Friday, May 27, 2011

American Idol - FINALE

I realize that I am a lot of days late on this but I forget!  So I was wrong about the final two AND I was wrong about who was going to win. I TOTALLY thought that Lauren would take it but alas, I was wrong.  Scotty is your NEW American Idol ladies and gentleman.  And I really am happy for him.  I honestly did not believe he would make it as far as he did. 

What the hell is J-Lo wearing?

The finale show is always a favorite of mine.  Idol has a great way of putting shows together to make them enjoyable and this year's was no different.  Below are my favorite parts:

  • Beyonce.  The top girls of the season sang a medley of her songs and they were good but then SHE came out and it was freaking amazing!!!!!!!!!!  Beyonce is a beast -- but in a good way.  She's beautiful, talented and has the BEST legs!!!  AND she is an amazing dancer!!  I mean she does have the ugliest husband on earth but her goods outweigh the ONE bad! :)  Here is the link to the entire to her performance. It's GOOD!
Look at those legs!
  • Ok so I am a little ashamed to admit that I liked this, but crack-head looking Marc Anthony did really well too.  I knew his wife would join him on the stage and boy did she ever.  She didn't sing but she did dance. I thought Boogie was going to need a cigarette after.  Seriously.  And I will add that when searching for a picture of her and Marc Anthony, a lot of them were blocked at my job for being "pornography".  WTH?  If  I get fired for this...  Here is the link to the performance:

I will definitely miss watching this show every week. BUT January is right around the corner and that's when the new season starts! I really do hope that Jennifer and Steven Tyler come back for another season.  They were perfect for the job and they made the season very enjoyable!!

I love 3-Day Weekends!

Another holiday weekend is upon us and I can't wait to have one extra day off!  I don't have a lot of things going on this weekend and that's the way I like it!  Well I should mention that I have a wedding to attend on Sunday. My BFF's little sister is getting married!!! I love weddings!  I will take pictures and post next week!

Other than the wedding, we have nothing going on and like I said, I am glad for it.  I have had such busy weekends the entire month of May that I am looking forward to some quiet.  And not to mention it is starting to really warm up out there and I HATE summers here so you will find me inside my house! :)

I hope you have  lots of great plans this weekend!!  Be safe out there!!!

Happy Memorial Day!

Monday, May 23, 2011

The world is still here!

The world was on edge Saturday as that idiot dude predicted that the world was going to end on Saturday, May 21.  I read the article a few weeks ago and forgot about it.  But the world of Facebook , the internet and twitter, it came to surface a few days later. 

The posts on FB and Twitter were hilarious!!! I don't think I had any friends that really believed that the world was going to end. But I will be honest...I knew in my heart that I was still going to be here at 6:01pm on May 21...but a teeny tiny bit of me was like "what if we are proven wrong?" LOL!!!!! So as I was driving on 45 on Saturday and the minutes crept closer to 6pm....I wondered.  Then I looked and it was 6:10 pm and Sofia was in her car seat singing and I realized what an idiot I was being! 

I've read a few articles that the idiot dude is perplexed and doesn't understand what went wrong.  Ummm...HELLO!  The bible says "no man will know" when the end is near...or something like that. I feel sorry for his followers who truly believed him.  Now they have no money, no car, no house, NADA!!! I can't imagine how they must feel.  Well I would imagine they feel STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I read this one article where this couple gave thier car to the neighborhood kid.  I guess they can ask him for rides....if he's willing. LOL!!

I'm mean...but how dumb can people be???????

Sad Post...

Saturday was a sad day.  I attended a funeral of one of Boogie's cousin.  Rebecca Smith was killed in a car accident...and a drunk driver was at fault.  Rebecca would have turned 26 on June 23 of this year.  And she would have also celebrated her 1st anniversary as a wife.  Such a sad story. :(

I don't usually get deep on my blog but I thought this deserved a post.  If for nothing else, to make everyone grateful of each day they are here on this earth.  We just never know when it's our time and I know she didn't wake up that fateful day thinking it was her last.

I don't know if you saw the news on Saturday morning here in Houston but there was a wreck on the Ship Channel bridge.  The drunk driver slammed in the back of her car and the car eruped in flames.  Rebecca's brother in law was driving. He managed to escape.  When he went to rescue Rebecca, the flames were too intense, and it was too late.  I found out at the funeral that Rebecca and her husband owned a dog.  His name was George.  They didn't have any children but George was of course their "baby".  George went everywhere with Rebecca and this evening was no different.  George passed away with his mommy as he sat in her lap.

Tears fill my eyes as I write this.  A life so young and full of life taken away from her mother, her twin sister, her husband, countless friends and family.  It's so easy to look up the heavens and ask "WHY!!!??"  Only God knows.  But I truly believe that our loss is heaven's gain.  God was in need of another angel and he got one. 

I was not close to Rebecca but I did meet her a few times.  She was a nice and quiet girl with an artistic flair.  This flair was showcased at the funeral with many pieces of her artwork placed around the room. She was amazingly talented.  Now she will paint pictures in heaven and share with the rest of the angels.

Go home and hug your families.  You just never know...

Jax is home!!!

About 3 months ago, two of our oldest dogs got out of the yard.   It was about 15 or 20 minutes before anyone had noticed when it happened.  I actually wasn't home at the time but when I got the call, my heart sunk!  Kelis was our first baby and Jax was our 2nd.  If any of you are dog owners, you can imagine how we felt.   Well Kelis was brought home to us two days later (THANK GOD!) but Jax remained lost. :(  It was sad because he is the sweetest dog and he was my favorite (don't tell Boogie!)

Fast forward to Saturday....I get a text from Boogie and it says "Guess who's home?"  I thought to myself "there's no way it's Jax!"  And sure enough it was!!!!  Isn't that amazing???

Well here's where the story gets a bit weird.  So the guy who brought us back Kelis said that she was alone when he found her and he didn't see Jax. I thought that was weird because they got lost together so I would imagine they would stay together.  But whatever, Kelis was home so I just figured Jax was still lost.  Well the guy who brought Kelis home is the SAME guy who brought Jax home.  Coincidence??!?! I THINK NOT!!!!!!!  And here's why I don't think it's a coincidence....

It's been 3 months...and this dude lives down the street.  I can't imagine if he saw Jax in the street he would automatically know "oh that's their dog!"  I mean really?? I am convinced that when he picked up Kelis, he picked up Jax. And for whatever reason, he decided to keep Jax and bring back Kelis.  AND what makes me ever more mad is that we gave him a puppy as a reward for bringing back Kelis!!!!!!! UGH that makes me so mad.

BUT we have no way of proving that this dude indeed had Jax the entire time.  I told Boogie that he probably thought the world was really ending on Saturday and he wanted to clear his conscious! LOL!!!  Well whatever the reason was, I am glad that my Jax is home. :)

Oh AND my poor Jax is tore up!  He's skinny, has bite marks all over him and scars on his head (like someone has been fighting him!!!!)  I am beyond angry!!!!!  Yes, we own pitbulls but not to fight them. We love our dogs and would NEVER EVER EVER do that.  But again, I can't prove that this idiot did it but I really wish I could!!!!!!!!  But I am a believer in "what goes around, comes around".  Dumb ass dude!

But at least the story has a happy ending.  All my babies are home. :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

FB annoyance #23423434234234232

This one is always on my nerves -- people's BIRTHDAY'S!!!!!!!!  I will admit that having FB is a nice reminder that someone that I know has a birthday coming up.  AND I looooove getting all the birthday love on MY birthday. :)

BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A part of me gets annoyed that someone that I haven't seen in 10 years comes and tells me "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" on Facebook.  You didn't know today was my birthday, FB TOLD you!  That's why you will most likely not ever see my give a happy b-day shot out to my friends on FB. If they are close friends, I don't need FB to tell me that today is their b-day.  I usually send a text or OMG... CALL THEM!! Do people still make phone calls???

And I know there are some people that really and truly are happy that today is their friend's b-day.  But most are reminded when they see all of their mutual friends posting on said friend's wall... so they go out and do it too.  LOSER MOVE!

Anyway, it annoys me. That's all. :)

Last meal

I saw this article online that asked "What would you have as your last meal?"  Hmmm...that's a good question. And since everyone is STILL freaking out about the world ending tomorrow, I figured I would pose that question to you.

