Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Happy Monday....err I mean Tuesday!

Holidays weekends are always the best but it also leaves you feeling like you're crazy. Is it Monday?? Or is it actually Tuesday??  Anyway, today is actually Tuesday. Congrats! You're already closer to Friday than you were yesterday!

Today feels like a Monday to me -- especially since I feel just B L A H. Do you ever have those days where you just feel gross? Everything you put on makes you feel ugly? Any which way you do your hair makes you feel disgusting?  Your clothes just don't look right? Well that's me today and I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!  How come I can feel perfectly fine one day and then the next day feel like I shouldn't be able to leave the house without a mask on?  Oh the joys of being a woman.....I wonder if men go through this same thing. God I hope so!

I hope everyone enjoys their short week.  And I hope that I feel better about myself tomorrow.  I'm sure a candy bar will make me feel a LOT better. Right?!!

This is some damn good advice.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

2014 Emmy's

Did anyone watch last night? I watched the beginning and the end -- the middle is all fluff anyway right?  The show was good (Not the "Ellen hosted the Oscar's" good) and had some great parts to it.  The tribute to Robin Williams from Billy Crystal was touching and made me cry.  The jokes from Seth Myers were OK but still enough to make you lol....not LMAO...just lol.  But I'm not here to talk about who won awards, I'm here to talk about who looked the best and of course who looked the worst!

So here are my nominees for best dressed....

Julia is 53 and looks UHMAZING! I thought the neckline on this dress was perfect for her. And I love the color!
I don't even know who this is but I LOVE this dress. It's simple yet elegant and I just love it!

I don't watch Modern Family so I don't really "know" Sarah Hyland but I thought this was lovely. It's young enough but not "too young" and I thought the color was divine on her.
I LOVE Orange is the New Black so I was REALLY hoping that Taylor Schilling didn't disappoint and she did NOT! I'm not usually a fan of flesh toned dresses on white girls but she pulled this one off. I LOVE the sparkle on it -- not too much to make it look gaudy. And I love the neckline and the way it shows off her back. This might be my favorite of the night.
I was on the fence on this one when I initially saw it on tv. I'm not a fan of the velvet but the color is great on her. And when she won her award for "Mom", she looked fabulous on the screen.  Her make-up was perfect and her hair was great too.  And because I LOVE her, she's on the good list. :)

Ok now for the ones I HATED!!!!!  

What was this girl thinking? I mean seriously??? First of all, she isn't even smiling -- if you're going to dress like that, at least act like it was on purpose! Try to make me think it was your idea to wear this awful thing.  I can't.  It's just so bad!!!

I like her (not enough to know her name) but I remember seeing her on something I've seen before.  Anyway, this was so ugly. What the heck are those red things? And why is there so much tulle on the OUTSIDE of the dress?!?!  It's just bad.

I used to really like Kathering Heigl but then she just kind of fell off the planet for a while.  Anyway, this dress is so matronly and it looks like an old silk bed cover I saw in a magazine 25 years ago.  And remember how I said earlier that I HATE flesh toned dresses on white girls -- this is a perfect example. It doesn't nothing for her skin and her almost matches. Hated it!

I'm torn over this one. I absolutely am obsessed with this color.  I would wear this color every single day if I could. BUT the top of this dress bothers me. A lot.  If the neckline was different I think it would almost be perfect.  A sweetheart neckline...even a modified sweetheart...anyway, I don't HATE this dress but I'm mad because it had so much potential!!!!!!

Anyway, those are just a few. I may do a follow-up post on some that I see that should have been mentioned.  


Monday, August 25, 2014

The Emmy's!

I absolutely LOVE award shows.  I really don't care who wins, I just like to see what they wear! Can you imagine being a celebrity? Looking for that PERFECT outfit knowing that the WORLD (at least me) will be judging EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY thing about the dress you picked??!?! Thank goodness I'm not famous because I would cry when I read the first comment that said I looked hideous! Or imagine if you were picked for WORST DRESSED??! #firstworldproblems

Anyway, I will be keeping a close eye on the outfits and I actually do care about some of the awards tonight. Orange is the New Black is nominated several times and I hope some of my favorite characters win something!!

