Thursday, September 23, 2010

Greys Anatomy is back!!

After Golden Girls, Grey's Anatomy was MY show.  I fell in love with it after the first season.  Well after Miss Sofia was born, I kind of lost interest. And I swore that she wouldn't get in the way. I mean HELLO...I LOVE TV!!!  But then she was born and she was so cute that I lost interest.  I know, I'm such a loser.

But I heard that the season finale was going to be good so I watched it work, no less.  OMG IT WAS AMAZINGLY GOOD!! I was at work "working" and each time someone got shot, I would grab my face in shock and people passing by would look at me CRAZY!  I just kept saying "Word is just not working right today" :)  Anyway, the finale was good so I vowed to watch the season premiere and I did.  What I love about that show is that even if you miss an entire season, and you watch again you are caught up on everything!!

Did you watch?  Please tell me you did.  I mean even if you don't like the show, there are HOT ASS doctor's on there.  Dr. Sloan...I LOVE YOU! 

I know for a while, the show went downhill after Meredith didn't die after being in freezing water for 2 hours....but I promise you that it's back! Yang and Mere are back to their old antics and Alex is an asshole again...THANK GOODNESS!!!

Welcome back Seattle Grace! I will be seeing you every Thursday. :)

She's walking!!!!!!!!!!

Boogie says that she started walking at 10 months...which I guess is technically right, but it was a day before she turned 11 months.  Details right?

At first she looked like Frankenstein walking with her arms straight out in front of her.  It was tooooo funny! Now she can actually walk like a normal person and sometimes she even runs...well not run, but she walks really fast! 

It was soooo cute at first...and now it's just annoying!  She is EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And she walks faster than me and that's not cute.  Maybe I will lose some damn weight running after her. :)

I have a video of her walking but I can't figure out how to download it from my phone. Let's see if Daniel will help me.  Stay tuned for a video of Sofia walking!!

Invites are in!

This party is getting closer and closer. I swear time is flying by way too fast!!!

I ordered 75 invites and I have like 10 left.  Good lord that's a lot of freaking Mexicans!!!!  And you know Mexicans don't RSVP!!!!

And now I have to make sure I have enough food for these people! Boogie said we should have put BYOF (F being FOOD) on the invites.  Talk about super ghetto.

Anyway, look at the invite. Didn't it come out super duper cute???  Sofia's picture is on it so I guess I'm partial. :)

I am in full party planning mode. I already reserved the moonwalk/slide combo, tables, chairs, popcorn machine, face painters and balloon twisters.  Sofia better appreciate this crap! :D

Check back in to see how this is all going...and pray for me. :)

The ABCs of You..

Michelle Arnold told me to do this so I listened. :)  Enjoy!!!
  • A. Area Code:  My cell phone has been 832 since FO-EVA and work is 713...
  • B. Bed Size: A stupid QUEEN!  I told Boogie we need a bigger bed...he said we should just lose weight. JERK!
  • C. Chore you hate: Pairing socks!!!!!!!!!! OMG it makes me crazy. So now I let Leti do it. :)
  • D. Dog’s Name:  Kelis, Jax and Jelis.
  • E. Essential “start of the day” Item:  Playing with my Sofia!
  • F. Favorite Color: Slut red and black of course...the slimmer I can look, the better!
  • G. Gold or Silver: Silver. Hands Down.
  • H. Height: 5'5 1/2
  • I. Instruments you play:  The clarinet! Hey, it was cool in middle school ok?
  • J. Job: Event planner for the GHP!
  • K. Kids: Tons of them. Sofia, Cassie, Boogie, Kelis, Jax and Jelis.  *sigh*
  • L. Living Arrangements:  I live with ALL of the above!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Someone help me.  Or at least take Cassie. :)
  • M. Mom’s name:  Esperanza...which is also Sofia's middle name.  But everyone called her Cha-Cha, and she hated when I called her I did it often. :) 
  • N. Nickname: Blinks (don't ask), B, Blanc, Blancs, Babe (by Boogie of course)
  • O. Overnight Hospital Stay: When I had Sofia....I am surprised this was the first time!
  • P. Pet Peeve: So many to name but for starters, writing with a pen without the top on the other end. I HATE IT! Humidity, dumb people, people with NO common sense. :
  • Q. Quote from Movie: "Are you high Clairee?!!"
  • R. Righty or Lefty: Righty.
  • S. Siblings: Little sister Cassie and older brother Alex.  I'm a middle child, so I have issues.
  • T. Time you wake up: Always at 8am? And I am supposed to BE at work at 8am.  Shut up comments from you. :D
  • U. Underwear: I have lots of them....just cause you never know!
  • V. Veggie’s you dislike: Almost all of them! I know...that's horrible.
  • W. Ways/reasons you are late:  Because I procrastinate way too much! And now I can at least blame Sofia because it takes forever to get her ready!!!
  • X. Xrays you’ve had: teeth and ankle
  • Y. Yummy food you make:  I think my breakfast is pretty darn good...and not to mention my mole. Mmmm....
  • • Z. Zoo animals you like: Monkeys, seals, lions and tigers and bears...OH MY!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

One month left!

