Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Diet? What Diet??

Remember that diet I was supposed to be on?  Well I never got on it. :)  I KNOW I KNOW....BAD FAT BLANCA!!!!  Why is dieting so hard? Why can't I just wake up tomorrow and be skinny? Why can't hamburgers and french fries be on that diet list?  Why isn't chocolate fat free and calorie free?  Why isn't Dr Pepper a diet drink?  Why can't ice cream be a fat burner?!? And why isn't watching TV considered a work out?

Ok, now back to reality....but wouldn't that be nice?  Abby is on a mission to get me on it, which I do appreciate.  I have a gala to attend NEXT month and a wedding to be in in January. I have some MAJOR work to do.

But let me try this brownie I made last night. :)

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