Thursday, September 23, 2010

Invites are in!

This party is getting closer and closer. I swear time is flying by way too fast!!!

I ordered 75 invites and I have like 10 left.  Good lord that's a lot of freaking Mexicans!!!!  And you know Mexicans don't RSVP!!!!

And now I have to make sure I have enough food for these people! Boogie said we should have put BYOF (F being FOOD) on the invites.  Talk about super ghetto.

Anyway, look at the invite. Didn't it come out super duper cute???  Sofia's picture is on it so I guess I'm partial. :)

I am in full party planning mode. I already reserved the moonwalk/slide combo, tables, chairs, popcorn machine, face painters and balloon twisters.  Sofia better appreciate this crap! :D

Check back in to see how this is all going...and pray for me. :)

1 comment:

  1. Love the invite!!! Just a little tip, you should open the invite up in Paint, and paint over the address. Not something you want on a public blog. ;] Miss you on JM! Hope all is well!