Thursday, September 23, 2010

The ABCs of You..

Michelle Arnold told me to do this so I listened. :)  Enjoy!!!
  • A. Area Code:  My cell phone has been 832 since FO-EVA and work is 713...
  • B. Bed Size: A stupid QUEEN!  I told Boogie we need a bigger bed...he said we should just lose weight. JERK!
  • C. Chore you hate: Pairing socks!!!!!!!!!! OMG it makes me crazy. So now I let Leti do it. :)
  • D. Dog’s Name:  Kelis, Jax and Jelis.
  • E. Essential “start of the day” Item:  Playing with my Sofia!
  • F. Favorite Color: Slut red and black of course...the slimmer I can look, the better!
  • G. Gold or Silver: Silver. Hands Down.
  • H. Height: 5'5 1/2
  • I. Instruments you play:  The clarinet! Hey, it was cool in middle school ok?
  • J. Job: Event planner for the GHP!
  • K. Kids: Tons of them. Sofia, Cassie, Boogie, Kelis, Jax and Jelis.  *sigh*
  • L. Living Arrangements:  I live with ALL of the above!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Someone help me.  Or at least take Cassie. :)
  • M. Mom’s name:  Esperanza...which is also Sofia's middle name.  But everyone called her Cha-Cha, and she hated when I called her I did it often. :) 
  • N. Nickname: Blinks (don't ask), B, Blanc, Blancs, Babe (by Boogie of course)
  • O. Overnight Hospital Stay: When I had Sofia....I am surprised this was the first time!
  • P. Pet Peeve: So many to name but for starters, writing with a pen without the top on the other end. I HATE IT! Humidity, dumb people, people with NO common sense. :
  • Q. Quote from Movie: "Are you high Clairee?!!"
  • R. Righty or Lefty: Righty.
  • S. Siblings: Little sister Cassie and older brother Alex.  I'm a middle child, so I have issues.
  • T. Time you wake up: Always at 8am? And I am supposed to BE at work at 8am.  Shut up comments from you. :D
  • U. Underwear: I have lots of them....just cause you never know!
  • V. Veggie’s you dislike: Almost all of them! I know...that's horrible.
  • W. Ways/reasons you are late:  Because I procrastinate way too much! And now I can at least blame Sofia because it takes forever to get her ready!!!
  • X. Xrays you’ve had: teeth and ankle
  • Y. Yummy food you make:  I think my breakfast is pretty darn good...and not to mention my mole. Mmmm....
  • • Z. Zoo animals you like: Monkeys, seals, lions and tigers and bears...OH MY!

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