Here are some of my favorite outfits from previous years...I will post my faves from tonight tomorrow!

I LOVE blue!!!  And I love her hair and her jewelry.
I love the simplicity of this dress and the color. And I love how she didn't over-do her hair. So pretty!

I love women in red. And I LOVE Kate Winslet.


School is back in session!

A lot of the kiddos are back in school today -- the traffic wasn't as bad as I thought it would be (THANK GOODNESS!).  I love seeing the pictures on Facebook as the kids go back as the parents fight back tears as they realize that their babies are growing up.  I will be that parent next year but let's not get in to that. :)

I have fond memories of the back to school jitters.  I was always so excited to use my new supplies, put them in my new Jansport (with the leather at the bottom) and pick out the PERFECT outfit for the first day.  If you're from Houston you may remember the store Weiners -- well this was our spot! As a single mom, my mom would take us early in the summer and let us pick out ALL of our clothes and then put them in lay-away.  And we would anxiously await the weekend before school started because we got to see ALL of the clothes that we got. It was THE BEST!!!! 

When I was a kid, before Facebook and cell phones, (God I sound old) I didn't see my friends all summer -- I was at home being lazy and eating all my mom's food and using up all her light. At least that's what she told me I was doing. :)  So the first day of school was actually really exciting because I got to see my friends!!  We got to catch up on what we did during the summer (they used up all of their mom's light too!) and look forward to another exciting year of school.  Of course all of that excitement went away on day #2 but let's not get in to that!

I have such great memories of school - from elementary to high school. I miss the days of the simple life -- although when that boy broke up with me in 7th grade I thought my life was O V E R. Boys suck!  Oh sorry -- I promise I'm not bitter. 

I hope the kiddos have a great first day!!!!

Please tell me someone else had this backpack! I LOVED mine!

Monday, August 18, 2014

It's been over a YEAR!

Every time I say I'm going to start blogging again, I don't! And then I get so mad at myself for not doing it because blogging is a GREAT way to detail my life and have a place I can come back to when I'm 80 and have forgotten everything! I'm giving myself way too much credit. I will forget everything tomorrow.

Anyway, I miss blogging and I know that there are lots two people that miss reading my blog so I will try AGAIN.  Bare with me people....you two, I'm talking to you. Or just remind me!

This is the kind of inspiration I need!!!!!!!  I will print it and tape it to my wall.

Isn't he beautiful?

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I love stupid people

No description needed.  Just open the link. :)


What year is this?

I read an article today that made my stomach hurt in disgust.  This sometimes happens when I read awful stories of murder, rape, etc.  This one was a lot different.  It's an article I read that talked about segregated proms in Georgia.  I thought that was a joke...maybe it written 60 years ago.  But the pictures of the seniors in the article were very much modern.  So I began to read it and the disgust grew bigger.  In Wilcox County, Georgia, there is a high school that has two proms.  One prom for the white kids and the other for the black kids.  WHAT THE FUCK AMERICA!??!?! WHY??? Why is this necessary???  This makes my blood boil.  For the last 40 years, it has been this.  Which means way after segregated schools were outlawed...and this is STILL happening??

The story has a sort of happy ending....a group of seniors gathered together and created a "normal" prom for all of the kids.  There were even interracial couples that attended.  But even though there was this "normal" prom, the ALL white prom was still held.  AGAIN....WHY?!?!?!?!

As a minority myself, this is undeniably the worst thing ever. Being born in the 80s, I've never had to live through segregation. I can't even imagine what that's like. But to know that it's still happening in 2013 is preposterous   How is this ok?  How are people still so ignorant!??!  The excuse they use is that the kids can't agree on whether to listen to Country music or rap music...ummm...how about you play both??  How about WHO CARES?!?  The more I think about this, the angrier I get.  We have a BLACK President for God's sake!!!!  And if anyone remembers, it's 2013!  Gay people can marry each other. Women can vote! Women even have jobs!

At least some of these kids that are being raised in this sheltered town of Wilcox County are realizing that this is NOT ok.  It only takes a few to make big changes. I hope that one day there is only ONE prom.  Until them...WHAT THE FUCK? :)

I'm really not making this up. Check out the article: