Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pregnant in Heels

I think Bravo is one of my favorite channels these days. They have the best ridiculous shows EVER! Anyway, my BFF told me to watch this show called Pregnant in Heels.  She didn't offer any explanation, the text just said "PREGNANT IN HEELS!" So of course, I gave it a try.

O.M.G.  This show is AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS and I love it.  So basically this lady named Rosie Pope is the "GO-TO" person in NY when it comes to requests from crazy ass pregnant ladies (who have way too much money by the way).  Rosie Pope is British although you can't really hear her accent because she has this horrible lisp. I want to go across the screen and fix it.  You can barely understand her sometimes...but anyway, she is the least of our problems here.  So again, crazy rich pregnant ladies call on her to help them with whatever their "crisis" is.  3 episodes have been shown and I missed one but the two that I saw were CLASSIC!

On the first show this one lady asked Rosie to help her name their child. I am so serious.  She wanted a focus group and everything. What happened to google and those books they sell??? Geez. This lady is crazy.  I believe she was in PR and she said that she wanted to "Brand" her kid. Forreal. I'm not lying.  So Rosie gets these high and mighty people to help first, then a real focus group of strangers THEN they go to dinner with their friends and ask them. WTF?  By the time this one was over, I didn't even care what they named this kid.  But I believe they chose Bowen Asher. Poor kid.

The 2nd couple was even more crazy than the first one.  So these deranged people were 4 weeks away from having their kid and they had ZERO. No crib, no stroller, no car seat, NADA.  This lady was in total denial that she was even having a kid.  In one of her interviews she said "I hate when people ask if I talk to my belly. NO I DON'T. I don't have a relationship with this kid. He's just in there". REALLY!!??!?!?!?!?!?! OMG I was scared of this lady.  She was nuts.  Oh and her husband was gay. Oh I guess I should have mentioned that these two wanted Rosie's help to decorate their nursery because as they said "everything in the stores were TOO BABY".  Well you are having a baby IDIOT! Anyway, well the nursery became secondary to Rosie and she called in a psychologist. LOL!!!!!!!!!  It was classic.  The crazy pregnant woman was pissed because she told Rosie "so you think I'm crazy?". Rosie said "yes". LOL!! 

I won't go any further on this show because I don't want to give it ALL away. Please run out and set your DVR to this show. And if you don't have a DVR, it comes on Tuesday nights at 9pm on Bravo. I promise you won't be disappointed.  I LOVE REALITY TV!!!!  I even got Jill Reese to watch and she HATES reality tv. :)  I think my job is done here.

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