Friday, May 27, 2011

American Idol - FINALE

I realize that I am a lot of days late on this but I forget!  So I was wrong about the final two AND I was wrong about who was going to win. I TOTALLY thought that Lauren would take it but alas, I was wrong.  Scotty is your NEW American Idol ladies and gentleman.  And I really am happy for him.  I honestly did not believe he would make it as far as he did. 

What the hell is J-Lo wearing?

The finale show is always a favorite of mine.  Idol has a great way of putting shows together to make them enjoyable and this year's was no different.  Below are my favorite parts:

  • Beyonce.  The top girls of the season sang a medley of her songs and they were good but then SHE came out and it was freaking amazing!!!!!!!!!!  Beyonce is a beast -- but in a good way.  She's beautiful, talented and has the BEST legs!!!  AND she is an amazing dancer!!  I mean she does have the ugliest husband on earth but her goods outweigh the ONE bad! :)  Here is the link to the entire to her performance. It's GOOD!
Look at those legs!
  • Ok so I am a little ashamed to admit that I liked this, but crack-head looking Marc Anthony did really well too.  I knew his wife would join him on the stage and boy did she ever.  She didn't sing but she did dance. I thought Boogie was going to need a cigarette after.  Seriously.  And I will add that when searching for a picture of her and Marc Anthony, a lot of them were blocked at my job for being "pornography".  WTH?  If  I get fired for this...  Here is the link to the performance:

I will definitely miss watching this show every week. BUT January is right around the corner and that's when the new season starts! I really do hope that Jennifer and Steven Tyler come back for another season.  They were perfect for the job and they made the season very enjoyable!!

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  1. I want legs like B and J-Lo! They are GORGEOUS! LOL at Crackhead Marc A LOL that is Hilarious Blanc