And here is my answer:

  • A BIG ass ice cold Dr. Pepper (In a can)
  • Greasy pepperoni pizza (from Fuzzy's)
  • Chocolate mousse for dessert
  • Chocolate almonds (the ones from Central Market -- that have powdered sugar on them)
I think that's it.  I'm not hard to please!  But that sounds DELICIOUS! And what's even more sad is that I think I eat this once a month. LOL!!!!

American Idol - I WAS WRONG!

I hate being wrong!!!!  So last night the top two were revealed and I was wrong.  Scotty and Lauren will compete next week for the title of American Idol and poor little Haley was sent packing.  I really was shocked....she should have stayed!  She sang "Benny and the Jets" before she left and it was REALLY good. 

So next week is the big reveal. The world better not end on Saturday!!!!!!!! :)  Oh and just in case, I'm not paying my cable bill yet either. :D

And dang it, I just paid my car note. BOOOO!!! 

AND..the combined aged of these two is 34. Yes, 34. I'm almost 34.  Lord help me.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Words with Friends

This game is taking over every one's phones AND every one's free time.  Including me and I don't even have a Droid phone. LOL!!  I play on every one's else's phones...when they let me!

Have you played it yet? It's just like Scrabble except with a different name.  I didn't even know I liked Scrabble until this game came out! I can't ever wait for Cassie to get home so that I can play it. I have like 10 games going with MY friends on HER phone. I know, I am a loser. 

I am kind of glad that I don't have this game on my phone. It's already bad enough that I am addicted to Facebook and can never stop checking status updates...can you imagine if I had WWFs????  I would look up one day and Sofia will be 5 years old!  I would totally let Sofia climb on the table if it meant I was about to get a TRIPLE WORD SCORE!!!!  (Just kidding...don't call CPS on me please!)

I REALLY wanted a new phone for Mother's Day so I could have instant access to this but Boogie said "maybe for Christmas".  THAT IS FOREVER FROM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Dumb Boogie.

If you have a Droid phone and don't play....DOWNLOAD THE APP NOW!!!!!!!!  You can hate thank me later. :)

American Idol

I really can't believe I haven't been blogging about this EVERY week! I love this show and it's been a mainstay in my house since Ruben Studdard won.  I forgot to watch year one. week is the finale!  As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I have been watching this since January...and it's almost JUNE!  That's right, for 6 months I have been wasting my time on this GREAT show! :)

Anyway, here are the three finalists...

Haley, Scotty and Lauren

So I need to you that the first time I laid ears on Lauren, I knew she was going to go far.  I instantly LOVED her and the night I heard her, I told Boogie "she's going to be in the top 3".  And I wish I would have put money on that because I would have WON!! I  know she's only 16 but she really does have a great tone to her voice.  I don't think she will ultimately win the show but I think we will see more of her soon.

Scotty I think needs to go home.  I don't think he sounded all that great last night.  I know he has a "Josh Turner" type of voice, but he's NO Josh Turner.  He's another young one...and I think he MAY make it in country music, but I'm not putting my money on that one.

And then there's Haley...who honestly I thought would have been gone A LONG time ago!! There were so many singers better than Pia!  Poor Pia....sent home way too soon! Anyway..I must admit though that Haley is slowly growing on me.  I like the tone of her voice and I do think she has a presence that the other two don't have. 

I think Scotty will go home tonight and go back to work at the grocery store and Lauren and Haley will be the top 2....and then I think Haley will win.  Lauren could have a chance at it but she's still a bit young and a bit immature.  Haley is older and I think is ready for the "Big Time".

Let's see if my predictions are right!

Dim the lights.....

The end of the world?

So not only is the world scared out of their minds that the world is going to end in December of 2012, now there are idiots that are scaring more people into thinking that the world is ending this Saturday, May 21!  Good grief people...get your shit straight!!!!!

 I know there are lots of people that really and truly believe in these sorts of things. Well world, I am NOT one of them!!  And let me tell you why...because I'm not DUMB!!!

And I am ashamed to tell you this, but Boogie believes we will all die on December 21, he's dumb too.

Even if I am proven wrong on one of these dates, I am ok with that.  1. I know I'm going to heaven. :) 2. I could die on my trip to Target so I'm not going to worry about dying in some mass world catastrophe (knock on wood!)

