Monday, May 23, 2011

Sad Post...

Saturday was a sad day.  I attended a funeral of one of Boogie's cousin.  Rebecca Smith was killed in a car accident...and a drunk driver was at fault.  Rebecca would have turned 26 on June 23 of this year.  And she would have also celebrated her 1st anniversary as a wife.  Such a sad story. :(

I don't usually get deep on my blog but I thought this deserved a post.  If for nothing else, to make everyone grateful of each day they are here on this earth.  We just never know when it's our time and I know she didn't wake up that fateful day thinking it was her last.

I don't know if you saw the news on Saturday morning here in Houston but there was a wreck on the Ship Channel bridge.  The drunk driver slammed in the back of her car and the car eruped in flames.  Rebecca's brother in law was driving. He managed to escape.  When he went to rescue Rebecca, the flames were too intense, and it was too late.  I found out at the funeral that Rebecca and her husband owned a dog.  His name was George.  They didn't have any children but George was of course their "baby".  George went everywhere with Rebecca and this evening was no different.  George passed away with his mommy as he sat in her lap.

Tears fill my eyes as I write this.  A life so young and full of life taken away from her mother, her twin sister, her husband, countless friends and family.  It's so easy to look up the heavens and ask "WHY!!!??"  Only God knows.  But I truly believe that our loss is heaven's gain.  God was in need of another angel and he got one. 

I was not close to Rebecca but I did meet her a few times.  She was a nice and quiet girl with an artistic flair.  This flair was showcased at the funeral with many pieces of her artwork placed around the room. She was amazingly talented.  Now she will paint pictures in heaven and share with the rest of the angels.

Go home and hug your families.  You just never know...

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