Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Crazy Day!

I don't know if the stars are aligned in a weird way or what but there has been lots dramatic things going on. I won't elaborate but please say a prayer before you go to sleep!!!

And what the hell is up with all this damn rain???? Good lord...I'm going to have to tie a canoe to the top of my car and just keep it there JUST IN CASE!  And seriously, Houston.....we all know it rains and floods here... can we fix the drainage system?  Or at least upgrade?  GEEZ!!!  And I know that it's been raining a lot and there's only so much water it can hold....but work with me people! I have an itty bitty car and I can't pass high water. I'm not an idiot and I won't go just because "it doesn't look too deep".  I've lived here long enough to know better.  If only others would get the picture.

I hope the rest of the week gets better.  Lord hear our prayers!

:) Blanca

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