Friday, May 20, 2011

FB annoyance #23423434234234232

This one is always on my nerves -- people's BIRTHDAY'S!!!!!!!!  I will admit that having FB is a nice reminder that someone that I know has a birthday coming up.  AND I looooove getting all the birthday love on MY birthday. :)

BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A part of me gets annoyed that someone that I haven't seen in 10 years comes and tells me "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" on Facebook.  You didn't know today was my birthday, FB TOLD you!  That's why you will most likely not ever see my give a happy b-day shot out to my friends on FB. If they are close friends, I don't need FB to tell me that today is their b-day.  I usually send a text or OMG... CALL THEM!! Do people still make phone calls???

And I know there are some people that really and truly are happy that today is their friend's b-day.  But most are reminded when they see all of their mutual friends posting on said friend's wall... so they go out and do it too.  LOSER MOVE!

Anyway, it annoys me. That's all. :)

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