Monday, May 23, 2011

Jax is home!!!

About 3 months ago, two of our oldest dogs got out of the yard.   It was about 15 or 20 minutes before anyone had noticed when it happened.  I actually wasn't home at the time but when I got the call, my heart sunk!  Kelis was our first baby and Jax was our 2nd.  If any of you are dog owners, you can imagine how we felt.   Well Kelis was brought home to us two days later (THANK GOD!) but Jax remained lost. :(  It was sad because he is the sweetest dog and he was my favorite (don't tell Boogie!)

Fast forward to Saturday....I get a text from Boogie and it says "Guess who's home?"  I thought to myself "there's no way it's Jax!"  And sure enough it was!!!!  Isn't that amazing???

Well here's where the story gets a bit weird.  So the guy who brought us back Kelis said that she was alone when he found her and he didn't see Jax. I thought that was weird because they got lost together so I would imagine they would stay together.  But whatever, Kelis was home so I just figured Jax was still lost.  Well the guy who brought Kelis home is the SAME guy who brought Jax home.  Coincidence??!?! I THINK NOT!!!!!!!  And here's why I don't think it's a coincidence....

It's been 3 months...and this dude lives down the street.  I can't imagine if he saw Jax in the street he would automatically know "oh that's their dog!"  I mean really?? I am convinced that when he picked up Kelis, he picked up Jax. And for whatever reason, he decided to keep Jax and bring back Kelis.  AND what makes me ever more mad is that we gave him a puppy as a reward for bringing back Kelis!!!!!!! UGH that makes me so mad.

BUT we have no way of proving that this dude indeed had Jax the entire time.  I told Boogie that he probably thought the world was really ending on Saturday and he wanted to clear his conscious! LOL!!!  Well whatever the reason was, I am glad that my Jax is home. :)

Oh AND my poor Jax is tore up!  He's skinny, has bite marks all over him and scars on his head (like someone has been fighting him!!!!)  I am beyond angry!!!!!  Yes, we own pitbulls but not to fight them. We love our dogs and would NEVER EVER EVER do that.  But again, I can't prove that this idiot did it but I really wish I could!!!!!!!!  But I am a believer in "what goes around, comes around".  Dumb ass dude!

But at least the story has a happy ending.  All my babies are home. :)

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  1. Glad u got Ur dog back that's awesome....u gave that dude a puppy so he didn't need jax maybe its good u gave him the puppy..