Monday, August 25, 2014

School is back in session!

A lot of the kiddos are back in school today -- the traffic wasn't as bad as I thought it would be (THANK GOODNESS!).  I love seeing the pictures on Facebook as the kids go back as the parents fight back tears as they realize that their babies are growing up.  I will be that parent next year but let's not get in to that. :)

I have fond memories of the back to school jitters.  I was always so excited to use my new supplies, put them in my new Jansport (with the leather at the bottom) and pick out the PERFECT outfit for the first day.  If you're from Houston you may remember the store Weiners -- well this was our spot! As a single mom, my mom would take us early in the summer and let us pick out ALL of our clothes and then put them in lay-away.  And we would anxiously await the weekend before school started because we got to see ALL of the clothes that we got. It was THE BEST!!!! 

When I was a kid, before Facebook and cell phones, (God I sound old) I didn't see my friends all summer -- I was at home being lazy and eating all my mom's food and using up all her light. At least that's what she told me I was doing. :)  So the first day of school was actually really exciting because I got to see my friends!!  We got to catch up on what we did during the summer (they used up all of their mom's light too!) and look forward to another exciting year of school.  Of course all of that excitement went away on day #2 but let's not get in to that!

I have such great memories of school - from elementary to high school. I miss the days of the simple life -- although when that boy broke up with me in 7th grade I thought my life was O V E R. Boys suck!  Oh sorry -- I promise I'm not bitter. 

I hope the kiddos have a great first day!!!!

Please tell me someone else had this backpack! I LOVED mine!

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