Monday, May 9, 2011

Night Court - Part 2

Yes, I have night court AGAIN!!!!!  I really do hate going to the City of Houston municipal courts. They are HORRIBLE!! No offense Mayor Parker -- but that place makes me feel dirty.  And not even in a good way.

Well remember I went a month ago because I was speeding the cop that stopped me was mean and decided to give me a ticket anyway? Well smart ass Blanca forgot to take a copy of her insurance card to sign up for defensive driving. BUT in my defense, I didn't think I needed a copy because I didn't get stopped for having NO insurance, I got stopped because the cop was a meanie head!

Anyway, so I have to go again today to sign up for the dumb defensive driving class. I have to pay like $150 to take the most boring class ON EARTH!  And I always forget to take it in the 90 days they give me.  Like 90 whole days isn't enough! And then I'm rushing to take it and THEN have to pay the extra $50 to get it rush delivered to me because I waited so long!!!!!!!!!  UGH!! You know what I could buy with $200???

But I guess this is my way of helping the City of Houston and their budget cuts.  So you see, by me speeding, I may be saving someones job.  So you're welcome Houston. :)

Oh and the funniest part about today (and the only thing) is that Boogie has court tonight. I'm calling it our "date night". :)

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