Saturday, July 3, 2010

Soggy Friday!

It rained a LOT yesterday but more on that later. First let's talk about me! :)

Since I was off from work I got to sleep in!!! I love my Leti. Sofia woke up at 7am but Leti took over and let me sleep until 10:15 am!! It was awesome. I got up and got ready to hit the streets. First order of business was to watch a movie. I met Jillybean and we watched Knight & Day with alien loving Tom Cruise and old ass Cameron Diaz. It was surprisingly good!!! I would recommend it but I wouldn't run to see it either. It had lots of action and some humor. B+ is my grade. Or 3 stars...whatever.

After the movie and a tub of greasy popcorn later, I was off to get a pedicure! It took me forever to get there because of the damn monsoon outside!!!! Good lord it was pouring and I could barely. But I was a trooper and still wento get my feets done. It was nice and relaxing and much needed. But I'm always so self conscious when I go in there. I know those little Asian ladies are talking shit about my fat ass feet!!!! I just know they are. They will say something, laugh with each other and then look at me. WTF??!!! Rude. But whatever my feet are pretty now and soft. :)

After the pampering, I visited my Aunt Lydia since I was in the neighborhood. Stayed there for a bit and braved the deluge of agua. It took me an hour and a half to get home!!!!!!! It was crazy. Exits were closed because of high water, idiots were stalled out on the feeder and the traffic was nuts!! Ok can I just say one thing? It floods in this town A LOT!!!! We even had a damn hurricane come through. And people STILL try to pass high water and then wonder why their cars get flooded out!!! WTF people???? Seriously?????? Dumb asses deserve to get stuck. Ok...I'm done with that. Anyway, my exit was fine thank God and I got home just fine.

I thought about leaving again but didn't want to risk it. I needed to go to Ross!!! :)

I hope the rest of my holiday weekend will be drier!!

P.S. I am typing this from my blackberry so please excuse any errors! :)

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