Thursday, September 9, 2010

One month left!

I seem to be writing more and more about Sofia. Imagine that?! :)

Well here is another one.  Exactly 11 months ago TODAY, my precious was born.  I know I have been posting her monthly "birthdays" but this one has hit home for me.  Next month she will be a YEAR old!  A year for the rest of us is basically another year and a reminder that we are plain OLD!

But a year for a newborn to a toddler, is a pretty big freaking deal!  For the first month all she did was sleep (oooh the days) and now that she's 11 months old -- she is a terror.  I use the word terror very lovingly. :)  Ok, so she's not a terror, but I have nicknamed her "Hurricane Sofia".  She leaves a trail of destruction everywhere she goes! Which sometimes comes in handy when I can't find her...I just follow the trail of toys....usually to the trash. SERIOUSLY! 

But she is so much fun now that she is getting older. She says a few might have read my earlier posts about her saying "GO". She also says "Jax" which is our retarded dog. Again, I use the word retarded as a term of endearment.  My mom used to call us that so I am assuming she also meant it in a good way. Right?

Anyway, back to Sofia.  Oh yeah, she's a LOT of fun!! OH and last night, she started taking REAL steps!!!!! I couldn't believe it. When I saw it for myself, I of course cried. My baby is growing up so fast!!!!  I swear I remember her being so little and me thinking "what the heck am I supposed to do with this?"

So as I look back on the past 11 months, I realize how fast time really does fly.  And I think I'm kinda diggin' this whole "mom" thing.  I guess Sofia can have brothers and sisters after all.  Now whether or not they grow up relatively normal, that's a whole other conversation....and a different blog post!

So happy 11 months to my precious Hurricane Sofia. I LOVE YOU!

As always, here is a picture of my itty bitty Sofia....she was SO LITTLE!!!

A more recent one....can you sense the attitude? Lord help me!