Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I love stupid people

No description needed.  Just open the link. :)


What year is this?

I read an article today that made my stomach hurt in disgust.  This sometimes happens when I read awful stories of murder, rape, etc.  This one was a lot different.  It's an article I read that talked about segregated proms in Georgia.  I thought that was a joke...maybe it written 60 years ago.  But the pictures of the seniors in the article were very much modern.  So I began to read it and the disgust grew bigger.  In Wilcox County, Georgia, there is a high school that has two proms.  One prom for the white kids and the other for the black kids.  WHAT THE FUCK AMERICA!??!?! WHY??? Why is this necessary???  This makes my blood boil.  For the last 40 years, it has been this.  Which means way after segregated schools were outlawed...and this is STILL happening??

The story has a sort of happy ending....a group of seniors gathered together and created a "normal" prom for all of the kids.  There were even interracial couples that attended.  But even though there was this "normal" prom, the ALL white prom was still held.  AGAIN....WHY?!?!?!?!

As a minority myself, this is undeniably the worst thing ever. Being born in the 80s, I've never had to live through segregation. I can't even imagine what that's like. But to know that it's still happening in 2013 is preposterous   How is this ok?  How are people still so ignorant!??!  The excuse they use is that the kids can't agree on whether to listen to Country music or rap music...ummm...how about you play both??  How about WHO CARES?!?  The more I think about this, the angrier I get.  We have a BLACK President for God's sake!!!!  And if anyone remembers, it's 2013!  Gay people can marry each other. Women can vote! Women even have jobs!

At least some of these kids that are being raised in this sheltered town of Wilcox County are realizing that this is NOT ok.  It only takes a few to make big changes. I hope that one day there is only ONE prom.  Until them...WHAT THE FUCK? :)

I'm really not making this up. Check out the article:

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Breakfast Club

This movie was on yesterday and it's been a long time since I've actually sat down and watched it.  We were at a friend's house last night and it was playing while I was eating dinner.  I wasn't able to actually watch it, but I could hear just fine.  And it was last night that I realized how freaking funny this movie is!!  When I was a kid and watched it, I thought it was good but I was of course too young to actually appreciate the movie.  AND I remember watching it as a young kid and I thought Bender was a complete asshole. Well last night he was CRACKING me up and I thought "I would totally be friends with this guy!"  I remember watching Molly Ringwald and thinking "she's sooo pretty! I want to be like her"  Last night I kept thinking "who the fuck does this bitch think she is??? I would never be her friend!"

I didn't get to watch the entire thing because it was changed after the first 10 minutes or so.  But I need to buy this movie on watch again so I can give an entire new perspective on it.  I can't wait!

Am I the only one that feels this way???

I would totally be sitting next to Bender... :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Boston Marathon

Since September 11, 2001, I have always been afraid of something ELSE happening.  And after each year that passes I think to myself "maybe we are finally done with being scared!"  And then the bombings at the Boston Marathon happened.  My heart always drops when I read things like that.  I got a Breaking News email that two bombs went off and I knew it was not going to be good.  And when things like this happen, I become OBSESSED with reading updates. I want to look at every picture regardless of how awful they are.  For whatever reason, I want to be as informed as possible.  And there are times when I just stop reading and feel incredibly sad.

The world we live in makes me sad for Sofia.  I can only pray that when she gets older things will have calmed down.  They say history repeats itself. I can only hope that we can go back to the days where we don't have to worry about some tragic thing happening at a public event.  Every time I am somewhere like the Houston Rodeo, a Houston Texans game, a parade...I think "what if someone bombs us?"  What an awful way to live!! It doesn't stop me from going to these places but it's always in the back of my mind.  I don't fly often but when I do, I think "what if someone on here wants to kill me?"  When I'm in traffic and on a  big bridge I think "what if someone has placed a bomb underneath this thing and it goes off and I die?"  I know a lot of these thoughts are just paranoia and a product of the times I am living in but it's hard to turn off. I pray that my children don't have to live like this. I pray that somehow the BAD people GO AWAY!  That's the eternal 5 year old in me that thinks that way...unfortunately, the 33 year old knows that it's not that easy.  But I will still hold on to that 5 year old way of thinking.

I pray for the families that are waking up this morning knowing that they will never see their loved ones again.  I am praying for the parents of that precious 8 year old boy that was taken from this earth way too soon.  I am praying for all those affected and I hope that some how they find ways to cope with this awful tragedy.  And I also pray for the people that are responsible.  May God have mercy on your soul.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Dr. Sofia Ramirez

Oooooh...a mother can only dream right???

Well my Sofia really wants to be a doctor...well at least this month she does. :)  She is totally into the Disney Jr show Dr. McStuffins!  And it's actually really cute and very informative. Just this weekend Sofia proclaimed that she was Dehydrated! At first I was like "did she really just say that?" and so I followed up with a very educated "WHAT??" And she responded with "mom...I haven't had enough water today".  WELL EXCUUUUUSE ME!   So to Dr. McStuffins...thank you for making my child smarter than me!

The premise of the show is really cute! The series is about a six-year-old girl who can "fix" toys, with a little help from her stuffed animal friends.  Each show the "sick" animal has some sort of ailment and Doc tries to figure out what's wrong them. Sofia gave us a quick check-up last night and we all had Mystery Pox.  But our heartbeats were "perfect". I really like this kid. :)

So like any good mother would...I went to the store and bought way too much Doc McStuffins toys.  Sofia was ecstatic!!!!  And it was the best money I spent in days! :)  Look how cute she looks!!!!!

This is what the "REAL" Doc McStuffins looks like.  Next time I need to put Sofia's hair in pig tails.

And yes....Doc is black!! One point for the brown people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)  

If you have toddlers, let them watch this show.  It really is informative and cute all at the same time. 

Kim Kardashian

I have been following the "news" of Kim Kardashian's pregnancy and ALL the weight she is supposedly gaining and it's on my damn nerves.  I'm not a huge fan of hers but Lord have mercy....give the girl a damn break!  She's growing a HUMAN in her body!! Let her eat whatever the hell she wants!!!!  I know a lot of the pictures that are posted online are taken at bad angles to make it seem like she weighs 600 lbs but I promise you, she still weighs less than half the population at Walmart!

Here is the most recent picture of Miss Kanye at the MTV awards:

Ummm...I look like that plus another 300 lbs every day of my life!   Granted I'm not a celebrity but whatever!  My point is, she's not even fat!  People need to freaking relax.

So to Kim I say....eat ice cream every day and follow it up with a Hershey bar. :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I have a confession...

If you follow my blog you will know that I have talked a LOT of shit about Bruno Mars and his songs.  I still stand by those words (that Grenade song is ridiculous!)  Anyway....I have a confession.

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE his new song and I belt it out every.chance.I.get.  Have you heard it? If not, watch the video here!

And I never said that Bruno Mars is an awful singer because this fool CAN really sing, I just hated his stupid lyrics.  But this song is REALLY good!! So there...I said it. I like a Bruno Mars song!!!!

I'm back! I hope...

I have been thinking about my poor little blog for weeks now and I have been telling myself to blog again!  Every day I have things that I want to write about but I never do it! I know....I'm an awful person and you hate me. BUT I am going to try YET again to keep this blog going. I really do love it and I think I make people laugh so be on the look out for more posts. :)