must.  They have some great things on the menu.  I would never try them but lots of people were.

Oh and guess who we ran in to???  Mr. Chris Bilton himself!!!  How pretty cute is this guy? 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Huh? What?

I just read an article on Paris Hilton and it said that she's releasing her 2nd album. First of all, who the hell let her make a FIRST ONE???

And who the hell bought it? And who the hell is going to buy this one??  Please tell me that I don't know anyone who owns it.

BUT...I do own her perfumes. They REALLY do smell good and not like cheap whore. PROMISE!

Party Time!!

Sofia's birthday is quickly approaching. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? I swear she was just born.  Anyway, her birthday is October 9 and I am already planning!  I was always the person that swore would NEVER EVER go ALL OUT for a kid's 1st birthday. Well never ever say never ever!  You tell me if it's too much. I'm already getting told that I'm nuts (Thanks Jill!)

So I of course want a moonwalk for the kids. That is a MUST.  But I am also going to have face painters and balloon twisters! How fun is that???  Boogie and I already got into a fight about the cost but his opinion doesn't moving on.  Oh, and I'm also having a cotton candy machine.  That was his idea by the way.  That's not a lot right??? 
I'm going to book the face painters and balloon twisters this week. I also need to find a place to make me a BIG ASS pinata.  Any suggestions?


Look at this can you NOT go all out for her? :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I love you FB but...

Good lord there are some annoying ass people on FB!! And of course, they are my friends.  And of course I won't delete them because they provide conversation pieces.  Below are some of the annoying things I see on FB...share some of yours please!

  1. Song lyrics. WHY DO PEOPLE POST THESE AS THEIR STATUS?!?!?  Really???? OMG and the worst is when I like the song and I end up singing "Big Girls Don't Cry" all damn day.  Jesus.  STOP IT PEOPLE!!!!!
  2. Vaguebooking - An intentionally vague Facebook status update, that prompts friends to ask what's going on, or is possibly a cry for help. - URBAN DICTIONARY.  Seriously, these people are soooo damn annoying!!!!!!!  JUST SAY WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY!!!  Example: Mary is: "wondering if it is all worth it"   I want to say "Mary, just jump already and leave us normal people alone!"  And these people just want you to ask "what's wrong" and when you do, they either don't answer you or say "Send me a message" REALLY?  THEN DON'T POST THAT SHIT ON FB IF YOU AREN'T GOING TO SAY WHAT'S WRONG TO EVERYONE!!!
  3. Hijacking of my status.  This is so wrong.  If I post "I'm eating spaghetti for dinner" I don't want you to tell me how you ate spaghetti for dinner two nights ago and how your love spaghetti and how you like to eat spaghetti every chance you get!!  This is not about you OK!  If you want people to know how much you like spaghetti, then YOU Post that shit on yours.
  4. Repeat offenders.   I have people that repost their status at least 3 times. OMG! If no one commented the first 2 times, they won't a third!!!!  NOBODY CARES!!!!
  5. Pictures. Why do people take multiple pictures of themselves and post it to thier photo albums? I'm not talking about one or two...I'm talking about 60 pictures in an album, and it's just THEM!!!! Do you not have any friends?  We saw what you looked the first 20 times, no need for more!!! And I get that we all take pics where we think "man I look cute" but print that shit and keep it at home!
  6. Farmville, Mafiaville...WTF??  Ok so I am into some dumb crap, this takes the cake.  I don't even know how Farmville works but when did a FARM become cool?  So you have  virtual farm and you feed the animals and water your crops??? REALLY!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Geez, we have a lot of time on our hands people.
  7. Commas, periods are nice.  OMG I hate hate hate when people don't use commas or periods or even DECENT grammar. I'm not English major but good lord.   I copied this from one of my friends: mornin to everyone its friday people time to party and have fun and maybe get a lil drunk but that till tomorrow at my cuzin house. TGIF  REALLY???? OH SO ANNOYING!

I'm going to stop there because my blood pressure is going up as I type. :)

    Tuesday, July 20, 2010

    Lindsey goes to Jail!!

    Nobody really cares that Lindsey Lohan's crackhead ass went to jail. I know I don't. I was reading the story :) I saw the courtroom sketch and this person needs to be FIRED!!

    Does that look like a crack head to you??  And when did Lindsey gain 15 pounds??  And her hair isn't that shiny and I don't see the dark bags under her eyes!!!!!  This person must have been on the same crack Lindsey uses!!!!!!


    I will never figure out men.  Every time I think I am close, I am just so wrong!!  UGH!!!!!!!!

    I think this explains it well....

    Wednesday, July 14, 2010

    Diet? What Diet??

