Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Christina's Baby Shower!

This weekend was another great one! I had a baby shower and a painting party to attend to.  They were both great times!!!

The first party I attended was my cousin Christina's baby shower.  I love baby showers because I love to play the games and WIN!  Sadly I did not win anything this past Saturday but I think there were cheaters there!! Anyway....here are a few pictures of the shower.  I feel bad because I didn't take any of my cousin. It's not my fault...Sofia always takes over! :)

 This is Mando and Xavier..my cousin's two oldest. And now she's going to have a newborn. BRAVE WOMAN! :)

The shower was at a park and it was nice out. There was a nice breeze and it felt good to be outside! There was a jungle gym (do they still call it that?) out there and Sofia had a blast!  She would literally walk over there like she was a grown ass woman.  Ay Dios mio...someone help me!  Anyway, by the time we left, she was super tired!!  After the shower I dropped her off in Katy, Tx at her aunt Nancy's house.  Boogie and I had plans that night so we needed to be kid free! More on that later!

Congrats to Christina and Rick on their soon-to-arrive baby girl Karina!!  I can't wait to meet her!!

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