Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Sofia

Everyone knows that I have a 2-year old daughter named Sofia but I realized I don't really talk about her much.  And honestly, I don't know why...she's a hoot!  When I was pregnant, I always envisioned her a sassy little girl and I was right!  She definitely is not quiet (I wonder who she gets that from) and has one heck of a personality (she gets that from me too!). :)  Boogie is not a dud but he's not nearly as funny as I am. So yes, I will take credit for that.

AND if you know Boogie and Sofia, you know that those two are identical twins so I have to take credit for all the OTHER good things about her.

Oh and I know all mothers think their children are the smartest in the whole wide world but just so you know, Sofia is.  She's not a genius but she can count to 13! LOL!  I have never had kids before so I don't know if this is something to scream off the mountain tops BUT I think it's pretty awesome. OH and she can also count to 10 in Spanish! THANK YOU LETI! :)  She knows a few of her colors and a few shapes and she LOVES her animal book.  Whomever got her the 100 animal book for her birthday was a genius because she has learned so many more animals and it's fantastic to her her say "octopus". :)

And Sofia will not grow up to have low self esteem and she may be even be a little snobby but I can't help it!!!!  Whenever we ask her to do something (pick up that toy, put this in the trash, turn off the light, grab me a beer..) she runs back to us and starts yelling "I DID IT, I DID IT" and we normally start clapping and yelling joyfully as though she had just discovered plutonium...and it's not just once, it's ALL the time. Is that bad? Am I creating a horrible person? Oh well...I guess I will find out in a couple of years.  But don't all the shrink books say to reinforce good behavior??  I don't read those stupid books but I think that's what the hippy parents tell me. :D

I love my Sofia to pieces.   She is hilarious (like me) and is a joy to be around ( me!)  She is entertaining and sweet (like her dad) and is a breath of fresh air in our itty bitty home.  I just hope she grows up to be somewhat normal.  And I really hope she doesn't grow up to be EMO.  OMG...I would die if she did.  Those EMO kids are WEIRD! And I probably shouldn't be saying that but OMG, those kids freak me out. I would rather her be the girlliest of girls, a nerd, a hoochie, a lesbian...WHATEVER, but just not EMO.  And because I have put this out into the world of the Internet, she will be just that!  BUT I will love her anyway and tell everyone who will listen how perfect she is.

I don't know why we waited so long to have these things...they are SO MUCH FUN!!!!  I just hope the rest of the brood come out as great.  But you know there's always that ONE that you think "what the hell happened to you?"  I won't say which one of my siblings that is...because if you haven't guessed, I'm the perfect one.

Look at this face!

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