    Remember that diet I was supposed to be on?  Well I never got on it. :)  I KNOW I KNOW....BAD FAT BLANCA!!!!  Why is dieting so hard? Why can't I just wake up tomorrow and be skinny? Why can't hamburgers and french fries be on that diet list?  Why isn't chocolate fat free and calorie free?  Why isn't Dr Pepper a diet drink?  Why can't ice cream be a fat burner?!? And why isn't watching TV considered a work out?

    Ok, now back to reality....but wouldn't that be nice?  Abby is on a mission to get me on it, which I do appreciate.  I have a gala to attend NEXT month and a wedding to be in in January. I have some MAJOR work to do.

    But let me try this brownie I made last night. :)

    Tuesday, July 13, 2010

    Little Sisters.....

    This has been the week of little sisters! I won't go into everyone else's stories, but I will dish on mine!  So Cassie's car is not working so that means, that the only way she can get to work is buy using MY car.  Well then how would I get to work you ask? Well let me tell you.....

    I have to wake up EARLY and leave the house by 7:10 AM to be dropped off by my dumb beautiful little sister.  And if that wasn't enough, I have to wait for her to pick me up once she gets off.  I am a 30 year old woman waiting on a 20 year old kid to pick me up from work.   Gosh is this 2010 or 1995?  I cannot wait for her car to be fixed.  This waking up early is for the birds. 

    I even took a nap in my office today!!! That's how tired I am!!!!  I need one of these for my office!

    Dumb sisters....

    Thursday, July 8, 2010

    Big Brother Season 12!!

    I will admit that I was not a fan of this show from the beginning. I didn't get it and like most things, just figured I wouldn't like it.  Well Cassie is a HUGE fan and she got me HOOKED to this show.  Like I needed one more reason to sit my fat ass on the couch for two MORE hours during the day. :) 

    Nonetheless, the premier starts tonight!  I can't wait. This show has LOTS of drama and that's why I love it.  There is a lot of scheming, back stabbing, lying, etc.  Hey that sounds like a day at GHP! :)  Too bad there's  not a million dollar prize at the end like in BB!!!

    I will let you know tomorrow how the first episode is and who are my faves and un-faves. 

    Wednesday, July 7, 2010

    Crazy Day!

    I don't know if the stars are aligned in a weird way or what but there has been lots dramatic things going on. I won't elaborate but please say a prayer before you go to sleep!!!

    And what the hell is up with all this damn rain???? Good lord...I'm going to have to tie a canoe to the top of my car and just keep it there JUST IN CASE!  And seriously, Houston.....we all know it rains and floods here... can we fix the drainage system?  Or at least upgrade?  GEEZ!!!  And I know that it's been raining a lot and there's only so much water it can hold....but work with me people! I have an itty bitty car and I can't pass high water. I'm not an idiot and I won't go just because "it doesn't look too deep".  I've lived here long enough to know better.  If only others would get the picture.

    I hope the rest of the week gets better.  Lord hear our prayers!

    :) Blanca

    I miss my toys!

    An article in the paper today made me get nostalgic about all my toys that I had as a little kid.  The Children's Museum of Houston is hosting Retro Toys Wonderweek July 8-14. HOW FUN!! If you have kids, check it out here. 

    So here are my favorite childhood toys.  They don't make them like they used to!!!!

    1. The lite- bright was freaking awesome!!  I would always get in trouble because I would always lose the pieces (surprise, surprise!)  My mom would always find them under the couch, outside, etc. :)  I loved my lite-bright.  Remember the black pieces of papers that would go in front?  And when you were done, you were always so proud!!!  But then when you were done, and took out the little light pieces, the paper had all the holes in it! AWESOME!!  Good times....

    2. SKIP-IT!!  OMG I loved this damn thing. There really was no real point to it, but man, was it fun!  It did hurt my ankles a little bit but if you had socks on, it wouldn't go as fast!!!!  Remember it had a ticker that counted how many times it went around?? That was awesome. 

    3. SIMON!!  Oh, how I loved this damn thing.  I wasn't that great at it because I've always had the memory of an 90 year old (no offense grandpa). But remember those  annoying ass sounds it made?  And then it would get faster and faster?  I would get all nervous towards the end but it was still fun! 
    80s toys Pictures, Images and Photos

    4. Glo-Worm!!!  Besides being a cute little worm that glowed in the middle of the night, this did nothing else!!!  Why it was a hit, I have no idea????  I guess that was a more simple time...and we were amused by anything that lit up! :)

