Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I love football!

Do you know how excited I was when the stupid NFL lockout was over?  Well even if you didn't care and still don't, I was SUPER excited!!!  I have to grown to love football as the years have gone by.  I don't know all the plays or any of the fancy terms but I know the basics and I can have a basic conversation about it.  This past Sunday was opening day and it was fantastic!!!  I love opening day because it gives me another excuse to eat junk food and not feel bad about it...well because everyone else is eating it too. DUH!

I am also my job's football bookie. :)  I hold a weekly football pot and we bet on all the games that are played on Sunday and Monday.  Whomever has the most wins for the week wins however much money there is.  This week there was $125 for the taking. And the winner wasn't ME!  UGH!!  But it's still fun. :)

I'm just glad there is a lot more football to be played!! Thank you football Gods!! :)

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