Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Bachelorette - THE FINAL ROSE!!!

You have probably noticed that I stopped blogging about this show.  I usually watch every episode but something about this season was getting on my damn nerves! I love drama but this year was a bit over the top.  And not to mention, there weren't even really hot dudes!!! :)  Except for Roberrrrto of course.

I of course, watched last night because I wanted to see who she picked.  These final episodes KILL me. They are two hours long and all I really want to see is the last 3 minutes.  They fill it up with such CRAP!!!!!!!  But I watched anyway.  Let's see what I remember....

Oh yeah, these two dudes meet her family. BORING.  I don't even remember how that went. Ok, then she has a date with Roberrrrto and it's PERFECT (of course!)   They are in Bora Bora...hell I would have a perfect time there with my enemy! It is sooooooooooooooo beautiful. So they ride jet skis, have a picnic on the beach, fall in love in the rain...I mean it's almost TOO much.  I would fall in love with someone here too!  Anyway, Roberto tells Ali he loves her and she says her heart is about to beat out of her chest.  OK ALI! 

So the next day was the other dude's time for a date. I think his name is Chris.  Anyway, she shows up to his room and she starts rambling on about something. For a moment I thought she was on speed because she was talking so fast and not making any sense!!!!  But you could tell, this wasn't going to be good news for Chris.  She tells him she's in love with someone else. YAY HOTTIE ROBERRRRTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The dude is crushed, he thanks her for being honest and she leaves.

But I do have respect for Ali for telling him before he got all dressed up in his suit, picked out a ring and dropped to one knee. That's always the most pathetic thing to watch...especially when they get DENIED!!! 

So Roberto comes in on a boat of course and Ali is wearing this beautiful gold flowy dress.  But before she changes, they make her lay the dress out on the bed. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!! It's not a wedding dress. I think I saw someone in there helping her get dressed.  Oh and could they not have fixed Ali's hair?!?!?!?!  Geez...an up-do would have been nice. Geez.  ANYWAY...Roberto comes, tells her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her, gets down on one knee and proposes and Ali of course says yes.

I really LOVE Roberto...I mean have you seen this guy? He's freaking hot and he plays baseball. Nuff said.  I didn't watch "After the Final Rose"...but who cares, they are together and that's all that matters. 

And thank God Ali gets a new last name. Hers is horrible....so bring on the wedding!!!  You know they are going to show that shit on ABC!!!!!!!!!!!  Ala Trista and Ryan.  YOU KNOW IT!

Oh and I read this morning that these fools are going to be on Dancing with the Stars.  REALLY??????  *sigh*

Until next season.... 

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