Monday, May 9, 2011

Michele's Baby Shower

Michele is my BFF and I'm throwing her a baby shower!  She's due in August and is having a son and I am so excited!! For the shower and his arrival of course.

I am having the best time planning this shower.  I am keeping almost all of the plans a secret from Michele because she HATES surprises. So it gives me pleasure knowing that she's suffering. LOL!!

The theme for her shower is baby blue elephants. She saw pictures of another shower online and she sent it to me and the subject lined read "I AM IN LOVE". No other words needed. So I am doing my best to take my cues from that image in her head. I don't want to steal all of the ideas but I am trying to keep it as close as possible but with it still being MY shower.

Here is a sneak peak into what I have already have for the shower... :) 
She's already seen this so it's ok...

Cute right?

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