Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Up until yesterday evening, I wasn't planning on waking up like an idiot watching the wedding with the rest of the world.  I knew it was coming because the media wouldn't let us forget. And I have nothing against the royal family whatsoever..but again, I just wasn't planning on getting into it.  Well thank goodness I changed I mind.  Well actually Theresa and Michelle Cruz Arnold talked me into but let's not focus on them...let's focus on me! :)

I went to bed at midnight and set my alarm for 4 a.m.  Except Miss Sofia had her own alarm for me and woke up at 2AM!!  I guess even she was interested in watching this wedding.  At least she has taste!  But she was more interested in crying and NOT wanting to sleep.  Anyway, by the time she calmed down, it was 3am and I knew the pre-event festivities were beginning so I flipped on the tv.  I sent Michelle Arnold a message and to my surprise, she was already up too!!!

We shared our likes and dislikes of what we saw. We drooled over David Beckham and wished we were Victoria. I had a few dirty thoughts about ol' Becks but I won't share here. :)  We made fun of some of those ridiculous hats we saw and laughed at the "non-VIPs" that had crappy seats!! But, we of course, wished we there too!!!!

In 1981 I was not old enough to know what was going on when Princess Diana got married so I'm glad I woke up to see this one.  I of course was more interested in seeing what Kate's dress was going to look like.  And let me tell you, I am hard to please when it comes to wedding dresses and I was already thinking I was going to hate it.  But Kate did not disappoint.  Her dress was amazingly beautiful and very appropriate for a soon-to-be royal.   I don't normally like lace but the way this dress was made, it was divine!  AND I loved that Prince William wore red. My favorite color!!!!!   They honestly looked like they were picked out of a fairy tale book and you almost believe that they will honestly live "happily ever after".  I am a romantic at heart and I really do hope they last forever! 

I did shed a tear or two for William because I know in the back of his mind he was thinking about his mummy, as well he should be.  He looks so much like her and has this "Diana" aura around him that makes him even more loveable.  I love his smirk and I love that he made Kate laugh the entire time. Who wants to marry a boring person!!?  So here's to Kate and William.  May thier marriage be blessed with happiness and lots of little royal people. :)

LOVE IT!!!!  And was I the only one that didn't approve of Pippa's white dress??
I love the look she has on her face here.  She loves him so much!

Picture perfect!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Post Lent Update

You should know by now that I give up sodas and sweets for Lent EVERY year. This year I decided to throw fast food in the mix too. I KNOW, I AM CRAZY!  BUT, as I do every year, I made it. :)  This  year was harder than previous years. I have NO idea why but I swear I almost caved in every day and drank a Dr. Pepper.  It got so bad, that I tweaked the rules and had a Sprite. It wasn't the same. Not even close!!

I know I do this for a good purpose and I am always happy that I endure, but I was sooooooooooooo happy when I was able to enjoy my forbidden items!!  The first drink of Dr. Pepper was the BEST!! It tasted a bit sweeter than I remembered but WHO CARES! It was divine.  I bought TWO 24-packs. Yes, I have issues. Don't judge me. :)

I had plenty of sweets as well but I didn't miss them nearly as much as the DP.  Oh and fast-food doesn't seem as tempting as I thought it would. I think I could probably go without it for a few more days and be A-OK!  Although a Chick-Fil-A sounds really good!

I'm off to drink a Dr. Pepper....

18 month check-up!

First of all, when did Sofia turn 18 months? I know I say this over and over, but wasn't she just born???  Anyway, yesterday we went to her 18 month check-up.  She got two shots AND I got her ears pierced (again).  I say again because she got them pierced when she was like 4 months old. But I'm a bad mommy and they closed up.  Oooops.  Boogie never lets me live that down. ANYWAY, I figured since she was already getting poked, why not do it? And her doctor's office does it there so it was perfect.  She cried more when she got the shots so I didn't feel as bad.  She looks soooo super cute with her earrings! I need to take a picture.

So Sofia is 27 lbs and 35 inches long. She's one inch away from being 3 feet tall.  The nurse said "wow" when she got the measurement. LOL!!!  And when the dr came in, she made a comment on how tall she is.  Sofia was literally off the charts when it came to height!!!  I hope she's not taller than me because I still need to be able to beat her up when necessary.  Notice I said "when" and not "if". I know the day will come.