I feel sadness for these people that live their everyday lives thinking that this ONE day is their last day on earth.  Because I can imagine that they are sad and are crying and saying their goodbyes to people.  And what are they going to do on Sunday when they wake up and they are still here?  And some of these people are selling their property, quitting their jobs....DUMB DUMB DUMB!!!

Do we not remember those other idiots that killed themselves the eve of Y2K??!!!!?!  All those idiots swore we weren't going to be here January 1, 2000 and that was 12 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look what they missed....Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Arnold has a love child...granted they are probably better off not knowing these fools but STILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And hello...Betty White made a come-back!!  I would have hated missing that! :) 

AND if we do die this weekend, I'm going to pissed off! I've been watching American Idol since January and they crown the winner on Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I need to know who wins..DUH!!! :)

Anyway, I am going to continue living my boring life as though I'm going to live to be 100.  I hope you will do the same. :)
I feel sorry for the car.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Pet Peeve #34534535

Surprise, surprise but this is another pet peeve on Facebook! :)

This one annoys me to NO END. The idiot couples who have ONE Facebook account. I MEAN REALLY!!?!?! So for instance their name on FB is "JohnandJane Doe"  It should read "Idiotandstupid Jones".  Why do you have to have ONE account???   When did getting married mean that you no longer have your own identity???  And what if I want to ask your husband a question and don't want you to know or vice versa??

These people annoy the hell out of me. And what's sad is that the wife is usually the only one posting and the man never sees any of the stuff.  This is idiotic to me.  And if you are scared of  your significant other having their OWN FB account, you have bigger issues to deal with.  And that makes you an even BIGGER loser.

That's all. :)

Extreme Couponing

Please tell me you have seen this crazy ass show!!! It's on TLC (of course!) and it's crazy!  These women are called Extreme Couponers because they get $600 worth of groceries and pay 5 cents. I'm not even kidding!!!

I saw the previews for this and thought "there's no way". But seriously, these women find a way to do it.  The first show I saw was a bit ridiculous. This one lady bought 100 bags of croutons (well they ended up being free) and got 15 bottles of mustard.  Ok, first of all, what idiot uses 100 bags of croutons in their life time???? AND mustard sucks and you can only use it on hotdogs so why do you need that much!??!?!!  So I watched another show and this lady was my kind of shopper.  She had cokes, sprite, cake mixes, etc.  Things NORMAL people eat.  BUT she still only paid $40 and she was STILL mad because she only wanted to spend $30. OMG I wanted to slap her.   $40 for $800 worth of groceries is UNHEARD of.  And she freaked out because the machine stopped was tense for a moment.  

But my thing is, who REALLY needs that much food?  If you were those Duggar people, I would say YOU but unless you have 19 kids and DON'T!!!

I love to save money just like anyone else but these people really do take it to the extreme. I wish I could do it but I don't have the patience or the time. 

I did clip this coupon today and I am SUPER excited to use it!! :) 

So tired!

I had a fun filled weekend and now I am paying for it!  Friday night we had a baby shower for Mrs. Vanessa Vega Skrabanek.  I am waiting on pictures so once they are downloaded - I will share!  It was a lot of fun and a niceevening with amazing friends!

Saturday I went to a BBQ benefit and TWO baby showers. Yes, I went to three baby showers this weekend!  Dang fertile Mexicans!!!!! :)  It was great to see family and old friends though.

Sunday I had a brunch date with friends that I've known since middle school.  It was WAY fun! Ooohh and I thought I didn't like quiche, but Sara makes a great one! I'm waiting on the recipe -- it was DIVINE!  It was a Paul Deen recipe so you know it has a million and two calories - hence why it was SO DELISH!!!

After brunch I saw Vanessa AGAIN!   I went over to help her wash and sort baby Reagan's clothes.  She is due at the end of June so we sorted out her room and put things where they needed to be.  Sofia had a blast with all the stair cases Vanessa has.  She only fell once -- but don't tell her dad.  :)

I need a break from this weekend!!  AND I used a half a tank of gas! I swear when gas was cheap, my ass was always at home. And now that it takes a million dollars to fill up my tank, I have plans to go places!!  I guess I shouldn't complain right? 