I seem to be writing more and more about Sofia. Imagine that?! :)

Well here is another one.  Exactly 11 months ago TODAY, my precious was born.  I know I have been posting her monthly "birthdays" but this one has hit home for me.  Next month she will be a YEAR old!  A year for the rest of us is basically another year and a reminder that we are plain OLD!

But a year for a newborn to a toddler, is a pretty big freaking deal!  For the first month all she did was sleep (oooh the days) and now that she's 11 months old -- she is a terror.  I use the word terror very lovingly. :)  Ok, so she's not a terror, but I have nicknamed her "Hurricane Sofia".  She leaves a trail of destruction everywhere she goes! Which sometimes comes in handy when I can't find her...I just follow the trail of toys....usually to the trash. SERIOUSLY! 

But she is so much fun now that she is getting older. She says a few might have read my earlier posts about her saying "GO". She also says "Jax" which is our retarded dog. Again, I use the word retarded as a term of endearment.  My mom used to call us that so I am assuming she also meant it in a good way. Right?

Anyway, back to Sofia.  Oh yeah, she's a LOT of fun!! OH and last night, she started taking REAL steps!!!!! I couldn't believe it. When I saw it for myself, I of course cried. My baby is growing up so fast!!!!  I swear I remember her being so little and me thinking "what the heck am I supposed to do with this?"

So as I look back on the past 11 months, I realize how fast time really does fly.  And I think I'm kinda diggin' this whole "mom" thing.  I guess Sofia can have brothers and sisters after all.  Now whether or not they grow up relatively normal, that's a whole other conversation....and a different blog post!

So happy 11 months to my precious Hurricane Sofia. I LOVE YOU!

As always, here is a picture of my itty bitty Sofia....she was SO LITTLE!!!

A more recent one....can you sense the attitude? Lord help me!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I don't think she likes me!

And by she, I mean SOFIA!!  So this was Labor Day weekend which meant that I had Monday off. :)  Well I also had Friday, Saturday and Sunday off too.  Why does that matter you ask?  Well on those days, Sofia decides that she loves to sleep ALL night long.  Which, I appreciate of course. Well Monday night comes and I have to mentally prepare myself for the next work day.  Sofia goes to sleep like normal, and so do I.  Well at 4 am, I hear her start to make noises.  I think to myself "there's no way she's waking up!"  Well I was WRONG! I hear her stand up and she starts to cry "mamamamama". OF COURSE!!!  So I'm hoping and praying that she is still sleepy and just wants to be rocked back to sleep.  Well then I realize she's hungry...which I can't blame the girl..I mean a girl's gotta eat right???  Usually when she's hungry, she goes RIGHT back to sleep.  Ummm...NOT the case this morning.  I am sooooooooooooooooo sleepy and this girl is hanging out.  I know I fell asleep at least 5 times as I was rocking her.  And this girl is a lot smarter than I give her credit for...but she is MY kid so I should have known. 

So as I am rocking her, I have my eyes closed because HELLO I'm freaking sleepy.  Well every so often, she would turn her head to look at me so see if I was awake or asleep!!  So I of course just kept my eyes closed because this girl needs to sleep!  So I give her 25 minutes in my arms and I go to put her down.  If you are keeping track, at this point it's already 5:30 a.m.  That's how I know I fell asleep...I thought she was only up for like 30 minutes. LOL!

Anyway, I go to lay her down...I tiptoe to the room, lay her down, I literally JUMP into my bed, get comfy and I hear "GO?!"  Which is her new word.  So in my head I'm think "GO TO SLEEP!"  And I hear more babbling and more "GO?!?"   So I know she went to sleep eventually but I don't know how long she was awake. I can guarantee you that I was out before she was!! I know, bad mommy but she wasn't crying so I think it's ok. :)

This will be me today....

Go out and have some kids people...they are a BLAST!!! PROMISE! :-)

Happy September!!

Can you believe we are in month 9??  How the heck did that happen?  Sofia is turning 1 NEXT MONTH!!!!!!!!!  Lord someone give me some oxygen.  And how did THAT happen so fast?  That means I have to kick the party planning in HIGH gear. 

I hope your September is off to a good start.  Only 3 more months and the year is O-V-E-R!  Chew on that! :)