Monday, May 9, 2011

Sofia is talking!

But don't get too excited...she's saying BAD WORDS!!! I am so serious.  At first when I heard her say "oh shit", I thought I heard her wrong and went on with my business.  THEN she tripped and fell and said "oh shit" again!  Then I knew I didn't hear wrong and she was using the phrase correctly!!  WTF? 

She's not even two yet and knows how to say "oh shit".  OH and she doesn't even call me "mom" or "mommy"....she says "Baaa".  REALLY SOFIA?!?!  She says "dad", "grandpa", "Leti", "Tia"....she's on my list!  I am the one that takes care of her like no other..but she can't say mom??  Oh and she can say "oh shit"?

Lord help me!!!!!!!!!  This girl is a mess.  But I love her anyway. :)

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