Monday, May 16, 2011

Extreme Couponing

Please tell me you have seen this crazy ass show!!! It's on TLC (of course!) and it's crazy!  These women are called Extreme Couponers because they get $600 worth of groceries and pay 5 cents. I'm not even kidding!!!

I saw the previews for this and thought "there's no way". But seriously, these women find a way to do it.  The first show I saw was a bit ridiculous. This one lady bought 100 bags of croutons (well they ended up being free) and got 15 bottles of mustard.  Ok, first of all, what idiot uses 100 bags of croutons in their life time???? AND mustard sucks and you can only use it on hotdogs so why do you need that much!??!?!!  So I watched another show and this lady was my kind of shopper.  She had cokes, sprite, cake mixes, etc.  Things NORMAL people eat.  BUT she still only paid $40 and she was STILL mad because she only wanted to spend $30. OMG I wanted to slap her.   $40 for $800 worth of groceries is UNHEARD of.  And she freaked out because the machine stopped was tense for a moment.  

But my thing is, who REALLY needs that much food?  If you were those Duggar people, I would say YOU but unless you have 19 kids and DON'T!!!

I love to save money just like anyone else but these people really do take it to the extreme. I wish I could do it but I don't have the patience or the time. 

I did clip this coupon today and I am SUPER excited to use it!! :) 

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