Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I don't think she likes me!

And by she, I mean SOFIA!!  So this was Labor Day weekend which meant that I had Monday off. :)  Well I also had Friday, Saturday and Sunday off too.  Why does that matter you ask?  Well on those days, Sofia decides that she loves to sleep ALL night long.  Which, I appreciate of course. Well Monday night comes and I have to mentally prepare myself for the next work day.  Sofia goes to sleep like normal, and so do I.  Well at 4 am, I hear her start to make noises.  I think to myself "there's no way she's waking up!"  Well I was WRONG! I hear her stand up and she starts to cry "mamamamama". OF COURSE!!!  So I'm hoping and praying that she is still sleepy and just wants to be rocked back to sleep.  Well then I realize she's hungry...which I can't blame the girl..I mean a girl's gotta eat right???  Usually when she's hungry, she goes RIGHT back to sleep.  Ummm...NOT the case this morning.  I am sooooooooooooooooo sleepy and this girl is hanging out.  I know I fell asleep at least 5 times as I was rocking her.  And this girl is a lot smarter than I give her credit for...but she is MY kid so I should have known. 

So as I am rocking her, I have my eyes closed because HELLO I'm freaking sleepy.  Well every so often, she would turn her head to look at me so see if I was awake or asleep!!  So I of course just kept my eyes closed because this girl needs to sleep!  So I give her 25 minutes in my arms and I go to put her down.  If you are keeping track, at this point it's already 5:30 a.m.  That's how I know I fell asleep...I thought she was only up for like 30 minutes. LOL!

Anyway, I go to lay her down...I tiptoe to the room, lay her down, I literally JUMP into my bed, get comfy and I hear "GO?!"  Which is her new word.  So in my head I'm think "GO TO SLEEP!"  And I hear more babbling and more "GO?!?"   So I know she went to sleep eventually but I don't know how long she was awake. I can guarantee you that I was out before she was!! I know, bad mommy but she wasn't crying so I think it's ok. :)

This will be me today....

Go out and have some kids people...they are a BLAST!!! PROMISE! :-)

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