Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Party Time!!

Sofia's birthday is quickly approaching. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? I swear she was just born.  Anyway, her birthday is October 9 and I am already planning!  I was always the person that swore would NEVER EVER go ALL OUT for a kid's 1st birthday. Well never ever say never ever!  You tell me if it's too much. I'm already getting told that I'm nuts (Thanks Jill!)

So I of course want a moonwalk for the kids. That is a MUST.  But I am also going to have face painters and balloon twisters! How fun is that???  Boogie and I already got into a fight about the cost but his opinion doesn't moving on.  Oh, and I'm also having a cotton candy machine.  That was his idea by the way.  That's not a lot right??? 
I'm going to book the face painters and balloon twisters this week. I also need to find a place to make me a BIG ASS pinata.  Any suggestions?


Look at this can you NOT go all out for her? :)


  1. I wasnt the only one that said you were nuts! :) (although it does sound like fun, ha!)

  2. Use the HELL out of your Members/events contacts at GHP. Leverage girl! Leverage! Let me know if you still need help finding contacts. the breakfast klub has tons because they do kids first saturday event month. As a matter of fact, Marcus' cousin or something like that is the dude from Yo! Gabba Gabba. Let me know.

  3. I'm with your friend's not what you know it's who you know! And your not nuts we (latina mothers) tend to OVER spend on our first born...second...third...well you get the pic. BUT if you ask me, if i would do it again for Xavier, I would say prob. not...he doesn't remember his 1st b-day AND how much money we spent AND now at 5 years old he's asking for cell phones...lap or dirt bike "whichever one is better mom" as he SAVE your money (and your hubby's) and make it a BIG OL' ONE for when they remember AND start asking!