The dr said her weight and height are very proportionate so there is no need to worry.  Boogie is super excited because he wants her to be tall like Khloe Kardashian.  I promise he said that.  Out loud.  He is CRAZY!

I took this picture on the way to the dr. Sofia cracks me up!!!  And no, these are not real glasses. They used to be sunglasses but she took out the lenses. OF COURSE!  The best part was that she wore them the entire way to the dr's office.  I love this kid.

Easter Sunday 2011

Easter is probably my 2nd favorite holiday after Christmas.  They are both religious so it makes sense right? Every year for the past 15 or so years, we've had Easter at my aunt's house.  Everyone pitches in and we have fajita, chicken, sausage, charro beans (made by yours truly), rice, potato salad....Yes, and its always gone!  It's a wonderful day spent with my crazy family and I LOVE it.  We eat, hide the eggs, play volleyball and then of course, crack confetti eggs on each other.  There's always the ONE person who doesn't want to be a part of it and inevitably, they get it anyway.  I will never understand why they make it a big deal...if they didn't, no one would even want to get them right? 

We were at the park/my aunt's house for 7 hours and we were pooped! Sofia more than anyone.  We were all dirty, full of confetti and we smelled like outside.  Gross!  But it was fun and so worth it.

Last year Sofia was 5 months old and not really aware of what was going on. This year was different.  She was able to run around and "find" the eggs.  It was so much fun watching her. Although she was more interested in playing with the eggs once she found them!  She got like 15 eggs because she was going so slow!!!! Next year, I'm helping her. 

Here are a few pics from the day.

See, she didn't get very many!

These are my "little" cousins. I think the youngest is 18. I'm old.

The Riveras. These are Sofia's god-parents and the two youngest are our god-children. I love them!
Tia Cassie was a big help!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Magnolia Gardens

Magnolia Gardens is a very famous part of Houston's history. I read that Elvis played there in his early days. Awesome right? Anyway, Magnolia Gardens is on the San Jacinto River and it's a great place to take your kids.  This was the 2nd time we visited and the first time we went was even more fun!

A bit of history:
Michele and I had been friends for a while but our men hadn't met yet. We figured an outing at a river would be the perfect setting for them to meet.  And it was!! We had a blast and we vowed to come back. Well that was like 8 years ago and we barely went back a few weeks ago.  We need to get out more.

Anyway, Melina and Sofia LOVED it!!  We got a perfect spot where there was plenty of sand for the girls to play and the river was not far at all. It was far enough to where we weren't worried our kids would float off into the water and it was close enough that it wasn't a mile away either.

We took hamburgers and hotdogs to grill and they were yummy! Then a gust of wind came and knocked all of the food we cooked on the ground.  I'm not lying. Thankfully we had already eaten but STILL!!!!  You know fat people like seconds! :)

We stayed for 4 hours or so and we were pooped. We left and then had Dairy Queen before heading home.  It was a great day spent with my favorite people.  Here are some pictures from our fun outing.

She was timid at first but once she got used to it, she had a blast!
Daddy trying to teach Sofia how to swim. Newsflash: He can't swim!

I love close-ups of her!

Toy Story on Ice

Sofia's favorite move in the whole wide world is Toy Story. It doesn't matter which one.  As long as she sees Woody, she's good.

I saw the billboard for Toy Story 3 on Ice about a month ago and instantly knew I HAD to take her. I know she is too young and probably won't remember it, but that's why they invented cameras. Duh.  Kraft cheese  had wrappers that would get you half off ticket prices.  Awesome right? So you better believe that I took my cheap happy ass to the store and bought two packages! :)  And let me tell you, it was totally worth it.  I got $14 seats in the THIRD row!!!!!  It was great and we got aisle seats. SCORE!   I went with my BFF and Melina and of course Sofia.