    5. Pogo-Ball.   This was freaking awesome!!!!  My fat ass wasn't very good at it because my fat feet didn't fit on it all the time but I sure as hell tried!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But then my fat ass deflated the ball and it never worked. BOO-HOO!
    6. I don't remember what this thing was called but it was freaking awesome! It wasn't very comfy but still fun.  You would steer with the silver things on the side.  FUN FUN FUN!! I was always the tallest kid in school so I couldn't use this for long because my fat knees would get in the way of steering, but again, still fun. :)

    7.  This really should be my #1 but I don't feel like re-numbering.  Anyway, I adored the Cabbage Patch Kids!!!  My mom slept outside Target to get me my first one. True Story. And she fought with some lady to get mine and my first cabbage patch kid came home without a box and without a birth certificate!!!!  I love my mommy.  He was my favorite. I still have him at home too. I will take a picture of it and show you guys.  His name is Juliancito after my dad.... :)

    8. The Speak and Spell was freaking amazing!!!!!  The little robot voice was divine and not to mention, we learned now to SPEAK AND SPELL!!!!  We would of course type in "bad" words like stupid and die laughing when it would repeat it.  We were such rebels when we were kids! :)

    9. Fisher Price Record Player.  Do you remember this? Who needed a stupid IPOD when you had this?  Hello...they played JAMS like "Ring Around the Rosey" and "Do You Know the Muffin Man".  Now those were hits....Lady Gaga would have had a run for her money back then!  I loved this damn thing....even if it only came with three discs.

    10.  PERFECTION!!!! This game always gave me a heart attack, but I still loved playing it.  I never got all the pieces in time and the pieces always went flying everywhere. I think they still sell these. I may have to get one!

    There are tons more that I can post.  Like Barbie, He-Man, CareBears, The Smurfs, Fraggle Rock, Alf, Strawberry Short Cake, Rainbow Brite, etc etc!!!!  What were your favorites???

    Tuesday, July 6, 2010

    The Bachelorette - Episode 7

    Ok so no one cares about the actual episode so let me get to the Jake and Vienna "interview". It was more like a train wreck and I looooooooved it. This shit was GOOD!!!!!!!

    Chris Harrison is the luckiest man. He got to see this in person. So Jake comes out first. Chris says he just had dinner with those two. I feel sorry for Chris. Anyway, supposedly this "break up" was a surprise to Gay Jake and says he woke up one day and his gay face was on 5 magazine covers. Poor us. So then ugly ass Vienna comes out. It's classic audience to boo or clap....pure silence! So Chris asked Vienna Sausage what happened to this relationship made in FAKE heaven!!! So she says it changed a month after their relationship started. She said he didn't talk to her or kiss her like normal relationships. Uuuhhhh Boogie never kisses and sometimes ignores me and I love it! She's dumb. And she goes on to say that when he would kiss her, it would be a quick peck. HELLO he's gay!!!!!! I hope he comes out soon!!!!

    So Chris asks her why she went to the tabloids and she says because she wanted to beat him to the punch. Uumm no whoever tells first gets more money...DUH!!!!! She's pretty smart. Oh and she calls him a "fame whore". C'mon Vienna Sausage, you went on a reality TV show to find a husband!!!!!!!! The pot calling the kettle black dontcha think??? Oh and then she says that he never talked to his parents. Well I'm on gay Jake's side on this we remember her weird ass dad?!! I wouldn't talk to him either!!!!!

    So allegations fly back and forth and its fantastic!!! Jake looks at her and says "I'm so disgusted by you" finally Jake has the same thoughts as I did the entire season!!! Too late though idiot. So they are deep in arguing and Chris has to break for commercial and Chris says "I want to continue this conversation" LOL. Of course you do...this is great stuff.

    So back from commercial they start off with a clip of their season finale!! Hahahah where he proposes. These people are good.

    So anyway, Chris tells her he "heard" she got 90k for her story. She says "no". Duh because it was probably more! Anyway so Chris asks her why she took it so far and told such intimate details and her idiotic response was "because it wasn't about the money". That has to be the funniest line EVER. You are such a liar Vienna Sausage...of course it was about the money!!!!!! Stupid VS.

    So then Chris asks Jake what he loved about Vienna and Jake actually said "she was interesting" another hysterical line!!! She's a tool like you Jake duh!!!

    She starts to cry about not having money or getting a job, blah blah. Then they talk about them dancing on DWTS and she said she liked it. Duh because her big nose was on TV again!!

    So then the best question of the night is from Chris and he says "now that this is over, will you go away?" LOL!!!!! And she goes on to say that she found a LA, a place she supposedly HATES!!!!! And Chris asks "why stay here if you hate it?" And she says "I do hate it". with me here. You sound more and more dumb...if that's possible.

    And she says she doesn't want to go home because no one likes her there. News flash girlfriend, no one likes you anywhere. But yes, stay in LA where all the other crazies are. You will fit perfectly there.

