Thursday, April 21, 2011

Toy Story on Ice

Sofia's favorite move in the whole wide world is Toy Story. It doesn't matter which one.  As long as she sees Woody, she's good.

I saw the billboard for Toy Story 3 on Ice about a month ago and instantly knew I HAD to take her. I know she is too young and probably won't remember it, but that's why they invented cameras. Duh.  Kraft cheese  had wrappers that would get you half off ticket prices.  Awesome right? So you better believe that I took my cheap happy ass to the store and bought two packages! :)  And let me tell you, it was totally worth it.  I got $14 seats in the THIRD row!!!!!  It was great and we got aisle seats. SCORE!   I went with my BFF and Melina and of course Sofia.

I had never been to any of the "on ice" deals but it was good and very much geared to children. Well no duh right?  Anyway, Sofia did a lot better than I thought she would.  The show was probably half an hour too long because she started getting really restless towards the end. I wonder if it had anything to do with all the cotton candy I gave her? Hmmm... :)

Here are a few pics of the night. I forgot to take bad!

She LOVED the cotton candy. Who wouldn't?

Blanca AKA Buzz Lightyear! LOL!

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