Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sofia's 2nd Birthday Party

In 24 days, I will host a birthday party for my Sofia.  For some reason I feel like I had more time to plan last year. This year went by WAY too quickly.  I have been buying things since March (don't judge me) but for whatever reason I kinda forgot that October would get here so fast!  And now I find myself scrambling...of course!!!!!!!!

But I know in the end it will all work out.  Last year 100 people came to her party. And not oneperson RSVP'd. Damn Mexicans!!!! Thank God I always over buy!!  I would have had to run to Little Caesar's and buy pizzas if I didn't!  Anyway, I don't know why I'm talking crap, I NEVER RSVP! LOL!!!!  It's my mom's fault.  She didn't teach me.  Remind me to teach Sofia. :)

I have the moonwalk, popcorn machine, pinata and personalized banner ordered.  Now I think to think about centerpieces, food, goodie bags, etc.  And to think I was always that person who said going all out for kid's birthday parties was DUMB and that I would NEVER do it.  Well never say never!!!

I'll let you know how my planning comes along.  And to think I do this for a living...LOL!

I love football!

Do you know how excited I was when the stupid NFL lockout was over?  Well even if you didn't care and still don't, I was SUPER excited!!!  I have to grown to love football as the years have gone by.  I don't know all the plays or any of the fancy terms but I know the basics and I can have a basic conversation about it.  This past Sunday was opening day and it was fantastic!!!  I love opening day because it gives me another excuse to eat junk food and not feel bad about it...well because everyone else is eating it too. DUH!

I am also my job's football bookie. :)  I hold a weekly football pot and we bet on all the games that are played on Sunday and Monday.  Whomever has the most wins for the week wins however much money there is.  This week there was $125 for the taking. And the winner wasn't ME!  UGH!!  But it's still fun. :)

I'm just glad there is a lot more football to be played!! Thank you football Gods!! :)

Bait Car

One of my new favorite cable channels is TruTv.  The shows that air on this channel are HILARIOUS!!  My most favorite show are the "Dumbest Criminal" shows.  They are hysterical.  Past celebrities (well not really) are on there to submit commentary and it makes it even funnier.  Tanya Harding is one of them.  Yes, THAT Tonya "I'm going to break your legs bitch so I can beat you in this ice-skating competition" Harding!  Nuff said.

Anyway, back to the reason for this post.  Have you ever seen Bait Car?  Well the title tells  you what it's all about.  A car is used as bait.  And I don't know why I keep watching it because the same thing happens EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.  These cops leave a car as bait with the keys in the ignition.  The car is always in a shady part of town (of course!)  Then inevitably some idiot thinks "oh my GOD, someone wants me to have this car FOR FREE!" and takes off in it.  I love that the police let these fools drive for a few miles and let them think that they are actually going to get a brand new car and not get in trouble.  You can hear and see these dumb asses celebrating as they drive off.  REALLY???  And of course they get arrested after the cops finally bust them.  My favorite part is when the idiots tell the police "the lady told me I could have the car". LOL!!!!!!!!! 

Search for this show on your DVR. Set the record button.  You're welcome.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Month 9

What the hell happened??  How can it be September already???  Labor Day is this Monday -- which of course means I don't work! HECK YES!!

And you know what else this means?  Sofia turns two in ONE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Lord help me with the party planning and Sofia's terrible two's. AMEN.

Chick Fil A

Has anyone noticed that there is a Chick Fil A on every corner these days?  Remember when you could only find them in the malls?  I'm not complaining -- just an observation.  Well can I tell you that I am sooo freaking happy that they are building one less than a mile from my house?!??!  My hips won't appreciate it but I'm asking their opinion. :)

I think it's funny that people think Chick Fil A is somehow healthier than most fast food places. Ummm...they put chicken on biscuits. For breakfast! I LOVE IT!! And everything is deep fried.  Ok, so you can tell that you are actually eating chicken unlike the chicken paste that McDonald's gives you. I will give them that.  But I'm sure it's still not good for you.  It's GOOD to eat, not good for the heart.  Well I don't know about that either because after I eat there, my heart is so happy!!

Well today I went and there was like 20 cars in the drive-thru. And I'm not even lying.  And yes, I waited. And today I ordered a strawberry milkshake.  It was my first.  They put whipped cream and a cherry on top.  HEAVEN.  I took my first sip and I swear I almost drove off the road it was SO DAMN good.  Like, almost 59 Diner good.  FORREAL!!!!  It was the best damn milkshake I have had in a long time. And you know how fat I am and you know how much I love my sweets!!!!!!  I almost wanted to pull over and drink it all so I wouldn't have to share when I got home.  But I was nice and let Boogie taste it. He agreed in my sentiments. DAMMIT! He asked for several tastes too.  BOO!

I can't wait for my neighborhood Chick Fil A to open.  At my visit today  they gave me a gift card for two breakfast meals. SCORE!!!!!!!!  I can't wait to use them. 

I advise you to visit one like TODAY or TOMORROW. Definitely SOON!