    Ok so they continue to fight about their issues. At one point they start arguing about her dog. Chris interrupts and says "ok we don't care about the dog" LOL!!!!!

    So then Chris asks Vienna if after all this if she's sorry for anything. And she turns and looks at Jake and says "I'm sorry for going about things the way I did and if I didn't do it first, you would have done it anyway" and Jake says "you don't know me" and Vienna says something and Jake literally yells at her and says "STOP INTERRUPTING ME!!!!" You know how when your dad yells at you?? Like that!!! And she immediately starts crying and jumps up and says "I'm done!!!" Not before she looks at him and says "you're the meanest person ever!!!". Dude, he's gay, you and your big nose can take him!! KICK HIS ASS!!
    So she walks off and is yelling "I want to go home!! And you can hear her sobbing behind closed doors.

    So Vienna is crying her ugly eyes out in the back and Chris is sitting there with Jake. Chris asks if he feels bad, he says some gay things. Blah blah....

    Chris thanks him for coming (and not to mention the ratings!!). And then its over!!!!!!!

    Can they show them two every week?????? It was classic stuff. I love this show!!!!!

    Work = No bueno

    Man I really thought this 4 day weekend would have gone SLOWER...of course it didn't.  I need another day to recover.

    I had a fantabulous weekend and I spent it with the people that I love. :)  Can you believe I didn't take ANY pictures this weekend?? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!!!!!????? 

    So get this....that super cute dress I got Sofia for 4th of July?? GUESS WHAT??? She crapped all over it right as we were leaving.   I AM SOOOOO SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was like "really, Sofia?"  She smiled at me.  So I had to change her and she wore a pink dress. Not very patriotic but she still looked adorable.

    So today I am running on low and I need a pick-me-up! 

    Saturday, July 3, 2010

    Soggy Friday!

    It rained a LOT yesterday but more on that later. First let's talk about me! :)

    Since I was off from work I got to sleep in!!! I love my Leti. Sofia woke up at 7am but Leti took over and let me sleep until 10:15 am!! It was awesome. I got up and got ready to hit the streets. First order of business was to watch a movie. I met Jillybean and we watched Knight & Day with alien loving Tom Cruise and old ass Cameron Diaz. It was surprisingly good!!! I would recommend it but I wouldn't run to see it either. It had lots of action and some humor. B+ is my grade. Or 3 stars...whatever.

    After the movie and a tub of greasy popcorn later, I was off to get a pedicure! It took me forever to get there because of the damn monsoon outside!!!! Good lord it was pouring and I could barely. But I was a trooper and still wento get my feets done. It was nice and relaxing and much needed. But I'm always so self conscious when I go in there. I know those little Asian ladies are talking shit about my fat ass feet!!!! I just know they are. They will say something, laugh with each other and then look at me. WTF??!!! Rude. But whatever my feet are pretty now and soft. :)

    After the pampering, I visited my Aunt Lydia since I was in the neighborhood. Stayed there for a bit and braved the deluge of agua. It took me an hour and a half to get home!!!!!!! It was crazy. Exits were closed because of high water, idiots were stalled out on the feeder and the traffic was nuts!! Ok can I just say one thing? It floods in this town A LOT!!!! We even had a damn hurricane come through. And people STILL try to pass high water and then wonder why their cars get flooded out!!! WTF people???? Seriously?????? Dumb asses deserve to get stuck. Ok...I'm done with that. Anyway, my exit was fine thank God and I got home just fine.

    I thought about leaving again but didn't want to risk it. I needed to go to Ross!!! :)

    I hope the rest of my holiday weekend will be drier!!

    P.S. I am typing this from my blackberry so please excuse any errors! :)

    Thursday, July 1, 2010


    Seriously ladies (or gents), you must run out and get this ASAP!

    L'Occitane makes it and I promise, you will fall in love.  I was introduced to this when Theresa worked there part-time eons ago.  She would always get free stuff and she would bring it to work.  Well I took some of this home and instantly fell in love.  I use it to shave my legs and I swear they feel like silk afterwards.  And if you're a big girl like me, your thighs rub together :) and this makes your thighs super duper SMOOTH!  It's made with almond oil and it SMELLS great.  I also rub it on everywhere in the shower and again, it makes your skin soooo nice and smooth.  I have to hide mine because Boogie likes it too!

    This is the web site's description:
    Transforms into a lavish, softening foam--original and unique in texture--that leaves a satin-like softness all over the body. Rich in almond oil and nourishing lipids.

    Doesn't it sound divine?? Go out and buy some!!  And thank you Kristin Rodriguez for my gift!

    I can't wait to go home and take a shower! :)