Monday, April 15, 2013

Dr. Sofia Ramirez

Oooooh...a mother can only dream right???

Well my Sofia really wants to be a doctor...well at least this month she does. :)  She is totally into the Disney Jr show Dr. McStuffins!  And it's actually really cute and very informative. Just this weekend Sofia proclaimed that she was Dehydrated! At first I was like "did she really just say that?" and so I followed up with a very educated "WHAT??" And she responded with "mom...I haven't had enough water today".  WELL EXCUUUUUSE ME!   So to Dr. McStuffins...thank you for making my child smarter than me!

The premise of the show is really cute! The series is about a six-year-old girl who can "fix" toys, with a little help from her stuffed animal friends.  Each show the "sick" animal has some sort of ailment and Doc tries to figure out what's wrong them. Sofia gave us a quick check-up last night and we all had Mystery Pox.  But our heartbeats were "perfect". I really like this kid. :)

So like any good mother would...I went to the store and bought way too much Doc McStuffins toys.  Sofia was ecstatic!!!!  And it was the best money I spent in days! :)  Look how cute she looks!!!!!

This is what the "REAL" Doc McStuffins looks like.  Next time I need to put Sofia's hair in pig tails.

And yes....Doc is black!! One point for the brown people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)  

If you have toddlers, let them watch this show.  It really is informative and cute all at the same time. 


  1. Well, my brother does like Doc McStuffins.