Friday, August 6, 2010

How lazy have we become???

As I was driving home yesterday, I started to think about how lazy society REALLY is these included.  Let's think about this people....

  • The remote control.  Do you remember the days when you actually had to GET UP from your couch and change the channel? Growing up, I WAS the remote. I distinctly remember staying AT the tv, changing channels until my mom saw one that she liked!  Not, Boogie won't even change the channel unless he finds the damn remote. GOD forbid he stand at the tv like I used to.  I am not joking, we have watched Nick Jr for 2 or plus hours because no one wanted to look for the remote.  At least we were educated. I now know how to count to 10!
This would SO be Boogie....

  • Power windows and locks.  This doesn't include me, because my car is OLD school. I still have to LITERALLY roll down my windows when I go to the drive-thru.  And I must say, sometimes I roll it down before I get there so they won't see me working to roll my window down! :)   Remember when people would lock their keys in their cars, they would get the hanger, make a little circle and lasso the lock and pull it up to unlock it?? NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I honestly don't know how they do it now...

  • Movable sidewalks in airports.  REALLY!?!?!??!?!?!  People don't even want to walk anymore at the airport?? I get it, sometimes the walk is FAR but hello...that's why God gave you legs..TO WALK!! And when you get off them your legs feel funny and you almost fall to the ground.  And they are always in random places too....geez.

  • Speaker phone.  This one has been around a LONG time but seriously, you can't reach and pick up the receiver to your ear to talk to someone?  I know that the speaker phone is helpful in some occasions, like when you are cooking at home.  But if you are at work, PICK UP THE PHONE!!!!  Your co-workers don't want to hear your husband/wife telling you that you are out of toilet paper or to "get ready because Mom is coming over tonight".  And if I sit right next you in one office over, don't use the speaker phone. I already can't do two things at once, but now I have to listen to myself TWICE and it's just weird and WRONG!  And if you must do this at work, CLOSE YOUR DOOR!
If this guy worked with us, he would so fit in!!
  • The Roomba Vacuum.  This things scares me!!! Ok, unless you have a million rooms at your house, you don't need a robot vacuum!!!  And you can set this thing to vacuum while you aren't home and somehow it KNOWS where to clean.  WEIRD!!

These are all the ones I can think of...please share your own. :)

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