Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Being sick SUCKS!

My Sofia was sick last week and it was NO fun!  I took her to the doctor and turns out she had 2 ear infections. MY POOR BABY!! She was coughing pretty bad too so that's why I decided to take her in. Boogie said he was in tears because she was coughing. IS HE SERIOUS?????  *sigh*   Everyone says it's cute, I say it's annoying. :)

Anyway, now I AM SICK!!!!!  But unlike Sofia, I have no one to take care of me because I AM THE CARE TAKER!  UGH!  I still have to clean, take care of Sofia, wash clothes, make dinner, etc.  No one told me about this part.  But when Boogie was sick he needed me home to take care of him. WHATEV!

I missed work yesterday and hacked myself close to death all day. Thank GOD for Leti...she watched Sofia while I got some much needed sleep.  Last night I couldn't sleep and guess who wanted to play at 4am??  Yes, that's right, Miss Sofia Ramirez.  She has been soooo goood at sleeping through the night...but the night I am going to go back to work, she wakes up. OF COURSE!  So we watched Toy Story 1 & 1/2 times and she finally went to sleep....and so did I. Well at least I tried. I swear I didn't cough once when Sofia was up, but once she fell asleep, I couldn't STOP coughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Geez..

Anyway, I'm on meds now and I hope I get better soon. Definitely before this weekend...HELLO LABOR DAY!

I will keep you posted in between hackings.... :)

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  1. Obviously. Anyone who thinks that being sick is fun is mental.