Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Up until yesterday evening, I wasn't planning on waking up like an idiot watching the wedding with the rest of the world.  I knew it was coming because the media wouldn't let us forget. And I have nothing against the royal family whatsoever..but again, I just wasn't planning on getting into it.  Well thank goodness I changed I mind.  Well actually Theresa and Michelle Cruz Arnold talked me into but let's not focus on them...let's focus on me! :)

I went to bed at midnight and set my alarm for 4 a.m.  Except Miss Sofia had her own alarm for me and woke up at 2AM!!  I guess even she was interested in watching this wedding.  At least she has taste!  But she was more interested in crying and NOT wanting to sleep.  Anyway, by the time she calmed down, it was 3am and I knew the pre-event festivities were beginning so I flipped on the tv.  I sent Michelle Arnold a message and to my surprise, she was already up too!!!

We shared our likes and dislikes of what we saw. We drooled over David Beckham and wished we were Victoria. I had a few dirty thoughts about ol' Becks but I won't share here. :)  We made fun of some of those ridiculous hats we saw and laughed at the "non-VIPs" that had crappy seats!! But, we of course, wished we there too!!!!

In 1981 I was not old enough to know what was going on when Princess Diana got married so I'm glad I woke up to see this one.  I of course was more interested in seeing what Kate's dress was going to look like.  And let me tell you, I am hard to please when it comes to wedding dresses and I was already thinking I was going to hate it.  But Kate did not disappoint.  Her dress was amazingly beautiful and very appropriate for a soon-to-be royal.   I don't normally like lace but the way this dress was made, it was divine!  AND I loved that Prince William wore red. My favorite color!!!!!   They honestly looked like they were picked out of a fairy tale book and you almost believe that they will honestly live "happily ever after".  I am a romantic at heart and I really do hope they last forever! 

I did shed a tear or two for William because I know in the back of his mind he was thinking about his mummy, as well he should be.  He looks so much like her and has this "Diana" aura around him that makes him even more loveable.  I love his smirk and I love that he made Kate laugh the entire time. Who wants to marry a boring person!!?  So here's to Kate and William.  May thier marriage be blessed with happiness and lots of little royal people. :)

LOVE IT!!!!  And was I the only one that didn't approve of Pippa's white dress??
I love the look she has on her face here.  She loves him so much!

Picture perfect!

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