I had never been to any of the "on ice" deals but it was good and very much geared to children. Well no duh right?  Anyway, Sofia did a lot better than I thought she would.  The show was probably half an hour too long because she started getting really restless towards the end. I wonder if it had anything to do with all the cotton candy I gave her? Hmmm... :)

Here are a few pics of the night. I forgot to take bad!

She LOVED the cotton candy. Who wouldn't?

Blanca AKA Buzz Lightyear! LOL!

Pregnant in Heels

I think Bravo is one of my favorite channels these days. They have the best ridiculous shows EVER! Anyway, my BFF told me to watch this show called Pregnant in Heels.  She didn't offer any explanation, the text just said "PREGNANT IN HEELS!" So of course, I gave it a try.

O.M.G.  This show is AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS and I love it.  So basically this lady named Rosie Pope is the "GO-TO" person in NY when it comes to requests from crazy ass pregnant ladies (who have way too much money by the way).  Rosie Pope is British although you can't really hear her accent because she has this horrible lisp. I want to go across the screen and fix it.  You can barely understand her sometimes...but anyway, she is the least of our problems here.  So again, crazy rich pregnant ladies call on her to help them with whatever their "crisis" is.  3 episodes have been shown and I missed one but the two that I saw were CLASSIC!

On the first show this one lady asked Rosie to help her name their child. I am so serious.  She wanted a focus group and everything. What happened to google and those books they sell??? Geez. This lady is crazy.  I believe she was in PR and she said that she wanted to "Brand" her kid. Forreal. I'm not lying.  So Rosie gets these high and mighty people to help first, then a real focus group of strangers THEN they go to dinner with their friends and ask them. WTF?  By the time this one was over, I didn't even care what they named this kid.  But I believe they chose Bowen Asher. Poor kid.

The 2nd couple was even more crazy than the first one.  So these deranged people were 4 weeks away from having their kid and they had ZERO. No crib, no stroller, no car seat, NADA.  This lady was in total denial that she was even having a kid.  In one of her interviews she said "I hate when people ask if I talk to my belly. NO I DON'T. I don't have a relationship with this kid. He's just in there". REALLY!!??!?!?!?!?!?! OMG I was scared of this lady.  She was nuts.  Oh and her husband was gay. Oh I guess I should have mentioned that these two wanted Rosie's help to decorate their nursery because as they said "everything in the stores were TOO BABY".  Well you are having a baby IDIOT! Anyway, well the nursery became secondary to Rosie and she called in a psychologist. LOL!!!!!!!!!  It was classic.  The crazy pregnant woman was pissed because she told Rosie "so you think I'm crazy?". Rosie said "yes". LOL!! 

I won't go any further on this show because I don't want to give it ALL away. Please run out and set your DVR to this show. And if you don't have a DVR, it comes on Tuesday nights at 9pm on Bravo. I promise you won't be disappointed.  I LOVE REALITY TV!!!!  I even got Jill Reese to watch and she HATES reality tv. :)  I think my job is done here.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

FINALLY!!! It arrived!

What you ask?  Remember I told you that I sent a care package to my friends in Rwanda? IT FINALLY ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!   Andy just sent me an email today and told me the good news. I was so relieved because I have never sent a package that far away! I was constantly checking the US Postal Service's website to track it and it never said it arrived safely!  Anyway, I can't wait to hear from Andy what they enjoyed the most.

I sent them Pop Rocks and he said he shared some with the children there and they freaked out. LOL!! Poor kiddos. 

This made my day. :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I had a date with a doctor! :)

And it was great!! I got to see my dear friend Michelle for lunch.  We try to have lunch at different places in town and today we went to 100% Taquito.  I've seen it around but this was my first time to try it.  It definitely was NOT what I expected.  I thought it was more Tex-Mex and I was wrong!  It is very much a "REAL" Mexican place...and I LOVED it.  Check out their menu:

I love that under QUESADILLAS it says "these are NOT Tex-Mex, they do NOT look like pizzas'. LOL!! Thank you Michelle for pointing that out.

Michelle had the tortilla soup and I had three tacos with beef fajita, without onions and cilantro OF COURSE!  They were very tasty!  I had a lemonade that was homemade and NOT from a machine. Those are my absolute favorite and I'm glad I ordered.

