Thursday, March 31, 2011

Parties, parties and MORE parties!

I am in FULL party planning mode at the moment. And I have pregnant girls and my Sofia to thank for that. I really am having the best time doing it though.  Vanessa's shower is May 13, Michele (my vieja) is having her shower on June 11 and Sofia's party is October 8.  HOW FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Invites have already gone out for Vanessa's and they were SUPER CUTE!!!  I thought I had a picture but I guess not. :)  Michele has finally decided on her theme but it's a secret what the invite will look like so you will have to come back and see. AND last but not least Sofia's theme is Toy Story!!!  I usually am not a fan of "real" themes but since this is her all-time favorite movie, it fit. And yes, an 18 month old CAN already have a favorite movie. Just ask Sofia. AND I can recite every word to those damn movies because we watch it 100 times a week!

But I digress...this is going to be a great summer and it will lead into an amazing fall.  Can you believe Sofia is going to be TWO years old?!?!?!?  My goodness...time flies.

Check back to check on my progress!

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