Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Shopping

Is anyone done yet? Has anyone else not started?  Well I have bought a few here and there but I have a LONG way to go!!!  This is when having a big family sucks! Christmas is so damn expensive! What happened to when things were cheap?  Oh that's right...things have NEVER been cheap! 

I don't buy Sofia Christmas gifts.  Well technically I do, but I don't go overboard and spend an entire paycheck on her.  I'm not judging you crazy parents who do, but Sofia is so young that I could wrap a cereal box in Christmas paper and she would be just fine!  Last year I spent about $30 on two gifts, wrapped them and I think she ate the paper.  This year I will decide whether or not I actually get her something.  And it's not because I am a horrible person and hate my child...but she is just so dang young and she doesn't get it!!!  She doesn't even know what Santa Claus does. She thinks that his job is to wear that big red suit and say "ho-ho-ho" all day. She doesn't know that he's the one that brings ALL the toys.  Once she is old enough to understand that concept, I will start to actually buy her real gifts. I will save my money until then. :)  And everyone else will get her gifts she will be fine.  When she's older and sees the pictures, she won't know who gave her what. And in January when all those toys are sitting there not played with, I will feel even better!

Anyway, I plan on doing some serious shopping this weekend as are most people.  I pray that I don't run anyone over with my shopping cart. I LOATHE shopping at this time of the year. It's like people forget how to function and act like idiots in the store AND on the roads.  So if you're shopping this weekend and you see a GMC Acadia with a crazy Mexican lady driving it, GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Have fun shopping!!

Houston Texans

If you don't already know, I absolutely LOVE the NFL.  I will watch any game that is good -- not the boring ones. :)  Anyway, this weekend the Houston Texans were crowned the AFC Champs for the first time in franchise history.   Congrats to them! 

I will admit that I am not a true die-hard Texan fan.  When they first came into existence, I just wasn't into them.  I don't know why, I was just like "eh...".  And I will not lie that them sucking royally made it even easier to dislike them.  But it's rare that a new team comes out winning every game right?

Anyway, fast forward 10 years and they are FINALLY good!  And I am generally really happy that they are.  This city deserves a good sports team (Lord knows our other ones suck...except you Dynamo!).  And when I was listening to the radio yesterday and I heard the call that the Houston Texans were AFC Champs, I got goose bumps and a little bit teary eyed.
I am a woman ok!!! Pretty flowers can make me cry. Don't judge me!

So congrats to all the hardcore Texans fans who have been there since Day 1.  You deserve to gloat and be happy and tell all of your friends on Facebook that the Houston Texans are the best team on Earth. :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1

Jesus - we are officially in month 12!  The last month of the ENTIRE calendar year.  That's insane!

Enjoy your December ladies and gents! Christmas is now 24 days away...get those shopping lists out!! And don't forget to add my name!

My Sofia

Everyone knows that I have a 2-year old daughter named Sofia but I realized I don't really talk about her much.  And honestly, I don't know why...she's a hoot!  When I was pregnant, I always envisioned her a sassy little girl and I was right!  She definitely is not quiet (I wonder who she gets that from) and has one heck of a personality (she gets that from me too!). :)  Boogie is not a dud but he's not nearly as funny as I am. So yes, I will take credit for that.

AND if you know Boogie and Sofia, you know that those two are identical twins so I have to take credit for all the OTHER good things about her.

Oh and I know all mothers think their children are the smartest in the whole wide world but just so you know, Sofia is.  She's not a genius but she can count to 13! LOL!  I have never had kids before so I don't know if this is something to scream off the mountain tops BUT I think it's pretty awesome. OH and she can also count to 10 in Spanish! THANK YOU LETI! :)  She knows a few of her colors and a few shapes and she LOVES her animal book.  Whomever got her the 100 animal book for her birthday was a genius because she has learned so many more animals and it's fantastic to her her say "octopus". :)

And Sofia will not grow up to have low self esteem and she may be even be a little snobby but I can't help it!!!!  Whenever we ask her to do something (pick up that toy, put this in the trash, turn off the light, grab me a beer..) she runs back to us and starts yelling "I DID IT, I DID IT" and we normally start clapping and yelling joyfully as though she had just discovered plutonium...and it's not just once, it's ALL the time. Is that bad? Am I creating a horrible person? Oh well...I guess I will find out in a couple of years.  But don't all the shrink books say to reinforce good behavior??  I don't read those stupid books but I think that's what the hippy parents tell me. :D

I love my Sofia to pieces.   She is hilarious (like me) and is a joy to be around ( me!)  She is entertaining and sweet (like her dad) and is a breath of fresh air in our itty bitty home.  I just hope she grows up to be somewhat normal.  And I really hope she doesn't grow up to be EMO.  OMG...I would die if she did.  Those EMO kids are WEIRD! And I probably shouldn't be saying that but OMG, those kids freak me out. I would rather her be the girlliest of girls, a nerd, a hoochie, a lesbian...WHATEVER, but just not EMO.  And because I have put this out into the world of the Internet, she will be just that!  BUT I will love her anyway and tell everyone who will listen how perfect she is.

I don't know why we waited so long to have these things...they are SO MUCH FUN!!!!  I just hope the rest of the brood come out as great.  But you know there's always that ONE that you think "what the hell happened to you?"  I won't say which one of my siblings that is...because if you haven't guessed, I'm the perfect one.

Look at this face!