Tuesday, April 5, 2011

That girl April!

My dear friend April was in town this past weekend and I got a chance to see her!  She lives in Hot-Lanta now so the visits aren't as often as I would like.  We met for lunch at the Breakfast Klub.  I had never been for lunch and when I pulled up and saw the line, my mouth dropped! It was wrapped around the building!!!!

It took us about an hour to get in but it really did not seem that long.  I hadn't seen April in a while so it was good time to catch up.  Once we got in, we ordered and I of course ordered the chicken and waffles.  It's a MUST if you ever come here.  And if you are keeping up with me, you know that on Fridays I can't eat meat but I had a conversation with God and he understood I couldn't pass this up!!!!!  He forgave me.  I mean look at this!!!

It was DIVINE!!!  It was actually a lot better than what I remembered the first time I had it.  The waffle melted in my mouth and the fried chicken was juicy and had a little kick to it. Again, if you haven't gone, GO NOW!!  No seriously, go now because the lines are always long!!!

I realized that I didn't take a picture of my friend April but I did take pictures of the food. LOL!!! Go figure.  It was great to catch up with her and see a few other old friends that showed up. 

AND to top it off, I took Friday afternoon off.  It was the best idea EVER!! I went to go a mani/pedi, did a little shopping and even got to visit my aunt.  It was a perfect Friday.

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