I hope your weekend was as fun as mine!  Now I need a nap!

And can you believe I didn't take any pictures!?!?!!?!??!  UGH! I am so mad at myself!  And I had my camera in my purse the ENTIRE time. FAIL.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Michele's Baby Shower

Michele is my BFF and I'm throwing her a baby shower!  She's due in August and is having a son and I am so excited!! For the shower and his arrival of course.

I am having the best time planning this shower.  I am keeping almost all of the plans a secret from Michele because she HATES surprises. So it gives me pleasure knowing that she's suffering. LOL!!

The theme for her shower is baby blue elephants. She saw pictures of another shower online and she sent it to me and the subject lined read "I AM IN LOVE". No other words needed. So I am doing my best to take my cues from that image in her head. I don't want to steal all of the ideas but I am trying to keep it as close as possible but with it still being MY shower.

Here is a sneak peak into what I have already have for the shower... :) 
She's already seen this so it's ok...

Cute right?

Night Court - Part 2

Yes, I have night court AGAIN!!!!!  I really do hate going to the City of Houston municipal courts. They are HORRIBLE!! No offense Mayor Parker -- but that place makes me feel dirty.  And not even in a good way.

Well remember I went a month ago because I was speeding the cop that stopped me was mean and decided to give me a ticket anyway? Well smart ass Blanca forgot to take a copy of her insurance card to sign up for defensive driving. BUT in my defense, I didn't think I needed a copy because I didn't get stopped for having NO insurance, I got stopped because the cop was a meanie head!

Anyway, so I have to go again today to sign up for the dumb defensive driving class. I have to pay like $150 to take the most boring class ON EARTH!  And I always forget to take it in the 90 days they give me.  Like 90 whole days isn't enough! And then I'm rushing to take it and THEN have to pay the extra $50 to get it rush delivered to me because I waited so long!!!!!!!!!  UGH!! You know what I could buy with $200???

But I guess this is my way of helping the City of Houston and their budget cuts.  So you see, by me speeding, I may be saving someones job.  So you're welcome Houston. :)

Oh and the funniest part about today (and the only thing) is that Boogie has court tonight. I'm calling it our "date night". :)

19 months old

Today is May 9th so that means Sofia is 19 months old. So that means in 5 months, she'll be two!  Crazy right????? 

That's all. :)

Sofia is talking!

But don't get too excited...she's saying BAD WORDS!!! I am so serious.  At first when I heard her say "oh shit", I thought I heard her wrong and went on with my business.  THEN she tripped and fell and said "oh shit" again!  Then I knew I didn't hear wrong and she was using the phrase correctly!!  WTF? 

She's not even two yet and knows how to say "oh shit".  OH and she doesn't even call me "mom" or "mommy"....she says "Baaa".  REALLY SOFIA?!?!  She says "dad", "grandpa", "Leti", "Tia"....she's on my list!  I am the one that takes care of her like no other..but she can't say mom??  Oh and she can say "oh shit"?

Lord help me!!!!!!!!!  This girl is a mess.  But I love her anyway. :)

Mother's Day 2011

This was my 2nd Mother's Day and it was a great one!  This day is bittersweet for me because my mom is no longer here.  BUT it was good nonetheless.  I know she was here in spirit.  I LOVE YOU MOMMY!

My day started off WONDERFULLY!  Sofia let me sleep in until 11 am! Isn't that amazing??? I don't remember when the last time I slept in that late.  She must have known it was Mother's Day and that was my gift from her. Thank you Sofia!

We all slowly woke up - and I do mean SLOWLY! After I "woke up" I went and laid on the couch. LOL!!  Sofia watched her cartoons and I rested some more.  Then I finally got up and got going.  My first stop was to the cemetery.  I took Sofia and she just thought were at a park somewhere.  She started playing with balloons and she broke the one I bought for my mom! RUDE!! I'm sure my mom didn't mind.  It was REALLY hot that day so I stayed for a while and drove to Katy, Texas.  Boogie's sister lives in Katy and we were celebrating Mother's Day with Boogie's mom the rest of the afternoon.  We had fillet, ribs, sausage, was YUMMO!!!  And we had tres leches cake for dessert. I don't even like tres leches but this was GOOD!  An 8th grader made it.  You go girl! I need to get the recipe.