I didn't take any pictures of my food to share but I promise it was good!  Michelle has a paparazzi style camera in her purse to take professional pictures at any moment. I LOOOOOVE IT! She is always so prepared.  I tried to steal it but she put it up too quickly!

Michelle and I always have the BEST conversations.  She has stories crazier than mine...for once! It's always nice to know that someone else knows crazy people too! :)

Oh and if anyone was wondering, she's not a medical doctor but she does have a PhD in something. LOL! I know I should know but I have a bad memory.  I'm sure it's in "Saving the World" or something....
She's cool like that....

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Still party planning!

Today I paid for and confirmed the park space for Sofia's party!  Yes, I know the party isn't until October BUT when I called two weeks ago to hold the space, there were only THREE left!  So I'm not the only crazy person on this earth. Thank goodness!!!

Alexander Deussen park is soooo nice!!  If you are ever near Lake Houston, you must stop by and visit. They even have buffalos there!

I can't wait for October!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rwanda or bust!

Well I'm not actually going to Rwanda but I sent a care package that way 2 weeks ago. Why you ask?  Well I have a dear friend of mine who is in the Peace Corp and he's stationed there for the next 2 years.  I think people who do this are angels sent from above because what they agree to do is unbelievable!!! 

Andy is there with his wife and he blogs as much as he can here:

I would highly recommend that you sign up as a reader and keep up with these two.  It is amazing what they are doing and I applaud them because I know for a fact, that I could never do it!

Anyway, I sent them a care-package two weeks ago and I have been tracking this thing ten times a day. I know they told me it would take 3 weeks to a month to get there but I HATE WAITING and I can't wait for them to get it!!!  It has lots of cool things in there and I want them to enjoy it already.

Today I checked and the website said it is in RWANDA!!!! Do you know how excited I was when I read that? I know that doesn't mean he has it, but at least it's in AFRICA!!! And how cool is that? The items I put together are in Africa!! 

I'll let you know when they get it!  In the mean time, read their blog! You won't be disappointed...promise!

Backpacks are back in? Really???

I have been meaning to blog about this for a while but I always forget! Anyway, when did the backpack become trendy again?  Or was it ever? I always thought you only used a backpack if....
  1. You are in school of some sort, thus needing a bag to carry books!
  2. OR you are backpacking through Europe and you need the bag to carry your tent, toilet paper, food, etc.
But now these "man-bags" or "murses" (call them what you want!) are everywhere!!  And I think they look tacky.  And maybe times are changing but men usually carry what they need for the day in three pockets.  One pocket for the car keys, the other pocket for the change and the back pocket for the wallet. They aren't like women who need their entire house to function everyday. If I had a backpack, I would fit Sofia, my extra flip flops, my make-up bag, coupons, my wallet, my car keys, a million and two receipts that I keep "just in case I need to take that shirt back", pens, get the idea.

What the hell could these dudes be putting in these backpacks?  God, I hope it's not gun to kill all of us one day. Although in this office, a gun is needed sometimes.  But I digress...

If you have any info on this new trend, please enlighten me!!!! I don't get it. And if you are a man that is partaking in this trend, what the hell do you carry in it?

Vieja's Birthday Celebration.....AGAIN!

I think I've been celebrating Michele's birthday for 2 weeks!! :)  Saturday night she had a painting party at "Painting with a Twist".  Have you ever been? Here is their website:

It is such a neat idea.  You pick out a painting you like, the teacher shows you how to paint it, step-by-step and then have a nice painting for yourself. It is so much fun and actually really relaxing.  It's fun to see how bad wonderful everyone Else's paintings are. Here are some pictures from the night....

I'm always ready for a picture! :)

Me and my Vieja. :)

 Mine and Vieja's final product!

The entire group. 

We had a such a great time!!!!!  Then we went to Benihana afterward for dinner. Mmmmm...the best fried rice on earth!!  Seriously, what is my deal? I am always eating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But it's soooo damn good. :)

It was a great Saturday and a great time spent with friends.  Happy Birthday Vieja!!!

Christina's Baby Shower!

This weekend was another great one! I had a baby shower and a painting party to attend to.  They were both great times!!!

The first party I attended was my cousin Christina's baby shower.  I love baby showers because I love to play the games and WIN!  Sadly I did not win anything this past Saturday but I think there were cheaters there!! are a few pictures of the shower.  I feel bad because I didn't take any of my cousin. It's not my fault...Sofia always takes over! :)

 This is Mando and cousin's two oldest. And now she's going to have a newborn. BRAVE WOMAN! :)

The shower was at a park and it was nice out. There was a nice breeze and it felt good to be outside! There was a jungle gym (do they still call it that?) out there and Sofia had a blast!  She would literally walk over there like she was a grown ass woman.  Ay Dios mio...someone help me!  Anyway, by the time we left, she was super tired!!  After the shower I dropped her off in Katy, Tx at her aunt Nancy's house.  Boogie and I had plans that night so we needed to be kid free! More on that later!

Congrats to Christina and Rick on their soon-to-arrive baby girl Karina!!  I can't wait to meet her!!

I'm going to die of a heart attack SOON!

I ate the worst for you, superb tasting food on earth!! I swear, I really did feel like crap afterwards but the food was DELISH!!!! 

Wednesday, Daniel had the idea to go to this new place called Beavers.  I had never heard of it but Daniel said it came with great reviews.  We always like to find new places to eat, so we tried it.  Beavers is my new favorite spot for lunch!  When you're bored, take a look at thier site!

For an appetizer, we ordered thier queso. Of course we did, we're MEXICAN!!!  I wasn't expecting much because usually queso is just that...queso.  But this one changed my mind.  It was the best freaking queso I had ever tasted in my entire life. And that's no exxageration. And you should believe me, remember, I'm Mexican! :)  I could have ordered that for lunch and I would have been completely satisfied.  BUT I ordered the fried chicken as an entree.  Our waiter informed us that they only serve this fried chicken on Wednesdays and ONLY at lunch time.  And I love me some good fried chicken so I had to order it.  I was not dissapointed.  This chicken was soooooooooooooooooooo freaking good.  The batter was a jalapeno, corn meal batter and it was PERFECT!!  The chicken was still juicy and the crust was still crispy and perfect.  As a side I ordered thier macaroni and cheese.  I was in heaven.  The bowl had about 3 inches of cheesy goodness at the bottom just waiting for me.  It seriously was tasty!!!  Look at this picture!!

AND THEN!!!!! I went to Beavers AGAIN the next damn day.  I know, I'm horrible and I'm going to hell.  Theresa and I went the next day and I had the burger and she had the chicken fried NY Strip with a fried egg on top.  Is that even legal???  Look at this awesomeness!!!

Then that night I went to dinner with friends and had Italian and then the next day I had chicken and waffles!!! Geez...but it was ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL so damn good.  I love this town!!!!!!!  My ass doesn't appreciate it but whatev.

Aren't you hungry now? :)

That girl April!

My dear friend April was in town this past weekend and I got a chance to see her!  She lives in Hot-Lanta now so the visits aren't as often as I would like.  We met for lunch at the Breakfast Klub.  I had never been for lunch and when I pulled up and saw the line, my mouth dropped! It was wrapped around the building!!!!

It took us about an hour to get in but it really did not seem that long.  I hadn't seen April in a while so it was good time to catch up.  Once we got in, we ordered and I of course ordered the chicken and waffles.  It's a MUST if you ever come here.  And if you are keeping up with me, you know that on Fridays I can't eat meat but I had a conversation with God and he understood I couldn't pass this up!!!!!  He forgave me.  I mean look at this!!!

It was DIVINE!!!  It was actually a lot better than what I remembered the first time I had it.  The waffle melted in my mouth and the fried chicken was juicy and had a little kick to it. Again, if you haven't gone, GO NOW!!  No seriously, go now because the lines are always long!!!

I realized that I didn't take a picture of my friend April but I did take pictures of the food. LOL!!! Go figure.  It was great to catch up with her and see a few other old friends that showed up. 

AND to top it off, I took Friday afternoon off.  It was the best idea EVER!! I went to go a mani/pedi, did a little shopping and even got to visit my aunt.  It was a perfect Friday.