Tuesday, August 24, 2010

All in a day's work...

As an event planner for GHP we get to do a variety of events with a variety of speakers.  Some are oh-so-boring and some are freaking AWESOME! Like today's!

Today we hosted The Business of Sports at the Hyatt Regency Downtown.  It was a panel discussion with Drayton McClane of the Astros, Bob McNair of the Texans, Clyde Drexler sat in for whats-his-name from the NBA and some other guy from the Dynamo. SORRY I DON'T FOLLOW SOCCER!!!

Oh and as a moderator, Marc Vandemeer from 610 AM Sports Radio. I was super excited about this one because I listen to him every morning! I got to shake his hand and I told him that I listen to every morning as I come to work. He was a nice guy and he humored me!

Here are some pics from the event...SO FUN!!!

From left to right...Patrick Oxford, GHP Board Chairman, Drayton McClane, the Dynamo dude, Marc Vandemeer, Clyde Drexler, Bob McNair and Jeff Moseley, CEO, GHP.

Me and Abby grabbed a picture with Clyde Drexler. He was sooooo sweet. EVERYONE was asking to take pictures with him and he was so gracious and agreed with a smile. I love a celebrity who can be humble and NICE!

Claur was mesmerized with his ring! LOL!!

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