We finally got home around 7:30pm and we did nothing but lay around the house for the rest of the evening.  It was a great end to a great day.  Oh and Boogie got me a gift card to Visible Changes.  I was impressed he thought of it.  Now I need to figure out what to do with my hair...color change? Highlights?  Decisions, decisions...

Hope all you mommies out there enjoyed your day!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Osama Bin Laden

I never thought I would blog about this certain person.  I know I usually blog about nothing and most are light-hearted but today I thought I would share my thoughts on the death of Osama Bin Laden.  I know I will probably make someone mad or someone is going to COMPLETELY disagree with me but that's OK. That's what makes this country so great. We can have difference of opinions and still like each other. :)

Sunday night when I read my "Breaking News" email I literally said out loud "WHAT?!?!?!!!!"  Boogie looked at me with confusion and asked what was wrong. I re-read him the headline and he said "really!!?"  We were in the middle of watching something and did not immediately change the channel but I of course logged into Facebook and there it was.  Almost 95% of my friend's were commenting on the death of Osama Bin Laden.  All were happy and glad that was he killed which was to be expected. This man has been the face of evil in this country since September 11 and he ruined so many lives and ultimately ended thousands.  So I definitely understood their sentiment.  I was still trying to grasp what was going on so we eventually turned on the news.

The very first picture I saw were people parading in the streets chanting "USA...USA...USA!"  They were in front of the White House and looked like college students.  Then they showed a scene in New York City and much of the same celebrations were happening there. Men and women used American Flags as blankets and their faces showed complete jubilation.  At this point I didn't know how I felt about the situation.  I knew that it was a good thing but I didn't know if I was as excited as the rest of the world.

My first thought was "well now we've really pissed Al Qaeda off" and I was afraid of retaliation.  I knew that Osama was dead but he has many followers and they are alive and well.  And as a God-fearing person, I wasn't comfortable in rejoicing in someones death.  I know he was a bad person and I know he was responsible for a lot of horrible things and believe me, I wasn't a fan of his. But I struggled with saying "I AM SO GLAD HE IS DEAD!"  I would never wish death on anyone so this was my struggle.  I struggled with knowing that he was someones father, brother, friend and ultimately a human being.  Not a very good human being but nonetheless, human.  I didn't mourn him or feel sadness in his death, I just struggled with the jubilation everyone else felt.

Now I had I been directly impacted by 9-11, I would probably be singing a different tune.  There are lots of people who grew up without parents, without their brother or sister and his death gave a bit of closure.  But at the end of the day, their loved ones still aren't here and I am guessing Osama's death was bittersweet.  I am sure the feelings they had when they realized their loved ones weren't coming home rushed back on May 1, 2011.  For them, I do feel sadness.  And for them, I will continue to pray.

I know the debate of whether or not Osama dying makes this world a better place will continue.  And as the world waits for proof that he's really dead, I will continue to immerse myself in this story.  I don't know whether or not I want to see the photo but if you know me, I will be too curious NOT to take a look.  I will probably regret it but I'll deal with that later.
The fight in terror is far from over in my eyes. Just because their ring leader is no longer alive, I believe that there are still people in this world who hates us and will continue to try and take us down. But the United States of America has proven it's resolve and I know that we will face whatever comes our way like true Americans. The United States of America is the greatest country in the world and I think we prove that point every day and we definitely proved it on May 1.

My hats go off to the brave men and women who were responsible for that mission on May 1. I cannot even imagine what it is to be a Navy Seal but God bless them all. And I have to admit that knowing the guy who was in charge of the mission was from Texas, makes me feel even prouder to be from this great state! 
These are just my opinions and blogging has given me an avenue to share my thoughts with the world.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy sharing!
God bless America and may God bless us all.


May is here!

So I know that I am 4 days late but can you believe that we are in month FIVE of 2011!  Goodness me time is just zooming by!  Which more importantly means that Sofia's birthday party is also 5 months away.  You see..and people thought I was crazy for already planning it.

Anyway, I hope that your May is going well.  Get ready people, December will be here before you know it! :)