Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Happy Monday....err I mean Tuesday!

Holidays weekends are always the best but it also leaves you feeling like you're crazy. Is it Monday?? Or is it actually Tuesday??  Anyway, today is actually Tuesday. Congrats! You're already closer to Friday than you were yesterday!

Today feels like a Monday to me -- especially since I feel just B L A H. Do you ever have those days where you just feel gross? Everything you put on makes you feel ugly? Any which way you do your hair makes you feel disgusting?  Your clothes just don't look right? Well that's me today and I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!  How come I can feel perfectly fine one day and then the next day feel like I shouldn't be able to leave the house without a mask on?  Oh the joys of being a woman.....I wonder if men go through this same thing. God I hope so!

I hope everyone enjoys their short week.  And I hope that I feel better about myself tomorrow.  I'm sure a candy bar will make me feel a LOT better. Right?!!

This is some damn good advice.