Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm going to die of a heart attack SOON!

I ate the worst for you, superb tasting food on earth!! I swear, I really did feel like crap afterwards but the food was DELISH!!!! 

Wednesday, Daniel had the idea to go to this new place called Beavers.  I had never heard of it but Daniel said it came with great reviews.  We always like to find new places to eat, so we tried it.  Beavers is my new favorite spot for lunch!  When you're bored, take a look at thier site!

For an appetizer, we ordered thier queso. Of course we did, we're MEXICAN!!!  I wasn't expecting much because usually queso is just that...queso.  But this one changed my mind.  It was the best freaking queso I had ever tasted in my entire life. And that's no exxageration. And you should believe me, remember, I'm Mexican! :)  I could have ordered that for lunch and I would have been completely satisfied.  BUT I ordered the fried chicken as an entree.  Our waiter informed us that they only serve this fried chicken on Wednesdays and ONLY at lunch time.  And I love me some good fried chicken so I had to order it.  I was not dissapointed.  This chicken was soooooooooooooooooooo freaking good.  The batter was a jalapeno, corn meal batter and it was PERFECT!!  The chicken was still juicy and the crust was still crispy and perfect.  As a side I ordered thier macaroni and cheese.  I was in heaven.  The bowl had about 3 inches of cheesy goodness at the bottom just waiting for me.  It seriously was tasty!!!  Look at this picture!!

AND THEN!!!!! I went to Beavers AGAIN the next damn day.  I know, I'm horrible and I'm going to hell.  Theresa and I went the next day and I had the burger and she had the chicken fried NY Strip with a fried egg on top.  Is that even legal???  Look at this awesomeness!!!

Then that night I went to dinner with friends and had Italian and then the next day I had chicken and waffles!!! Geez...but it was ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL so damn good.  I love this town!!!!!!!  My ass doesn't appreciate it but whatev.

Aren't you hungry now? :)

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