Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I miss my toys!

An article in the paper today made me get nostalgic about all my toys that I had as a little kid.  The Children's Museum of Houston is hosting Retro Toys Wonderweek July 8-14. HOW FUN!! If you have kids, check it out here. 

So here are my favorite childhood toys.  They don't make them like they used to!!!!

1. The lite- bright was freaking awesome!!  I would always get in trouble because I would always lose the pieces (surprise, surprise!)  My mom would always find them under the couch, outside, etc. :)  I loved my lite-bright.  Remember the black pieces of papers that would go in front?  And when you were done, you were always so proud!!!  But then when you were done, and took out the little light pieces, the paper had all the holes in it! AWESOME!!  Good times....

2. SKIP-IT!!  OMG I loved this damn thing. There really was no real point to it, but man, was it fun!  It did hurt my ankles a little bit but if you had socks on, it wouldn't go as fast!!!!  Remember it had a ticker that counted how many times it went around?? That was awesome. 

3. SIMON!!  Oh, how I loved this damn thing.  I wasn't that great at it because I've always had the memory of an 90 year old (no offense grandpa). But remember those  annoying ass sounds it made?  And then it would get faster and faster?  I would get all nervous towards the end but it was still fun! 
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4. Glo-Worm!!!  Besides being a cute little worm that glowed in the middle of the night, this did nothing else!!!  Why it was a hit, I have no idea????  I guess that was a more simple time...and we were amused by anything that lit up! :)

5. Pogo-Ball.   This was freaking awesome!!!!  My fat ass wasn't very good at it because my fat feet didn't fit on it all the time but I sure as hell tried!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But then my fat ass deflated the ball and it never worked. BOO-HOO!
6. I don't remember what this thing was called but it was freaking awesome! It wasn't very comfy but still fun.  You would steer with the silver things on the side.  FUN FUN FUN!! I was always the tallest kid in school so I couldn't use this for long because my fat knees would get in the way of steering, but again, still fun. :)

7.  This really should be my #1 but I don't feel like re-numbering.  Anyway, I adored the Cabbage Patch Kids!!!  My mom slept outside Target to get me my first one. True Story. And she fought with some lady to get mine and my first cabbage patch kid came home without a box and without a birth certificate!!!!  I love my mommy.  He was my favorite. I still have him at home too. I will take a picture of it and show you guys.  His name is Juliancito after my dad.... :)

8. The Speak and Spell was freaking amazing!!!!!  The little robot voice was divine and not to mention, we learned now to SPEAK AND SPELL!!!!  We would of course type in "bad" words like stupid and die laughing when it would repeat it.  We were such rebels when we were kids! :)

9. Fisher Price Record Player.  Do you remember this? Who needed a stupid IPOD when you had this?  Hello...they played JAMS like "Ring Around the Rosey" and "Do You Know the Muffin Man".  Now those were hits....Lady Gaga would have had a run for her money back then!  I loved this damn thing....even if it only came with three discs.

10.  PERFECTION!!!! This game always gave me a heart attack, but I still loved playing it.  I never got all the pieces in time and the pieces always went flying everywhere. I think they still sell these. I may have to get one!

There are tons more that I can post.  Like Barbie, He-Man, CareBears, The Smurfs, Fraggle Rock, Alf, Strawberry Short Cake, Rainbow Brite, etc etc!!!!  What were your favorites???


  1. You miss having toys, eh? Well, I found out how you can take care of that: By getting items that resemble toys even though they aren't. And there are lots of them in this world.

    Even though I'm now a man, I miss having toys of mine. But since I'm past childhood, I know better than to go back to owning and dabbling in playthings. And so, I'd rather get collectibles, which are substitutes for them.

    Since you like He-Man and the Master of the Universe as I do, I found a lot of MOTU (Masters of the Universe) items that look and feel like toys. And an example of where you can find them is in this website:

    If you find those He-Man collectibles, you'll see that they're for adult collectors. And since you're a grown-up like I am, you qualify as someone who's worthy to won those items because of your age.

  2. Oh, I mistakenly typed "won" when I meant to type "own." Sorry about that.