Monday, May 16, 2011

So tired!

I had a fun filled weekend and now I am paying for it!  Friday night we had a baby shower for Mrs. Vanessa Vega Skrabanek.  I am waiting on pictures so once they are downloaded - I will share!  It was a lot of fun and a niceevening with amazing friends!

Saturday I went to a BBQ benefit and TWO baby showers. Yes, I went to three baby showers this weekend!  Dang fertile Mexicans!!!!! :)  It was great to see family and old friends though.

Sunday I had a brunch date with friends that I've known since middle school.  It was WAY fun! Ooohh and I thought I didn't like quiche, but Sara makes a great one! I'm waiting on the recipe -- it was DIVINE!  It was a Paul Deen recipe so you know it has a million and two calories - hence why it was SO DELISH!!!

After brunch I saw Vanessa AGAIN!   I went over to help her wash and sort baby Reagan's clothes.  She is due at the end of June so we sorted out her room and put things where they needed to be.  Sofia had a blast with all the stair cases Vanessa has.  She only fell once -- but don't tell her dad.  :)

I need a break from this weekend!!  AND I used a half a tank of gas! I swear when gas was cheap, my ass was always at home. And now that it takes a million dollars to fill up my tank, I have plans to go places!!  I guess I shouldn't complain right? 

I hope your weekend was as fun as mine!  Now I need a nap!

And can you believe I didn't take any pictures!?!?!!?!??!  UGH! I am so mad at myself!  And I had my camera in my purse the ENTIRE time. FAIL.

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