Thursday, September 23, 2010

Greys Anatomy is back!!

After Golden Girls, Grey's Anatomy was MY show.  I fell in love with it after the first season.  Well after Miss Sofia was born, I kind of lost interest. And I swore that she wouldn't get in the way. I mean HELLO...I LOVE TV!!!  But then she was born and she was so cute that I lost interest.  I know, I'm such a loser.

But I heard that the season finale was going to be good so I watched it work, no less.  OMG IT WAS AMAZINGLY GOOD!! I was at work "working" and each time someone got shot, I would grab my face in shock and people passing by would look at me CRAZY!  I just kept saying "Word is just not working right today" :)  Anyway, the finale was good so I vowed to watch the season premiere and I did.  What I love about that show is that even if you miss an entire season, and you watch again you are caught up on everything!!

Did you watch?  Please tell me you did.  I mean even if you don't like the show, there are HOT ASS doctor's on there.  Dr. Sloan...I LOVE YOU! 

I know for a while, the show went downhill after Meredith didn't die after being in freezing water for 2 hours....but I promise you that it's back! Yang and Mere are back to their old antics and Alex is an asshole again...THANK GOODNESS!!!

Welcome back Seattle Grace! I will be seeing you every Thursday. :)

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